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Bizarre Sea Creatures of Florida

We’re scoping out, uh, the terrain we’re about to fish, and we’re using a frikkin’ drone to see the trail that we’re gonna take! I think that’s an awesome way to use technology! Alright, the other day we went on a charter boat, we asked the charter captain to take us onto the flats so that we can explore the flats for– little sea creatures! Little sea creatures, we’re trying to look for, like, seahorses and crabs and, this is something that our new friend, Killian, has introduced us to, which is, netting strange sea creatures! And this is something that will keep kids really busy for a long time if you’re trying to fish and your kids are bothering you, just set them up with a bucket and a net, some weeds… hours of fun! I caught one! (Cindy) Oh, you caught one? Name this crab, because I have no idea! (Cindy) There’s another one!
(Erin) Ooh, a tiny crab. Wahh! Wee-hoo! Oh, there’s a crab right there! (Killian) Oh, yeah! A spider crab. What kind of crab is this? Spider crab. Wooh! He just picked it up! He just went and picked it up!
(Killian) Oh, they won’t hurt you! They wont hurt you, they get big. They get a pound.
(Erin) It’s freaky! This one’s energetic, this is an energetic spider crab!
(Cindy:) Brendon! Woah, what the heck?
(Cindy:) I want to touch what it feels like! What’s it feel like?
(Erin:) It looks like it–
(Cindy:) Ohh! (Erin:) is it slimy?
(Cindy:) I don’t know! You don’t know? Ohh! Blehh! Ohh!!
(Erin:) So what are these? these are spider crabs, right? (Cindy:) Oh my gosh! These are spider crabs, they’re so cool!
(Erin:) They looks like tarantulas! They do look like tarantulas, they look like spiders, for real! I’m frikkin stuck. I’m sinking! He’s sinking he said… I’m sinking! Ugh! I’m just trying to get this untangled! Stupidly casted… Ugh, it’s so gross! So squishy! Ugh….. Alright, lesson learned… Be careful when I cast… It feels like I’m stepping in poop! (Erin:) Uh-oh! He got his bait stolen? (Brendon:) Took it?
(Michael:) Yeah… You see the other ones following it? You didn’t see that? There was a bunch following it. Nice, oh I see them right there! I see them, they’re hanging out right there… right thur. Nice. Okay. There are these really weird, blobby-lookin’… (Cindy:) Bubble thingy? Bubble-lookin’ things…. and I need to ask you guys what the heck they are, because none of us know, so let me show you, OK, look at this. I’m gonna touch it. Ooh!
(Erin:) Record it underwater! I am! Ooh!!!
(Erin:) Ok. (Cindy:) What are you doing?
(Erin:) He’s touching the blob things.
(Brendon:) These are weird… Oysters! Alright, let’s bust this open. Ooh, a little crab came off of it! A little crab came off of this, Erin, look! (Killian:) I feel like a sea otter. They’re better at it though… (Killian:) Oh, yeah, the one oyster that’s unopenable, I pick… AHHH! I just hit my own finger!
(Killian:) You bleeding yet? No, I just slammed the rock on my own finger…
(Cindy:) Oh, honey don’t do that! Look, you’re bleeding! Oh, he’s bleeding too! You shouldn’t do that! (Cindy:) Infection…
(Killian:) That’s the way it is, man, it’s not healthy. Ok… Bad idea, not messing around with this anymore… Yeah… Well, we tried…. Let’s try this one… Ahh! Anybody got any lemon? Look at that oyster!
(Killian:) We’ll just dig these chunks out of it and be ready to roll. Yeah… That’s the meat right there.
(Brendon:) Mine barely had any meat in it! the delectableness… You look like you got cut in a bad place. Yeah, but it’s so far so good, feels pretty good. That’s why if you fall in the water at a jetty, you swim to the beach, you don’t try to climb the piling. Ohh!
If you fall in the water in an area, yeah, have a plan. I always have a plan with the current, which way the current’s going and how I’m going to get out of the water if I fall in when I’m doing dangerous rock fishing. Hmm.
Which is what I consider any kind of, like, nighttime rock fishing. Yeah, it’s dangerous. Look at that! Any guesses?
(Killian:) I’s got a double spine… Does anyone have a guess as to what this is from? It looks like some kind of bone, I’m going to wash it off real quick. But it’s like, jointed, and it moves… That’s pretty strange, have you ever seen anything like this, Killian? *unsure sound* Let me see it… This is the spine… This is another jointed spine…
Yeah! Nah, that’s a new one on me… I don’t know, what do you guys think? This is a good question: got this mystery thing, what the heck is this? Yeah… There’s always something you can fish for at the inlet. No matter what the weather is, as long as you don’t mind getting rained on. Lightning is the main thing that would, you know, run me in, is lighting, (Brendon:) Ow!
(Killian:) I don’t mess around with lightning If, uh, if I’m in a lightning storm or something I head in or have a plan… These are all oysters! So we’ve been wading around for about, hmm, an hour now, and when you really just stop and look around your area, and just like, look carefully, you can find a lot of really weird stuff. Oh, crab! Hey! Pass me the thing! Thank you. Oh, crab’s gone. There’s plenty of little crabs that live under rocks, all these crabs I caught.
Woahhh! and you put these on a hook, some of these are stone crabs and you don’t use them, but every other one, you put these things on a hook, and throw ’em in there and sheephead and drum…
(Brendon:) These look like pebbles! Yeah, they’re really good bait. Shakin’ it. And they’ll just come right off the stones? Yeah, there’s one.
Yup, there we go! Oh, that’s awesome, man!
Yeah, so you just find like an oyster rock like this over here, Woah!
Got a couple more, yeah. But it’s very dangerous. Why?
‘Cause they’re sharp as hell, man! It’s like razor sharp! But, yeah, so they live under rocks and you get these little crabs and put them on a small hook, and whatever’s around will eat them. Awesome.
It’s great bait, and free! Great, free bait! And sheephead tear these up.
Sheephead love them? They love crustaceans, yeah, and drum, black drum. Has anybody tried using these little crabs for bait before? Comment that below! Oh here’s a…. Something–*gasp* Brendon, Brendon, Brendon! Brendon, look at that! (Cindy:) What, what, what? Get it underwater. (Cindy:) I don’t know what it is! It’s a big old crab in a big shell! It’s moving around! It’s a hermit crab. Oh, Brendon’s going to grab it! Holy crap! Oh my god, that’s big.
Look at this thing! That is a very big–let me see? Flip it to the other side? Oh my gosh! Wow! That this is awesome.
(Erin:) That’s incredible! Oh my god he–oh he’s coming out! It’s a hermit crab! This big! Woahhh. Hermit crab! Oh my god! Oh my gosh! Ha ha ha! It is so cool! Huh! Under the sea! Oh! Where’d it go?! Oh my god, look at him. He’s like… Get. Away. From me.
I’m leaving… my shell! Did he pich ya!? No, I need the net.
He went for it! Hah! Oh my gosh. Nice! Ok, let’s put them… That is a huge one! Yeah, he’s not very happy. No, he’s not.
He is not happy. I’m in danger… He’ll be– he’ll get back in the water. Heh!! Woahhh! Alright, let’s see which hermit is bigger! Come on, come out! Oh! They’re both doing it! This one’s a little more shy now… Why do they do this? Someone comment below! I haven’t been able to interact with hermit crabs like this before, so I have no idea, Um…
(Cindy:) I’m sure one of you out there would, right? Yeah, I’m sure someone knows why they do this. Killian, do you know why they snap back like this? Because they’re scared to death you’re going to do something horrible to them! Aha ha ha! So maybe I should just… I should just let them go! They’re in defense mode, man! Usually in the wild, if something starts messing with them that hard it’s trying to eat them. Careful, it might bite your dingus. I don’t have a dingus… Everyone has a dingus, okay? Hey, we eat this! What the–? Let’s give this to Grandma! Bring this home to Grandma! Grandma, you want some of this? We have this in soup sometimes! I’m pretty sure this is the same thing, right? Erin is camera lady today so you’re not going to see that much of her this episode. I’m always camera lady. Yeah, are you going to vlog yourself a little bit? Let the audience know what you’ve been doing?
Yeah. A lot of times you guys don’t get to see, hah, 100% what Erin’s like, uh, because she’s behind the camera, doing all the camera work, well, most of the camera work, and a lot of the editing work, so… Those episodes that you watch I spend hours on them! Yup! Yup. Hi! Ha ha ha ha! Let’s just release them. Well, how many species do we have so far? I don’t know, let’s check. Okay, so we’ve got… we’ve got hermit crabs… these hermit crabs are a different color than these hermit crabs for some reason, These spider crabs right here. Mhmm. Which are super weird. We’ve got these little tiny, woah, what the heck is this? It’s a little–oh okay it’s another spider crab. We have these little tiny, tiny crabs, I don’t know what they’re called, they’re flat… See? Look. Alright? We’ve got these… So we have a lot of crabs, crustaceans…
We’ve got a little goby right here. Ooh!
Oh my god, when did you get that? Yeah that’s a goby, I caught him. Got a little goby right here that Killian caught. They’re cool lookin’. They are really cool looking! This one is my favorite one, You should hold this one, Erin. It’s nice that they come out of the shell so much, too, you know, they’re not shy like some crabs. (Cindy:) I feel like calling him Herbie.
(Erin:) Ahh! Ha ha ha ha it scared me… Aha…
(Killian:) What a saucy crab… Here we go, just going to put them away, oh! Are they going to run away? Ohh, the mud! Oh, they’re going! There he goes! See you! Bye bye! Bye! They’re going their separate ways! Ha ha ha ha, they’re going their separate ways…. (Cindy:) …haha, they are not the most fashionable shoes, okay? (Erin:) Oh yeah! We didn’t even give a fashion show! (Cindy:) They don’t really go with my outfit… Wait, so what are you saying, you…? You don’t want to wear those shoes because they don’t go with your outfit… That’s part of– partially. But they also feel weird when they’re dry, like… Explain it. Uh…it’s like…. it’s like they’re dirty. Yeah.
–Dirty! Yeah! These are the next hot thing, and you two are sitting here complaining about it? Look what I’m–
They’re great! Look what I’m wearing in the freaking river, okay? My flip flop, the mud sucks my entire flip flop down and my flip flop feels like it’s about to break off Okay, it’s literally like quick sand! (Erin:) Who’s complaining now, huh? (Cindy:) I know! Yeah, but I have a right to complain! (Erin:) A right…
(Brendon:) These two! Okay, hold on. These two are complaining that they have water shoes on and they’re a little uncomfortable, and they don’t go with their outfit… (Cindy:) What did I just say? What did you just say? (Cindy:) I said I am so glad I have these shoes on. It’s a life saver. And I said I told you so!
Okay… Well… That’s it! Thank you! I’d like to say that we got a lot of weird stuff! Just looking through our little water system here, this little river. See, this is the kind of stuff I like to do, just like, exploring… I like exploring and looking at little stuff. I don’t need to catch a big trophy fish. I have fun doing this. Boy, what a full day.
Yeah, I’m tired.
Work, play….


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