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Black River Jamaica Crocodile farm, Pelican bar, YS Falls Jamajka 2016 4K

We’re in Black River going to take a river cruise and we’re in crocodile farm hi we’re again with our friend and he takes us on fruit-veggie market nice beautiful watermelons small pineapples extra sweet honey banana sugar apple perfect now we’re heading to Pelican bar it’s a bar in the sea chillout with some beer ??????????????????????????? that’s our driver YEAHMAN very cute he has a thin voice he is ultracool I’m sitting in tractor driving to YS Falls it’s raining a little but it doesn’t matter because we going to swim also our taxi driver is with us I feel like in Terňa that’s the village where my grandma lives hi grandma 🙂 We are visiting family of our driver this is his small sister jamaican lobster with rice and beans this is how Jamaican pharmacy looks like full of goodies national flags everywhere, music playing on I love to work in this pharmacy hope I gonna make it 🙂

  • The Pelican bar is at Parottee not Black River. It is rubbish as far as food and drink are concerned – just a ramshackle platform for posers and souvenir sellers.

  • Hello kataleRko!
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