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Bradco Ground Shark Brush Cutter Overview by IronDirect

if you’re managing vegetation or
overgrowth in difficult areas or large plots of land the family of ground shark
brush cutters is perfect for you the standard duty ground shark comes with
three bi-directional blades bi-directional blades allow the operator to
cut in both directions which extends operational life and it reduces your
maintenance costs the standard duty brush cutter like the one shown in this
video is designed to clear light to medium density brush and hardwoods up to
four inches in diameter these machines run smooth and quiet while easily moving
through the toughest of materials it also comes with dual pressure reliefs on the hydraulic motor to protect against potentially damaging pressures spikes.
basically if you’re just clearing land and you’re not planning to use the end
product as a mulching material this product is perfect for you the family of ground shark brush cutters are available in standard and extreme duty classes
both for standard and high flow machines and have a variety of cutting widths
from 60 inches to 78 inches wide these brush cutters all come with replaceable
Square shank carbide tip stump grinder teeth ground shark brush cutters are
compatible with all major OEM brand skid-steer loaders check out both the standard duty and
extreme duty line of ground shark brush cutters online at

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