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Best Sushi in Japan? – Endo Sushi (Osaka, Japan Vlog 2)

There’s a liquid [telecom]. How does it happen? Ohayo Gozaimasu [day] [2] in Osaka and is 5 a.m.. Right [now]. It’s freezing those options. We are Jumping in a cab and heading to a very famous sushi restaurant [endo] [suzanne]. We’re trying to beat the crowd So we got up really early [in] our quest for the best sushi here in Osaka has brought us to the central fish market at 5:40 in the morning It doesn’t even look like we’re allowed [to] be here like you need a permit or [something] but we’re going to walk around try to Find the restaurant, and hopefully we can find it arguably Osaka is some of the best food in all of Japan And if this is that sushi in Osaka Then is this the best sushi in Japan, and if it’s the best sushi in Japan is the best fishing in the world We’re going to see them Okay, I think we say on the spot this place is gigantic and crazy oh To beat the crowds which is a good start, and we furr me the tooth I’m going to try to Muscle Corriendo [Matures] fresh people another addition implants that can be posted [star] [Sushi] has come to the table – I’m gonna try my first piece, anagha Endemic interaction is considering the market [at] [different] Time as most [states] would probably thought Last night or maybe even this work that protects the P-type sort of like a sweet self about [it] What am I realizing that the stationary, so it is the right? It’s got a strong vinegary flavor and that piece particularly have some resolve it, and it’s all together Just finished so only two more pieces here the next piece in line is anybody toro Tuna belly [hardly] [look] at you at all. I literally a compound self [old] Rivera. It’s actually [maybe] better [than] Those oils pure and fresh all right, we’ll finish [no] sushi but it was serious in himself and with orders ever played the good sushi breakfast – We got five use [a] solution here first one is [eggs], or come on number, two the shrimp or MP3 is abalone for is a tuna roll Five is that Taco or octopus and I’m looking forward to this one here [desert] more sushi Wasabi Normally octopus is pretty tough but [that] was pretty soft octopus all right would come to the final t of the final plate of dessert is the Tuna rolls the quick fatty tuna again really excited for starting to get fold up cheers Just integrate over all [annotations]. It comes out really happy. We came british and be friends I would definitely recommend me anyone who wants to have some good sushi in Osaka come to stand position All right, we navigated our way outside of the fish market best breakfast I’ve ever had in my entire life so the total cost of breakfast came to just over $40.00 canadian I mean that was the [best] sushi. I’ve ever had [Forty] [Dollars] is a good price Did you break you? Hey Like I literally just popped out of the wall that was so weird, okay. We’re back at the [apartment] now I just bought my first ever capsule toy [I] think we’re just going to relax her a little bit and then head out and explore a little bit more of Osaka didn’t mean Can it be me? Yeah, okay. We’ve awoken from our slumber now We are heading out on the town to a place called [Mifflin] [Bashi], Den, Den Town And this is the center of otaku Culture here in Osaka Otaku literally means to have an obsession that detrimental affects your life and most of these recessions consist of anime and Things of that nature so we’re going to see what we can find Yeah the other [Dannion] Just friendly snowman behind me here pretty warm and welcoming right little do you know hidden Deep in the bowels of that store is the most pornography I have ever seen Okay, done at [Genda] in town. That was really cool actually he stumbled across some things Maybe we wish we didn’t stumble upon But didn’t make any purchases just [to] let you know we are heading now to get some lunch at a pretty famous place called Luke’s Lobster and what they serve is lobster rolls from Maine and Eastern Canada, [so] it should [be] interesting to see to comparison We got one fight left pretty good They do it a little bit differently and the parmesan cheese [no] so now it can be canada off throat, but pretty close I Could have probably eaten three or four of those lobster rolls But they were a little expensive so I think we’re going to look for some Takoyaki So this is takoyaki. [it’s] just like a batter that they shaped into a ball and they top it with Sweet soy sauce and mayonnaise a little bit of green powder I’m not really sure and then these are bonito flakes. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be Molten hot It’s actually Osaka famous dish. [oh], I forgot to say there’s a big piece of octopus inside So let’s try that in All right, yeah this looks hot All right, hopefully I don’t burn myself That is much better than what we’ve had in taiwan, the inside isn’t like completely cooked so it’s really creamy And then the octopus is nice And chewy the bonito flakes give it sort of like a fishy flavor And then the mayonnaise and [the] other sauce give it like a sweetness, and oh this is really good you’re heading to Sumiyoshi [Taisha] A Shinto Shrine with a pretty picturesque park and bridge The officer continued down [I] work the power half singing a song Just follow the [opposing] We’ve arrived at shinsekai. This is an old part of Osaka That was built in 1912 and they designed half of it to look like New York City And the other half to look like Paris So I’m pretty excited to see if it looks anything like that at all also the highlight here is [the] tSUTenkaku tower? Which is a tower where there’s an observatory at the top. We’re thinking we might go up here to do all [right] we [used] sucked into a kushikatsu restaurant. We’re just walking here in the area There’s so many to choose from it’s kind of hard But basically kushikatsu is just fried becomes a meat and vegetable on sticks And it’s special because you dip it into the sauce they even only did one time that is the [cold] Mural That’s so far is amazing the next site is deep [tried] to take you Kushikatsu was a success We just jumped into a random restaurant and turned out to be a really good place Good prices to one stick only 100 yen so about $1 per stick now I think we might try to find an Izakaya and head back towards the airBnb Okay, [hopped] [in] at an Izakaya. I order some more tuna, and we’re having some during this Is a grilled Tuna belly? [balls] apart, so naturally oily That is 2 percent Likelihood comicon, how does that even happen? This is getting ridiculous now. This is too. Good. We’re spending way too much money bought another piece [of] tuna belly glassing bring every college, but no Unreal night at [the] [Zoo] [Kaya] we have no idea what it’s called because it’s in Japanese But service the food and the drinks were incredible I think that’s going to be the end of today’s vlog so if you liked this vlog Please give it a thumbs up and please subscribe to the channel if you want to see more vlogs from Osaka Thank you so much for watching Thank you so much for watching and see you tomorrow from Nara and Kyoto. [buh], bye See you later, honey


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