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Buy Fresh Fish in North Korea

annyonghaseyooo (greetings in korean) is there fish? there maybe that tilapia fish that one..that one… is this none? waitress..this one… how much for 1 kilo? 2 dollar? yes, 1 kilo please 1 kilo? isn’t it too much? no..its ok this one is big! is this new? how much? how much? 7.4 USDollar for one kilo ya, one kilo this one how much box? kids are home home? yes.. its cold…cold ooh..cold… you can speak korean a little.. a little…little mom lets pay! hurry..hurry…! is this prawn dumpling? ehh….is there veggie dumpling? oo…meat dumpling how much in dollar? five point five (in USD) how much in Euro? 4 dollar 1 euro 0.45 (euro) choson won, 4000 won is that all? thank youu ouwh…please ask for one more plastic bag leaking


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