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Braised chicken with vegetables (Dakjjim:안동찜닭)

Hello everybody! Today’s recipe is chicken. Chicken dish is called Dakjjim. Dakjjim is braised chicken with a soy sauce based broth. I’m using chicken thigh. So three pounds. This amount is going to be for four servings. Okay, let’s start. 🙂 A little frozen, so I thaw it out. So it looks like this. Cut this into bite size. So one inch and two and a half inches long. Throw away excess fat. Rinse this. Soak this chicken for a few minutes. And I’m going to wash my cutting board and knife. This is starch noodles. When I make japchae, I use these noodles. It’s called glass noodles, or starch noodles. Potato starch noodles, and we are going to use this, around 100 grams. And I’m going to soak this in cold water too. This amount is around 100 grams for four servings. Okay, let’s soak this. Drain the chicken. Next, I’m going to make sauce for this. Soy sauce, quarter cup. Oyster sauce, quarter cup. Rice syrup or corn syrup, quarter cup. Dark brown sugar. I will use just one tablespoon for color and more sweetness. One tablespoon dark brown sugar. Mix this well. Like this. Looks a little sticky, right, because we used the rice syrup. Set aside. This noodle top part is exposed to the air, so you have to turn over like this. And then, getting soft. Let’s start cooking! Start with high heat. Add some vegetable oil. This is dried chilies. Dried chilies. Like this. It’s going to burn so quickly. Before it burns, take them off. I can smell the flavor of the chilies. We are going to cook this for a while. Garlic, around one third of a cup. And this guy is ginger, around one teaspoon. Okay! Then mince this. Garlic and ginger square, we made this. Let’s turn it over, chicken. Nicely cooked. It’s some potato. Cut into one inch thick. Around seven minutes I cooked over high heat. Garlic and ginger. Next, potato. And then add three cups of water. And sauce we made. Okay, this noodles are soft now, So I will take them out. Close the lid. Green part, and cut this around two and a half inches long. Thinly slice. Let’s put this in cold water. And it’s going to be really later a good garnish and also really goes with this taste. Onion slice. Carrot also slice. Cut it like this, diagonally. Red chili, only one. I will use this. And green chili pepper, I will use two. Cucumber, cucumber adds a really nice special flavor. Around ten minutes I boil this Let’s add some onion. Carrot. Ten minutes high heat we cook this without lid. Let’s start with the noodles. Poke this with your metal chopstick or fork. Easily go through. And very tender, so well cooked. And let’s put this, the colorful vegetables. Fried dried red pepper. Ohh, spicy smell. Ground black pepper. Noodles are translucent and look chewy, and also the sauce is really nice broth we had. And, all done. So you can serve like this or transfer this to a serving plate. Last touch. What do you think I need? Sesame oil! Sesame oil on top. Turn off the heat. You remember this? And sesame seeds. That’s it! Chicken and potato. Easily fall off the bone. It’s really tender. Mmm! Mmm. So, taste the noodles. Leftover juice you can mix with rice like this. So we made Dakjjim. It’s braised chicken with vegetables. Enjoy my recipe. See you next time. Bye!


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