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BIG FISH on discontinued lure!

good luck to you too man yeah getting in
there that is deep yeah look at him he’s just like waiting
like how dare you to come over here look at that one look it down what you
looking at he was crying don’t speak English I know that right up here though
we’ve caught good fish separate times but both times didn’t you ever catch
anything off that dog it’s not going to take too long you got one baby let’s go on the beach
swimming yeah I’m talking about right there I couldn’t imagine you fish in the hood
you’re like 25 Olive 8 hung up very very cares but I swear I catch one though
it’s like a they either eat it I get hung up one way or the other you know
I’m setting the hook on something the lures in the water what more do you want
for me I honestly think when you grabbed it that time I’ll swim in it and just
stop right over there on the water was up
like this on a little creature bait six three we they don’t let us in there
anymore we could easily park up there and just
doll it we wouldn’t have to go that far yeah it’s gonna be a great way yeah
to calm dude what am I getting in down there it’s like a bunch of leaves
matting up on my bait making it feel like there’s a fish on and I keep like
setting the hook through it every time the leaves just they start forming on
your bait got a tumble leaf got one got him again
blue cranked up moving light is on yeah got that Lake water mom now don’t tell me white bought that lure
don’t run away what it is they use it anybody ever has one don’t act like you
know about it stab Monty lure they weren’t implying

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