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Cajun Prawns Cooked On The Weber Spirit II E 310 Gas BBQ

Hello everybody and welcome to The Barbecue
Shop here at Hayes Garden World, as always we’re joined by top BBQ chef Mr Richard Holden. Hi folks. And in this video we’re going to be doing
a Cajun king prawn dish? Absolutely. And we’re going to be using the Dutch oven,
we’re going to be using the new Weber Spirit II E-310. So Richard talk us through how we’re going
to prepare these king prawns. Really simple, this is a really quick dish,
it’s quite important to get all your preparation done before you go to the barbecue. We’ve got a small diced onion, finely diced,
that’s going to go into the wok with a little bit of oil and our chopped red pepper, so
they’re going to go in together for literally 30 seconds depending on the temperature of
the wok, but we’re tried to get it hot, round about 250 degrees C. So they’re going to go
in together. Then we add in our shelled, de-shelled king
prawns, they’re going to go in with the rest of the ingredients, which is our Cajun spice,
couple or three garlic cloves, depending on the size of them, if they’re a little bit
smaller you can add a few extra. Little bit of garlic. Sweetcorn, cook that down, once the prawns
have gone from that translucent to that really nice vivid pink. We’re gonna add in a good squeeze of lemon
juice, which will kind of halt the cooking process almost, and then sprinkle over with
some fresh parsley out of the barbecue, so that’s everything that we have to go in the
wok. So Ian we’ve got the BBQ set up for around-about
230 – 240 degrees C, direct heat all the way across, haven’t gone full out because we’re
going to add our onions and peppers first. We’ve actually got the Dutch oven on this
BBQ, not the wok as I just said. So what we’re going to do is a good swizz
of cold pressed rapeseed oil, then we pop our onion in there, stir that around and we
add our pepper as well, and a little bit of sweetcorn. So just give that a tumble around. This is the really good thing about doing
onions in a stir fry outside all those smells stay outside the kitchen, you’re not worried
about the window being open or the ventilation on, the extractor fan, all those smells staying
outside. Just going to give that a bit of…. Keep that moving around, if any bits drop
out of the Dutch oven just go into the bottom of the BBQ, no issue there. Once they start to soften, once they start
to soften, which they have done, and I want to keep this pepper with a little bit of bite
in it, so what we’re gonna do now is take our prawns. Pop those in, nice sizzle on the BBQ give
that a tumble around and then it’s in with everything else. So we’ve got the Cajun spice and the garlic,
just work the garlic towards the bottom of the Dutch oven just so that it can start to
cook out a little bit and then we put our sweetcorn and any remaining little bits of
red pepper in there. There we go, toss those around. Got a nice surface area, a nice large surface
area on the bottom of the Dutch oven, so we can, once they’ve been tumbled around in all
the spices and ingredients, we can just spread those out on the bottom of the oven, Dutch
oven, pop the lid down, so I’m gonna say 30 – 40 seconds, we’ll come back and we’ll check
those, tumble those around again and we’ll see how they’re doing then. Right let’s take a look at our prawns. Give those a tumble, starting to turn that
really nice familiar bright pink, spread them out again one last time, I think another 30
seconds or so and they will be ready to take out. So these are nicely cooked, they will carry
on cooking in the cast iron, but Ian you’ve got the gloves on there, so can you do the
honours. They will carry on cooking in the Dutch oven
so if you are taking these to the table and serving in the Dutch oven…. Make sure you’ve got a trivet. Make sure you’ve got a trivet for a start,
available at Hayes Barbecue, Hayes Garden World Barbecue Shop. But what we’re gonna do is we’re, I’m going
to get you to tilt those and transfer them in. You can hear the sizzle, that residual heat. Bit of steam in my face. Little bit of steam in your face, right there
we go. Perfect. so they are our Cajun prawns, can’t wait to
try these. So whilst Richard’s tucking in, let you tuck
in. I didn’t bother getting you a fork ‘cos you
don’t like fish or seafood. No. So if you want to find out the recipe for
this dish visit the website:, it’ll be in the blog section. Richard’s going to tuck in, is that a bit
hot? Mmm, not too bad though. If you want to find out about any of the equipment
we use in any of our videos come and visit the team here in The Barbecue Shop at Hayes
Garden World. One difference is our Barbecue Shop is open
all year round, it doesn’t go away for Christmas, so if you want to try stuff at Christmas pop
along, we always have it in stock. They good? If you like your prawns a little spicier just
go a little heavier on the Cajun, but they are really tasty, really tasty. So all that’s left for us to say is thank
you very much for watching and we’ll see you again next time.

  • Does anyone know where I can get the Gourmet BBQ system (in cast iron) in the States? All they have here for the Spirit 2 is Stainless. Is there a reason it is not available in cast iron here in the States. And what would be the differences between cast iron and stainless steel when using the system. Obviously, I would think the cast iron would hold heat better?

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