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BMP Fishing: The Series | Lake Champlain

(tape clicks) (triumphant music)
(tape beeps) (mysterious music) – [Brandon] Champlain was
kind of the biggest mystery. (mysterious music) So before this tournament
actually started, I spent a total of seven days on it. (mysterious music) Didn’t really know how it would fish. (mysterious music) That’s a big one. (triumphant music) (grunts) Elite stop number eight,
Lake Champlain, 2017. It’s gonna be a bumpy one. We’re actually waiting right now, just did the National Anthem. They’re deciding if they’re
gonna call it today or not. It’s blowing super hard outta the South. – [Announcer] I’ve been out there. You cannot run South or North, it’s rough. So today is canceled. (crowd applauds) – It’s about 6:30 and we’re
heading back to the truck. Not ’cause we caught 25 pounds, but ’cause they canceled today. Said it’s too big. – [Nelson] What day is it? – It’s day 1.5. Yesterday got canceled. So we’re only counting as half a day. Today, technically, should be day two. It’s Friday, first day of the– – [Brandon] We got our boy Russ. Filming top four of the AOY. We happen to be sittin’
at the top of that list. Got him. Oh, it’s a giant. It’s a giant. Stay on there. Stay on there, baby, first
cast with the Top Walker. Stay on there. Come on. Don’t you jump. That’s what we need right there. Stay on there. Oh, don’t, oh, stay on. Stay down, stay down, stay down. Come here. Don’t you jump. (fish splashes) (fish jumps) Noooo Gosh dangit. Four pounder, man. You’ve got to be freaking kidding me. (water laps the boat) (wind blows) – Not what keeper one should look like. There we go, that’s a good one. Ate it on the fall. (line whizzes) Stay on there, baby. Nooo. Gosh Dangit. (Brandon sighs) Seriously? That was another big one. That’s two big ones down. (heroic music) Yes. (heroic music) – [Announcer] Leading the Toyota, Bassmaster Angler of the Year– (crowd cheers) 18 pounds and an ounce. He moves into 12th place currently. (crowd cheers) (whistles) – Man, I caught ’em on everything. I caught a ton of ’em. I lost a ton of ’em. I think you catch 18, 18
and a half pounds a day, you’re gonna be right there to win. Trip walked up to me last week, and he goes, “You want this check?” I thought it was my third place check. I’m like “Hell yeah I want my check.” Hands it to me, and he goes, “You’re gonna find out sooner or later.” And it was my Leading for AOY check where they give you $1,000 bucks. – [Dad] You’re killin’ me, man. – [Mom] You can’t even watch online. – [Dad] I just turned it off. – [Brandon] Every time I lose the big one. – [Mom] After the first one– – [Brandon] Me, too, I was like, “Really? This all over again?” – It’s day two. The sun’s coming up. We’re sittin’ in 21st. 18 pounds. It’s gonna be kinda calm this morning, just light breeze, and then it’s gonna get pretty windy this afternoon. So, gonna look on hopefully capitalizing on the bite this morning. They should be chomping this morning. It’s gonna be a good day. I’m looking forward to it. I’m gonna go back, fish the same areas we did yesterday, maybe a couple new areas that I saved yesterday. Looking for 20 pounds. (hookset) Oh my gosh. Giant, Giant one. That’s bigger than
anything I had yesterday. Stay on there. Giant one, man. Oh gosh, stay on there. (reel clicks) Stay on there baby. (Brandon exhales) Great ol’ big one. (Brandon exhales) Stay on there. Looked like she was hooked really good. Oh no no no. Oh, it’s not that, I mean– It’s big, but. It’s definitely the kind we need. (fish splashes) I thought it was a five-pounder at first. But it’s not. Where you at? Yeah, yeah, hrmmm. Yes. That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout. Yeah. Whoooo. Mmmmm. Yeah. That’s a three and a half. That feels big, if it’s not a pike. No, it’s not a pike. (bass splashes) It’s not a giant, but it’ll keep. (Brandon exhales) He’ll keep. I wasn’t gonna let him start fightin’ once I got his head up like that. Pow. (heroic music) That is a– Aaaawwww. Gawwww that was a freaking five-pounder. Ohhhhh my gosh. Pffffpp that was a freaking big one. That thing was that long. Not as big as that other one was. (bass jumps) Oh my gosh. He’s bigger than I thought he was. Some dang giants around
this island right now. (bass splashes) No, come here, quit that. (Brandon grunts) Geez. That’ll help. He’s about half the
size of that other one. Oh my gosh. You stay on there you dirty sucker. Don’t you jump, no. Oh gosh that is a giant. Oh gosh. (drag spinning)
Stay on there. (Brandon exhales) Come on, please, please come up here. Gosh that is a big one. Come on, come on She got me in grass or somethin’? There, I couldn’t move her for a second. Comere, yeah. I wish she was fatter. Super long. That should cull though – [Crew] Long and skinny. Gosh that thing is long. It’s on a six pound frame. Hoooooo. Shakin’ on that one, man. I mean, quite a bit, what? – [Crew] You’re gettin’ close now. – Yeah, I don’t really know, I guess. Same thing I saw sucker
suspended up there. I think that one’ll cull. I’d say they’re loaded on this right now. – Just go ahead and find out though. I don’t know, they’re all clones. They look so big down there ’cause they got them big ol’ heads on ’em. They’re all over the graph right now. I don’t even know what, like,
by ounces maybe, or somethin’. I don’t think it’ll help. It’s like a clone. Naw, he’s not gonna help. (bass splashes) – [Brandon] You’re welcome. – [Fisherman] Just like always. I was starting to think you might be the wet blanket or somethin’. – [Announcer] Five zero for Brandon. – [Male] Good bag, Brandon. – [Brandon] Thanks. – [Female] Yes. – [Brandon] About to
go see what they weigh. – [Brandon] Looks like,
eh, looks like everyone pretty much caught ’em
about the same as they caught ’em yesterday, so
we’ll see where we end up. – [Brandon] Hopefully
we move up a little bit. We’ll be fishing again
tomorrow which is good, so. Hopefully we can do the
same again tomorrow. I liked to, ultimately I’d like to be a pound, two pounds out of the lead– – [Announcer] Five fish for
Brandon Palaniuk on day two. 18 pounds, 13 ounces. – [Trip] Right where you’re standing,
Brandon, straight up. – [Announcer] For 36 pounds, 14 ounces. – I came into this event,
really with a mystery. I’m gonna need a really big bag tomorrow, so I’m gonna have to do
something a little different. We’ll see what happens One thing I gotta say is,
huge thanks to my family. They came all the way from Idaho. And I could hear ’em screaming on the bank like two miles away today when they were watching me from the bank with binoculars. (crowd cheers) – [Announcer] Very cool, we look forward to seeing him tomorrow. – [Brandon] Thanks, Trip. – [Fan] I’ve been watching
you since day one. – Thanks, appreciate it. – [Nelson] Is it an
ice party this morning? -[Chad Pipkens] Everybody likes an ice party. – [Nelson] Geez. – Sitting about a pound back Gonna need the mega bag today. Gonna have to catch more today than we’ve caught the last couple days. We’re gonna need 21, somethin’ like that. We’re gonna start out
doing the same thing, just hope they get a little
bigger, a little fatter. They’ve had a few days to feed up, so they should be fatter. (mysterious music) (bass splashes) Nooooo.
(bass splashes) (heroic music) (Brandon screams) Yesssss. Mmmmm. That’s what I’m talkin’ about, my man. (line whizzes) (Brandon grunts) That one ate it on the fall. (bass splashes) Scoop it up. That’s a big one, there. (bass splashes) Yeah, wahoooo. Mmmmm. Hooooooooo. That’s what I’m talkin’ about baby. That’s the bite we needed. I don’t know, man, its’
been a pretty crazy day. When you haven’t even made one
full pass down your stretch. Down your first stretch. I got like three or four
more places I’d like to hit. It’s insane. Them big ones or those solo ones you see. See ’em right off the side of the cone. See ’em sittin’ there on the 360. Mmmm. The last couple days, we have dialed the fish in better and better. Really figured out how they’re positioning around certain types of grass. Kinda like little key places within these big long stretches. I’ll catch some fish in
between here and there, but there’s definitely key
spots where the big ones are concentrated and
yeah, we’re gonna move. Oh, that’s got a little bit of meat to it. (bass splashes) Not enough. Not a bad one. (bass splashes) No, he got his head down. (bass splashes) (Brandon grunts) – [Crew] A different story on
day one with that one, huh? – [Brandon] I’d have taken
him day one, probably. Got more of a belly than I
had the last couple days. – [Crew] Yeah. – [Brandon] No. Green’s good. Blue’s good. Red should be good for sure, red’s good. Yellow is bigger. What about this one? I’m pretty sure black
is noticeably bigger. Not a bad one, though. (bass splashes) When you can look at ’em and go, “No, it’s not gonna help.” It’s good. (muffled mic scratches) (underwater splashes) (Brandon chuckles) – [Crew] There’s about to be
some questionable decisions. – [Brandon] Ohhh, well
done, Nelson, well done. – [Crew] Nelson Phelps. – [Brandon] There might
not be any more small mouth around right in this vicinity, but– (motor roars) – Yeah, like there’s no
shortage of fish catching going on today, it was so much fun. – [Female] Yeah, it was fun. – [Brandon] I don’t know
what everyone else has got. Sounds like it will be
really close with Seth. He said 19-somethin’, so he
might have 20-somethin’ which– (zipper zips) – Those are the small ones. – Did you weigh any or no? – No. That’s gotta be pushin’
four though, isn’t it? – No. I believe, you were bad luck. – [Female] I tried. (Brandon chuckles) – [Fan] Those are the little ones? – Yeah. (crowd chatters) – [Announcer] He’s a three-time Bassmaster Elite Series Winner, currently leading for the Bassmaster Angler of the Year race. The prodigy, Brandon Palaniuk. (crowd cheers) – [Announcer] Brandon
Palaniuk stated today with 36 pounds, 14
ounces, lookin’ for 18, 10 to take the lead. 20 pounds. (crowd cheers) 7 ounces with 57 pounds, 5
ounces, Palaniuk continues to pummel the great state of New York (crowd cheers) – I don’t know what’s gonna happen. This out of the last four
events on the Northern swing, this was the mystery for me. I didn’t know how this one was gonna play. Today was just one of those
magical, incredible days. No matter how it shakes
out, I had the most fun I’ve probably fishing
in a long, long time. I mean, I must’ve caught 70 smallmouth– – Let’s hear it for him, that’s
the attitude of a champion. Before he goes anywhere,
we’re gonna award him with his Toyota Bassmaster
Angler of the Year, Toyota Bassmaster Angler of
the Year bonus check $1,000. Tryin for Angler of the Year, let’s
see how this event works out. Your tournament leader, Brandon Palaniuk, holds the hot seat with
57 pounds and 5 ounces. – [Announcer] You got
your championship Sunday, guaranteed a payday, you’ve got to be happy with that. Say goodbye to our current Bassmaster– (fans yell) Brandon Palaniuk. – [Crew] You had a good week, man. – [Brandon] Thanks, man. – Aww that one hurts, hah. – Baby, give him a squeeze. – [Brandon] Act like you like me. You little rascal. How you doin’ my man? – [Boy] Good. – [Brandon] What’s up, sir? How are ya? – [Male Fan] Good, you? – Good. Hey, Sor, give me five. – [Female Fan] Give him five. – [Mom] Good job, I love watching you. Almost makes me wanna fish for bass. – [Dad] Nicely done, buddy, nicely done. – [Mom] Safe travels. – [Female Fan] Nice to meet you. – [Nelson] It’s good to meet you, too. – Oh did you? – [Mom] Nelson. – [Nelson] Bye, good to see you guys. – [Dad] Good to see you, Mr.
Nelson, take care of yourself. – [Nelson] I will. – [Dad] Safe travel.


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