Best Places and Times to Fish a Wacky Rigged Soft Plastic

you know when conditions get tough and you can't catch them by conventional means you need to go for this and one of my favorite finesse tactics without a doubt is the quacking big what makes a wacky worm rig work is the rate of fall and when this thing falls it doesn't just fall straight it's got a little shimmy as it falls that's what's appealing to the fish and they see that that thing falling slow and and they bite I first want to show you a hook that I make myself a custom naked take a two-out hook and I tie this piece of 80-pound monofilament on it now when you tie it course it's in advice and the lines out here straight so you can see my tie right here with my thread once you tie it you're going to bend it back and you're going to take a pair of pliers and you're going to crimp it right here once you crimp it it kind of trains it to stay just like such now it's not a 100% weedless but if you're fishing around laydowns docks even in grass that extra piece of monofilament makes it a lot more weedless and then all I do I take a note show and there you go and the key to this is fishing on fairly light line you know I'm going to use ten pound line eight pound line on the Ocho now when things really get tough I'm going I'm going to lay this down I'm going to go to a smaller worm and a smaller hook that's the number one drop shot hook and I go with a little striking finesse worm usually six pound lines sometimes eight but I take this this is the best with six pound test that's in real clear water fish that are really really hard to catch I'm going to go to that rig right there when I say six pound test I fish straight six pound in viz X Seaguar fluorocarbon lamb no no brave now that that's what this little rig with the old show I may opt if the waters got some stain I'm you straight braids see you know ten pound straight braid if the water is clear I'm a splice my braid and drop down to an eight or ten pound fluorocarbon leader the fish are shallow you know relatively shallow you know from one to six seven eight feet maybe these work fine but a lot of times you need to go deeper what you want to do in that situation you will take a nail weight goes l.joe you know it's a heavier lure alright it sinks pretty fast it's full of salt to really get it down you put that nail way in the head when I do that I'm usually going to bring my hook closer to the head to counter counter that weight so I've added weight up here so to counter that you move your hook toward the head that way you put more weight back here because you've got more plastic back here without a doubt if you're going to be a good quacky worm Fishman you need to do you spinning tackle there's a lot of reasons for that number one you can skip it so if you're fishing overhanging bushes boat docks shade shade pockets you can skip that lure with a spinning rod you notice on my lose spinning rod reel I've got eight pound fluorocarbon very important to make your cast Bale open that's a line feather out you want that lure falling on its own free will you don't want to slow it down or pull it you look you and you're watching your land a lot of times when that lines laying on the water net lure sinking you'll see that line jump that's a bite and you know once got another good thing about hey when they bite a wacky rig and they they they hang on to so you know you get back close your reel take up your slack pull into them and you got it real simple basic fishing you

  • This is the perfect rig for beginners, because this was my first ever rig I learned. If I can’t get a bite on anything, I know good and will as my grandpa says is it. “Whacky Smacky style will catch a fish”.

  • I actually got some strike king soft plastic worms today, I just noticed he is wearing a sponsor shirt with strike king on it.

  • Been bass fishing for a year since I moved off the coast and caught my largest bass on this worm. It was mainly luck I think tho as it was pretty much instantly on I must have hit the dang thing straight on the head.

    Normally I don't do all to well on these worms (prefer a wacky rigged trick worm myself with a slow yet constant retrieve it a lot of rod tip action).

    Still tho they earned a spot in my tackle box. As good as Senkos? In MY opinion no could be luck of my area but I get a lot of action on Senkos still tho doesn't hurt as a go to bait if your losing Senkos left and right ever couple of casts.

  • I fish a large pond with fairly stain water I would say you can only see 2 to 3 feet. I've tried several lures but wacky is the only one that has worked for me is there anything else you would recommend?

  • Most fish I catch are on the drop. This guy knows what he is talking about. I use Berkeley Vanish fluorocarbon 8-10 lb line and never bring anything else but wacky worms and Gamakatsu G-Lock hooks 2/0. The main focus for me is on various retrieves. I have never got skunked yet with this technique even in Winter and I fish pretty big lakes (Folsom Lake) without a boat or fish navigator. I find that it's the cheapest and surest way to catch fish if you go the weightless route. If you were to compare this technique with a sport terminology it would be a change up. A bass cannot resist this bait it's slow moving and subtle just like the pitch in baseball. I perfected 4 different retrieves and 1 color pattern that is universal catching bass wacky worming on any given day but it took me 5 years of experimentation. Taught my friend and he darn lost the state record Bass in California.

  • On my last video, fishing was though and I could see the bass swimming around and they would not bite nothing until I tried the wacky rig on my spinning gear. Still did not manage to land any fish because I was bad that day lol

  • I'm getting started at freshwater fishing what type of gear should I buy P.S I'm very good at saltwater fishing 🎣💯

  • Hi, i have a question, today i was fishing with a wacky(first time) and a fish came up and took the worm but when the fish bit, he took the worm off  the hook so the fish left, what can i do to prevent this? I was fishing in clear water with a jig hook (with the weight on the head) I would like to hear your answer cause i believe this is a technique i have interest in using

  • got my Personal best today on a Wacky rig!! i saw a 6-7 pound bass and didnt have time to chancge hooks or be a stickler about how the worm look on texas rig so i just put the worm on the hook and BAM! She hit that so hard and man was i gitty and i saw how big it was in my hands lol before that i only have gotten were 1 pound bass and below so for me this is hugeeee lol

  • Man, I love to fish a wacky rig. That's me in the picture with a nice bass caught with a Ocho in Big Tex color, on a wacky rig.

  • Sometimes the straightforward simple information for popular rigs are the best.  Regardless of the skill level, there is always something new to learn.  Thanks Mark and Wired2Fish!

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