Betta Fish Tank Review and Unboxing | Aqua Culture 5 Gallon Aquarium Kit | Tuesday Tank Reviews

what’s up guys welcome back it is
Tuesday which means it is time for another tank review so this month we are
focusing on wal-mart’s fish tanks and today we will be checking out the LED
aquarium starter kit 5 gallon aquaculture tank so I actually kind of
already own one of these tanks I am using at least the filter and the tank
itself but my hood is actually a top thin hood from my previous tank that is
one of those other things that didn’t make it in my move I did have some
problems with my fish tank that may have just been sort of a fluke or a
manufacturer issue I don’t really know unfortunately the hood that came with
the tank that I originally bought did not work and luckily my top fin hood fit
it perfectly so we’re gonna open this one up we’re gonna test it out and I
will show you my tank that is already set up so without further ado let’s go
ahead and open up this box and check out what all comes with this kit okay so in
this kit you’re gonna be getting the five-gallon glass aquarium LED lighting
system the Tetra internal micro filter and a packet of tetras aqua safe
conditioner and a tetra fish food sample so let’s go ahead and get this open and
check it all out now this is a glass tank so you do want
to be very careful with this but we have our filter and we have all our little
pockets and we have our hood that has a nice little feeding hole rods there so
in here we have our little lighting kit this tank light is what I had a problem
with on the original tank that I purchased so I’m definitely gonna open
this up test it out see if maybe I just got a fluke for a tank or if maybe you
know they need to figure out their lighting situation on these tanks so we
do have our little packet of the tetra aqua safe conditioner and we have our
little food sample packet this is the tetraman tropical flakes
I wouldn’t necessarily use these but that’s not to say that they are bad they
do have a minimum crude protein of 46 percent so that’s not terrible but just
not my not mine not my brand apparently this also comes with a little
Walmart fish guide I don’t know how I feel about this Walmart fish guide so I
don’t think I’m gonna get into this Walmart fish guide quiet right now
because I think this might actually take up an entire video all in itself because
of some of the information that’s on here yeah I don’t think they should put
this in here or maybe they should change it up
but we’ll save this amazing Walmart fish guide for another time
okay I got it I got a knot look at that I can’t look at that
I cannot look at the Walmart fish guide I cannot look at it do not go by the
Walmart fish guide whatever it says just disregard it do your own research do
your own research but yeah well we’ll go over this in another video so back to
the tank back to the tank where my scissors I’m really curious to find out
if this light is gonna work I’m really curious to find out if this light is
going to work on here really careful okay so super easy just click in click
the little light in two slots in theory done this million times I don’t know why
I can’t do it today okay their light is clicked in feed it
through this little thing okay I really want to find out if this
light on this one works I really I need to know I need to know now so I am gonna
go ahead and actually plug in the light and find out right now if it works or
not it does success okay so the original tank that I got was probably just a
fluke hopefully it was just a fluke hopefully
this is not the fluke but I will say this if I remember correctly my light on
the original one did not come in a airtight sealed package it was more like
a little baggie but that was several months ago so I don’t know if they’ve
changed things up I did see in a lot of the reviews online that a lot of other
people did have the same issue with the light that I did luckily like I said I
had a spare I had spare parts so it turned out okay
for me so we’re gonna go ahead and check out the filter this is an internal
filter that’s this is an internal filter it is the whisper micro filter by tetra
I typically like a lot of the tetra products as far as tanks and
some of their water conditioners bacteria supple and stuff like that are
pretty good and worked pretty well for me overall it does come with a force D
cartridge or a cartridge I will say on this personally I have noticed that
these cartridges tend to get kind of clogged relatively quickly in my opinion
in my opinion so I have had to change my cartridge my filter cartridge on this a
little bit more frequently than some of my other filter cartridges because it
doesn’t seem to take a whole lot for this to not work properly so it does
have the little hanger it also is adjustable down here for the flow and it
does have a suction cup to help hold it in place okay so yeah pretty easy simple
setup this tank is less than $30 so you can pick one of these up for less than
$30 luckily the light on this one does work the filters not too bad it is an
adjustable internal filter so not too bad of a deal for less than $30 for a 5
gallon aquarium and over here I do have the same tank
setup except like I said this is the top thin lid this is the top oven hood but
I’ll tell you what it’s the same tank it’s basically the same tank as the top
bin 5.5 gallon that you would get at Petsmart because that is the tank that I
had previously I had the top fin 5.5 gallon from Petsmart and the hood fit
perfectly the only difference was it came with a different type of filter but
other than that everything was pretty much identical to this tank make
identical this is the same glass tank and it is the same filter like I said
the hood is different but as you can see it really is it’s the same hood it’s the
same little feeding hole same everything I mean it is the same I don’t really see
any difference between this and the top-end 5.5 gallon tank that you can get
from Petsmart that also comes as a kit other than the filter is a little bit
different but that’s pretty much it like they give you a different filter but the
rest of it is it’s the same it’s the same light same hood same same 5.5
gallon tank so this one is labeled as a 5 gallon but it’s it’s the same tank it
is the same tank or the hood wouldn’t have fit right so like I said guys I
will be going over this Walmart fish guide in another video but as far as
this tank goes without just with trying to ignore their fish guide and what
they’re recommending entirely I would say this is a pretty decent start up
tank this is a pretty good deal it’s not a bad price for a little 5 gallon nano
tank and luckily the lighting that came with this tank actually worked this time
so hopefully that means that the one that I picked up previously was just a
fluke so anyway guys that’s all I really have we all today as always thank you so
much for watching I love you guys and I will see you in my next video bye

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