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Black Bass Autunnali / Spinning al Bass in Lago

After about a month Without posting videos, I went back to fishing In the morning at least Because at night I often go fishing with my brother Today I’m fishing for black bass, also because where I live There are no more trouts I’m starting to discover new places and this type of fishing Let’s see I start fishing With a small floating crank Here the water is shallow And there are so many algae that emerge In fact then I will move a little further Or I’ll try to fish with a popper afloat Now i start with With my favourite one The big one !! Here it is !! Here it is !! It followed the cranck up to the shore Right down there !! Nice bass First bass Of the day Fat one Its stomach is full of fry Nice one !! A bigger size than the bass of the last year Go !! Hidden in the branches A nice one !! A nice one !! Oh the nice one !! This is a nice size Caught right up to the shore Such a beautiful bass This is a good size Such a beautiful fish It will be 300 gr. this one I caught it up to the shore, just like the first I loose Such a big mouth First two bass, two nice ones Go !! Here it is !! Finally !! Little bass Tiny bass This one is beautiful, perfect Tiny But healthy With all the fry I saw today Now that I’ve caught some bass, I still try a moment to fish with the popper In that area there, where there are algae To see if a fish has an instinct to attack Let’s see I changed lure I fish here with the popper Here it’s all algae Here it is !! With the popper Another little one But it had the courage to attack this lure Smaller than the other !! Tiny bass This is really tiny, it’s full of them afloat And they attack small fish groups Second cast with the popper The problem with the popper is that I caught only small fish I’m at the end of the fishing day Today went well, I managed to catch a little bigger than last year’s bass But more than anything else it’s always nice to come to this lake Beautiful There are very few people, and it’s all forest Maybe I’ll be back next week


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