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Betta Fish Tank Unboxing And Initial Review | Aqueon Betta Falls Aquarium

welcome back y’all and today we’re gonna
be checking out the a Creon betta falls now I have gotten an insane insane
amount of requests from you guys to review this tank and I do have a few
ideas of what I could maybe do with this tank in the future so first let’s take a
look of what all comes in this kit ok so inside this kit we’ve got the cascading
waterfall feature it has a sleek curved design to the tank contains quiet flow
powerful tration a maximum fill indicator window better food and betta
Bowl plus adjustable flow rate for the filter and frosted panels so that
hopefully the buttons don’t really see each other too well so without further
ado let’s open it up and really check this thing out now before we get too far
into this quick quick disclosure this is a 2 gallon tank the entire entire thing
is 2 gallons which the bare minimum tank size requirement for the betta fish is
2.5 gallons for 1 1 betta so size wise this is not at all an appropriate tank
for but us but we are gonna go ahead and take a look and see what all we’ve got
here so first of course we gotta get this out of plastic and there is a lot
of plastic and coupons for stuff I would never use there’s so much plastic and
here we’ve got our little set-up guide not that I really need that and here we
have a sample of the aqueon edible plus and the aqueon betta food not really the
same kind of stuff that I would use but you know all right so we’re gonna get all this
plastic off of everything so much plastic okay so over in this back
compartment we have our filter cartridge I’m gonna go ahead and pull that out and
I don’t know if you can see the little slots right there we’re just gonna pop
this right in the slot so this part and of course we’ve got a little cardboard
piece removed before use and then water flow attachment instructions so for
starters we’ve got our little pump our little water pump it is adjustable for
the flow right here so because this is supposed to be a betta tank you would
want to put this on the absolute lowest setting so if you can just see the
little adjustable thing right here we’ve got the minus and the plus I think we’re
just gonna pop this back right into the tank and then set our filter cartridge
up now we’re going to put the little cups back in so now in theory these
containers are supposed to each house one better this is not even a half a
gallon I’m quite certain that this is not even a half a gallon so this is not
really appropriate at all to house any type of fish not really any any type of
fish in here it’s gonna be far too small each
container is gonna be far too small to really house fish so then we have our
little our little lids now it does look like they made a little bit of an
improvement to these lids from the design that I remember seeing when I
said one of these up in my store against my
will and better judgment so if you actually did set this up and put but us
in it there is it’s not as likely but there is still a chance that your butter
could get pushed through that little gap if you have a juvenile betta an adult
betta I don’t think would fit through this but it still might it’s there’s
still a chance there’s always a chance it’s a risk everything that I have read
from customer reviews on this product online and from everything that I heard
from customers when I used to work at the pet store when they purchased it
they did they had bettas making their way through the grapes into the other
tank and we’re waking up to find three bettas with torn up terrible fins in
this final cup I cannot really emphasize enough that this is not really an ideal
tank to put betta fish in or again any fish for that matter I would not put any
fish in this tank however depending on how loud this thing is when I turn it on
which looking at the filter it looks like it’s not gonna be anything loud so
I’m gonna go ahead and fill this tank up with water and we are gonna test out the
filter just to see how loud and powerful this filter is because I do have a fun
idea of what I want to do with this but I’m not a hundred percent sure that it’s
something that is feasible okay I think we have enough water going on in here to
get this going now I didn’t put any water conditioner or anything in here
because we’re just testing this out that’s all we’re doing is testing out
the filter we’re not adding any fish I’m not adding any plants I’m not doing
anything with it at this moment we are only
testing this thing now that filter is way louder than I would would like this
whole thing just feels so so cheap and plasticky I’m not even gonna lie so this
filter is a little bit louder than some of my other tanks it’s a little bit
louder than I would prefer the flow with this turned all the way down doesn’t
look too bad we are getting a lot of surface agitation most definitely I have
read on some of the Amazon reviews and stuff that some people made adjustments
to the filter to kind of keep it from being quite quite so strong there really
needs to be a clip on this plug because it’s causing the pump is causing this
plug to rattle around causing my cord to rattle around quite a bit so I’ll have
to put do something to clip that in place yeah this filter is much louder
than I would prefer much louder than I would prefer we had a whole lot of
vibration going on here this is all very light so we’ve got just these light
lightweight acrylic containers and this light lightweight plastic supporting it
and so the filter the water pump is vibrating quite a bit in here so I don’t
know if maybe putting a sponge or something near it might kind of help
because it’s vibrating the cord which is making quite a bit of noise much more
noise than I would prefer out of a setup like this so what I was my gosh this
thing is so loud I gotta unplug it so what I was thinking about considering
doing is just losing the lids on this because I they’re just so cheap what I
was thinking about doing with this is having like just a little water garden
like a planted a planted fountain basically like having a planted fountain
because that’s really about all I could do with this I really wish that the
filtration was not so loud that is my only big big big thing against this tank
as far as using it for just a pretty decoration definitely would not
recommend ever ever keeping any fish in here but live plants but live aquatic
plants that’s another story or live semi aquatic plants you could have plants
growing out of this you could even maybe do like some pothos or something like
that make it really interesting but again as far as fish goes would not
recommend this ever for fish now if you were doing an aquatic garden of course
there is no light on this so you would only want to put plants in here that do
well in low low levels of lighting so I think that is actually what I’m gonna be
doing with this I think I’m gonna get some really cool river rocks and stuff
and see what we can set up with this tank but again again not appropriate not
appropriate for fish I’m hoping that I can figure out a way to kind of quiet
that filter but aquatic garden I can see it in my head I think it’s gonna look
really nice with the fountain and with live plants in here but again no fish so
anyway guys that’s all I really have for y’all today as always thank you so so
much for watching I love you guys and I will see you in my next video bye you


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