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Best Prawn Noodles in Singapore | Taste Testers | EP 80

Are you a prawn? Cause you lame sia. Hi guys! A: Hi!
J: Hello! Hello! You mian (chinese handmade noodles)! Yu rou mi fen (Sliced fish soup with beehoon). Prawn noodles with soup! Zhu zha tang (pig organ soup). J: Oh, Oh my god, yes!
A: The pig organ soup! The soup! It must have the prawn taste. Ya, and it must be a bit gao (thick). Needs to have the… Not like bland and like watery. I feel it must not be too oily also. Cause sometimes you eat it’s very oily already right, then your mouth got this coating then you like- I prefer like different types of texture in one kind of food. So let’s say there’s meat right, I’ll need something crunchy like tao gei (bean sprout) la. Personally I’m a person who is very lazy and don’t really like to peel prawns. So it’ll be great if the prawns are de-shelled, or like semi de-shelled. When you bite right, it’s like wow, it’s juicy! Okay, so far the soup right. It looks gao right? Ya, it’s brown! Which is a good sign. From the looks of it right, The yellow noodles is very yellow. The prawn is semi de-shelled; plus one point! Got your bean sprout here. Ya, oh my god! Woah. It’s quite sweet. There’s a little bit of the sweetness from I’m guessing the onions and prawns. Okay, I love the broth. Cause it’s not bland and there’s a spice to it. Let’s eat some noods (noodles)! It’s a little bit soggy. Like it will stick to your teeth. I learn from my parents; they say when you bite, then when got crunch right, it’s fresh. Can I hear whether it has a crunch? Okay, I try. Oh my god, have right? This is the kind of prawn I was talking about. It’s not dry. This one feels like not too atas, but at the same time got the friendly neighbourhood vibe. It tastes quite plain on its own, then once you add all the ingredients together it’s like, Yay! It’s a masterpiece! Oh my gosh, it looks so spicy, and the prawn is HUGE. Just now that one was baby prawn, J: This is –
A: Grandpa prawn. Look at this! P: Oh damn, that’s huge.
J: Huge! The interesting thing is this. This is a clearer soup, but then it feels like it has a very strong prawn smell. Wah, this is sweet eh. Okay, as compared to the previous one, it’s less salty but it’s just too sweet. Like they added a spoonful of sugar inside. The mouthful of soup we had tasted prawn-y, tasted like garlic, J: tasted like onion,
A: Porky! tasted like vegetables, and a little bit sweet. Like everything combine together, quite harmoniously. It’s softer right? When you bite right it’s like very soft, like it’s easy to bite. The previous one was very hard to bite. What’s different from the previous one right, is that the noodles take a back seat. A: Ya, actually true.
J: Like you don’t taste the noodles, is just to carry some of the soup flavour. This prawn is nice! Like very meaty. Very bouncy. Wah damn fresh eh, Oh my goodness, and the prawns
have a sweetness to it. And I believe that contributes to the soup as well. The soup right is the darkest
out of the three we’ve seen. It’s like brown. I like that they cut the prawn into half, cause it’s easier to eat
and you can just scoop the meat up. Compared to the other one,
where you need to peel the head and peel the tail. Wah, this one the flavour very strong. Wah, it’s really like salty. The soup like very clean, like very light. I peel for you already! Aw, so nice! I like to peel prawns by the way. I like to eat peeled prawns. I think the noodles is like the best out of all. I feel like it’s cooked to the right texture! Is a bit huhu right? Okay, a bit. I think huhu the best english term is flaky. I feel like it’s quite starchy
like not the juicy kind of prawns. It’s not fresh lor, I feel. I need to drink water. Ya, exactly! Is the kind of prawn noodles
you eat right, then you need to drink water. Makes you very thirsty, like the MSG gao (thick) like that. I like the soup and the noodles together. It goes damn well. Like nothing is overpowering each other
and it’s not too heavy. This is a lot lighter in colour. It’s not like the hardcore dark brown prawn mee colour. The prawn itself, is very light in colour. Whoever cooked this right, got kungfu one. Cause it’s very difficult to cook a prawn that is half right, and is so easy to de-shell. The broth is too peppery, and is very thick and creamy. I’m eating bak kut teh (pork rib soup) la! One good thing about this is that the noodle is cooked quite well. It feels like when you bite into the flesh of the prawn right, J: it breaks into chunks instead of flakes.
A: It’s like quite chewy, not huhu (flaky). When you bite inside the prawn, it’s not juicy. It’s just dry. I do have a preference for things that are not too strong tasting when it comes to seafood. So, I really like this one eh! This looks so spicy! This looks good to be honest! Dark and clear and has a chilli oil kind of look. This is the kind of prawn that I like right, cause the shell already come out. Prawn looks a little sad. A: Prawn looks like it went through a lot.
J: It looks a little sad. It’s so super super sweet! A: Sugar ah this one!
J: Ya sia! Is this dessert? Usually prawn noodles is quite salty, or a little bit spicy. But this is full on sugar soup! This is the only bowl with the noodles being harder. It’s not so soft. But in a way there’s a bite to it. I bet the prawn is quite thick, and is juicy. When I bite into it, it’s like- Not a lot of taste right? Very average. This is not the kind of prawn noodles
that I would want to go for. The more I eat, the more I forget I’m eating prawn noodles. Like you accidentally spill
your coke into your prawn noodles. Ya! Oh my god, yes! I feel like it’s a mixture of two. I like the big prawns from Wah Kee, but the broth and noodles from Beach Road. A: 2!
J: Wah, number 2! Everything sort of like played its part to be good. And then it has a lot of the garlic, then the fried onion, then the pork lard kind of taste, together with the prawn eh! And then look at the prawn, the prawn is like amazing! The prawn is like this big! Twenty?! And for me, the close second was the Michelin Bib one. Just purely because right, the effort put into that bowl is very obvious to me. I think for me was the beach road one, cause the soup and the noodles were like on point. It was damn nice! Maybe the prawns could have been a little bit better.


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