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Beth’s Chicken and Mushroom Crepes Recipe

  • Hello, Beth! I've been watching you since 2012 and have never left a comment. I hope you see this one, I just wanted to say that I love your videos. Your recipes are amazing and the tips and tricks you give us makes me feel like you really
    care for us or at least our culinary adventures! 😉
    Kudos to your team for making such creative and pleasing videos, it feels like I'm watching a movie.
    Love from India. 💜

  • I remember learning how to cook this at school back in 2007 when I was 14 and lol your husband. Well he appreciate it and that's what matter.

  • Thank you, Beth! That sounds delicious! Mushroom and leek…. That made my mouth water. Hehehe
    Those look like what we call "Panquecas" here in Brazil. Traditionally filled with ground beef though.
    Hope you have a great weekend

  • We loved these crepes when we went to Beth's for lunch! These are great especially with her wonderful salad! Great!

  • Your husband has never seen anything like this? That's weird because this is extremely similar to a ficelle picarde but with chicken and leek instead of ham and shallots. It's from the region of Picardie, but I thought it was popular throughout France. Apparently not.

  • Oh my, that looks so good. I will have to find a substitute for the mushrooms, but will give this a try. Thanks again.

  • You are making my mouth water! I just made crepes last night so I have a few left. Looks like I know what we're having for dinner! Thank you!!

  • I will be making a crepe cake…now, after seeing your video, I must try this savory crepe as well. Your videos are always such a delight to watch. Thanks for sharing!

  • Wow I couldn’t even last the first thirty seconds of this video, my mouth was watering so hard and I was drooling big time! Why must you do this to me, Beth?!

  • make a sweet crepes and make a cream cheese topping and stuff it with chocolate mousse and strawberries. Looks similar total different taste.

  • Beth, this recipe and video is just in time for a ladies luncheon I’m having. But is there something I could add to the mushrooms instead of chicken for the VEGETARIAN of the group. Or maybe you have a crepe recipe already I can look for. I’d love your input. Thanks for another wonderful tutorial!

  • I love how this simple recipe and simple ingredients together create such a wonderful, elegant dish!

  • That is a great looking recipe and I would love to be cooking and eating it. It reminds me of some of the dishes I get from Schwan's Home Delivery Service which I order.

  • Hey Beth! Could you please make a kitchen tour video? You always seem to have a lot of equipment and unique serving pieces so I’d just like to know how you store all of it!

  • These look delicious! There used to be a crepe restaurant where I live & these are the crepes I always ordered. So good!

  • Looks amazing! Beth, what would you substitute the mushrooms with if mushrooms really aren’t our thing?

  • OMG Beth! this is delicious!
    It must have a wonderful taste!
    I'm going to make my husband happy with your recipe!
    Thank you very much for this video and for your time and dedication for all of us!
    Kind regards!

  • Beth, this recipe reminds me of the crepes that were served at the restaurant, The Magic Pan. It was a chain of restaurants back in the 1980’s. Yummy! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Good morning Beth! 🌷
    I've had dessert crepes, always sooo yummy!
    But, I have never had savory crepes…..ever!
    What rock have I been under?! LOL!
    These look delicious, a nice idea for a late lunch with my neighbors.
    I think the girls will love these.
    Thank you for another wonderful idea.
    Have a nice day Beth! 😊

  • When I was in Highschool I filmed a training video for a crepe restaurant in West Side Market in Cleveland, OH. This video made me want to get out the skillet and try all the recipes I have on file! 70 videos of crepes styles!

  • I just made the savory crepe to have with soft scrambled eggs and I added dried chives and holy moly it really hit the spot. Also, Beth please start a podcast!

  • One way of savory crepes(in Montenegro or among montenegrin families) is to filled them with dried, cured meat and rice(yes, sounds off but I guess people like it this way), fold them into the shapes of burritos, dipped in eggwash and then breadcrumbs, fried and served 🙂

  • Looks scrumptious but is the béchamel sauce a thin gravy? I’am afraid ill make a thick gravy instead

  • Wow!! I love how you can make this a day ahead (and thanks for all the great storage tips) and then make such a gorgeous brunch or lunch! This looks divine…thank you Beth!

  • Heck yeah for just reaching into a hot pan and picking stuff up with your hands! It always freaks my dear MIL when I do that, she's such a sweetheart. 🙂

  • I don't have any nonstick pans, would it be too risky to try with stainless steel or cast iron? I think it will be ok if they are well-oiled.

  • OMG….thank you Beth for this amazing meal. I made it on Monday night for dinner and it was soooo good 😍😋

  • I love Chicken and Mushroom Crepes. I searched for this recipe prior to your making it and posting it 🙂

  • Dear Beth, a delicious savory crepe is brilliant! Might I suggest growing an herb garden wall (GardenCreationsLtd on etsy) herb with HydroCrystal gel soil; new plant Crystal pearls that are a cleaner option to growing herbs in soil.

  • Thanks , BETH, tastes great. I usually forget to respond with comment AFTER I try one of your delicious recipes. I keep returning to your recipes; maybe that tells you I love what you offer.
    I haven’t made savory crepes in DECADES. My husband enjoyed something new. I’m making them again for my busy daughter and family soon. Have you heard of Lemon Capellini cold salad for summer? I don’t know all ingredients; I would love to imitate; it’s simply delicious & refreshing because it’s cold and because it has a kick to it with lemon (I’m a lemon fan) and maybe basil or arugula garlic and salt(?). I’m watching my carbs, but gotta eat cool things most the time through summer.

  • Blessed Day! Ms. Beth do you have any alternative for mushroom? Thank you and God bless u #entertainingwithbeth#easyrecipe

  • Thank you for sharing this recipe, Beth. I consider myself a crepe lover! And the components of this creep (leeks, mushroom, chicken, bechamel sauce and gruyere cheese) are my favorites too. I will definitely make this anytime soon!

  • Savory crepes are very popular in Russia! There is a whole fast food chain that is dedicated to blini (crepes) with different fillings called Teremok and I think they've even opened one up in NYC (I'm American, but teach ESL in Russia). My favourite filling there is potato wedges with chopped pickles and french fried onions. Also mashed potatoes with fried mushrooms is a great filling too!

  • Yes. Tried them today. 2 hours later they were delish. I'm 75 and slow. Hahaha. God bless. Thank you Beth.

  • Made this recipe. I didn't have leek, so i put some onion. The result was fabulous! Thank you Beth for this wonderful recipe! <3

  • Beth, I just subscribed. You are a wonderful cook and since you sometimes mention your French (?) husband, I think he must be a happy man. I just did your piccata chicken tonight and it was delicious. I look forward to other recipes.

  • I am in love with this recipe, I have made crepes for ever! and this one sounds amazing..we usually stuff with ricotta and spinach and make a nice sauce but this one is also so tasty looking..I have both Italian and French background..and love crepes!!

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