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Buescher State Park, Texas [Official]

[music] Buescher State Park’s just a
really special place to be because people like
to come here to relax, We’re not real hectic and busy like a lot of
parks you might find, It’s nice and serene and quiet. [music] Here at Buescher
we have a 30 acre lake, and it’s a really great size
to bring the family and put in a canoe or a kayak, We have those available
for rent, too, if you’d like. [music] Last year I caught the
24 inch bass here, About 2:00 o’ clock,
the young bass active, and then around 4:00 o’clock,
big bass active. He caught a fish over there,
yeah, baby catfish. These cabins are really great because it allows you
to come out and have that natural
experience with nature. Do you see some ducks
down there? So you can have all the
comforts of home while enjoying everything that
we have to offer. Feathers! And they’ve got
feathers on them? Yeah, we woke up this morning
and looked out and we didn’t even know the water
was here til we looked out and this was all up high,
it’s gorgeous! Buescher State Park has an
8 mile hiking trail, starts out in the
post oak woodland, which is an area that consists
mostly of hardwood trees. [Pileated woodpecker calls] You have beautiful fall color, and it makes a big loop and it goes up into the
lost pines ecosystem. That’s a beautiful view
from here. And it’s a great place
to watch for birds! Turning! We have scenic park road 1C
that connects Bastrop State Park to Buescher State Park And we have local cyclists
who come out and enjoy taking that ride
because it’s a beautiful stretch of road with some nice
challenging hills, It’s about 12 miles long
in between the two parks, so if you make a round trip you’ve got 24 miles
that you’ve cycled. So it’s a very good workout,
very intense. [music] There’s a lot of people
who’ve never come and discovered us here. We’re this hidden gem that
people just don’t know about, so I would encourage everybody
to come out and see what we have to offer. It’s a really nice
peaceful place. [music]


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