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Caddo Lake State Park, Texas [Official]

[sounds of the swamp] The lake is a cypress swamp with lots of Spanish moss
hanging from the trees. It’s very surreal. Just the scenery at Caddo Lake, it excites the imagination. In the piney woods
of Northeast Texas, straddling the Louisiana border, is a place equally
rich in history, biodiversity, and scenic beauty, Caddo Lake. Caddo Lake is the largest naturally formed
freshwater lake in Texas. It’s been around for
hundreds of years. Since it’s such an old lake, it’s very diverse in
both fish species, bird species. There’s a lot of plant and
animal life that depend on the lake. Humans have long depended
on this lake as well, dating back to the Caddo Indians and early Texas settlers. [player piano music] From about 1840 through just
about a little after 1900, a lot of people and cargo came
in and out of Texas across Caddo Lake and up
and down Big Cypress Bayou. Steamboats were actually
able to travel all the way from New Orleans up
to the port of Jefferson. At that time, Jefferson was the
busiest inland port in Texas. Watch your step right here. The boat traffic is
different now but Caddo Lake remains
as timeless as ever. It looks like we’ve gone
back in time, doesn’t it? Looks prehistoric. Dave Lomax spends his time helping Caddo Lake
State Park visitors see the lake up close. Now this is Big Cypress
Bayou here. The way to experience Caddo
Lake is to get on a boat and go. Go down the backwaters, go
through the hidden bayous; it’s an experience that
birdwatchers, fishermen, hunters, hikers, canoeists,
anybody can enjoy it. 2 feet deep exactly.
Caddo Lake depth finder. If you either don’t have time
or can’t afford a boat, you can get a really good feel
for what Caddo Lake is like standing at the end of
our observation pier on the sawmill pond. [bullfrog sound] We have exhibits
at our visitor center. They give people a sense
for what’s out there. And we have volunteer-led
nature hikes. They’re a beautiful, beautiful
little flower. Late March, early April, when
the dogwoods are blooming, I think that’s the prettiest
time of the year. Each season has its uniqueness. Wow! Along the forest trail, hikers can explore
bottomland hardwoods, upland pine forest, and even a little
state park history. They always used native
stone, native wood… This was one of the
first 5 projects that the CCC worked on in Texas. We’ve completely renovated
the 9 cabins. The exteriors are the way
the CCC built them. The interiors are
100% remodeled. They’re really nice. From the comfort of a log cabin
nestled in the pines, or from a boat gliding
through the cypress, it’s easy to see why Caddo Lake has become legendary
among Texas state parks. I’ve been here all my life and I never get tired
of looking at it. It gives me a good feeling to
see first-timers come down here and be awed by the
beauty of Caddo Lake. For more information on Texas
state parks and historic sites, visit our website or call


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