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Cam Newton’s biggest troll is Cam Jordan, and their beef has been entertaining as hell

– Cam Newton, Cam Jordan. They are both very good at what they do, and that just happens to
include trolling each other. Sometimes it’s a friendly rivalry, and other times it’s far less friendly, but it’s always some
fun, division rival beef. (intense orchestra music) Our two Cams entered the
league on the same night. They were both first round picks in 2011, and just a few months later,
were both Week 1 starters. New Orleans and Carolina were heading in slightly different directions, though. The Panthers had only won
twice the year before, and were rebuilding with
first-year head coach, Ron Rivera. Newton helped them triple
their prior season’s win total as he won Rookie of the Year
honors, and set new records for passing and rushing yards
by a first-year quarterback. He also got a taste of
what this rivalry meant immediately after his
first career touchdown against New Orleans. For Jordan, he started
15 games as a rookie in the season that the Saints went 13-3. His first sack actually came
in the regular season finale, when he brought down Newton, but the pair had no ill will as of yet. The next year would be a bit
different for the Saints, as the effects of
Bountygate brought them down to a seven win season. This let Carolina, who
swept New Orleans that year, jump the Saints in the NFC South for the first time since 2008,
and they wouldn’t quickly give up that superiority. They took the division each
of the next three years, including 2014, when the entire
South finished under 500, and that’s when we got our
first Cam-on-Cam action. After Newton tacked on another touchdown in a Panthers blowout victory,
he decided to celebrate essentially at Jordan. New Orleans didn’t really appreciate this, and the pair found
themselves in the middle of an all-22 scrum. Talking about the incident,
Newton downplayed things, and said it was just too much
testosterone in one area. Jordan didn’t have anything to say, despite getting punched
by a Panthers tight end, but the defensive end would have a bit more to say a year later. After Carolina took the division, and rode their 15-1
record into the Super Bowl, Jordan was brought in
as the Newton expert. He told CBS Sports how hard
Newton was to bring down. – Once you get a real hold of him, he’s like another
quarterback, that being said, you hit him high, in the chest, he’s gonna bounce off, you roll out. – [Will] And, he told
NFL Network the same, but added his thoughts about
Newton’s extracurriculars. – Let him do him, and I
don’t think it’s just dabbing at this point, it’s like
dabbing, dancing, walking it out, talking it out, giving a kid
a football, pickin’ a kid up, letting him teach him the dab,
and then they dance together, at this point, he is the halftime show. – [Will] In the following
season, as Newton’s fashion taste evolved, Jordan made sure
to get in on the jokes. The one-sided jabs continued
as he told Mike Florio why he loved hitting Newton. – We absolutely love hitting
Cam Newton, because after you hit Cam Newton, he’s
gonna roll around seven times, flop, flail, and look for
the flag to be thrown. – To this point, it didn’t really seem like Newton was bothered
by Jordan’s comments. His team was coming off
a Super Bowl appearance, while the Saints had just
finished their third straight 7-9 season. I mean, considering the
Panthers had won seven of the last 10 against New
Orleans, he didn’t really need to worry about what Jordan had to say, but once we got to the 2017
season, that quickly changed. In a September matchup, the
Saints blew by the Panthers. Jordan had a huge red zone
sack on Newton, who threw three picks on the day
after only tossing seven in the previous 12 games
against New Orleans. Afterwards, Jordan said,
“Anytime he tried to scoot out, “we showed up on his high heels. “Not that he wears high heels,
I don’t think so yet, right?” He went ahead and brought
up Newton’s hats, and, as he called it, Coachella Onesie. When a reporter informed him the outfit is actually called a romp-him, Jordan responded, “Oh,
the romper, the romp-him? We romped him.” Newton was asked about the
comments, and was flattered that Jordan had taken
note of his wardrobe, offering to send him some upgrades, but it sounded like Jordan
was good, if not confused as to what Newton would
actually pass along. At this point in the season,
both teams were sitting at 8-3, with the division up for grabs ahead of their Week 13 showdown. While Jordan was held
sackless, the Saints defense limited Newton, and despite
giving up a late touchdown, they took home a win that
would help New Orleans earn their first division
title in six years. The Panthers, though, were also 11-5, and as fate would have it,
Carolina was given another shot at beating New Orleans. The teams met Wildcard
Weekend, and Jordan once again met Newton in the backfield early on. With the Panthers attempting to come back, Jordan pressured Newton,
who wound up getting called for intentional grounding, then helped close out
the game as the Panthers were looking for a miracle. After the game, Jordan said
he wanted to send Newton a bottle of wine, his version
of the sauce that the QB had offered earlier, so while
a bottle of Jordan Cab-Sav headed to Carolina, the
Saints headed to Minnesota, where Stefon Diggs happened. From there, it would be a
long wait for the next matchup between the Cams, it likely
felt even lengthier for Newton. Ahead of their Week 15
showdown, he filled everyone in on what he did with the gift. – I have a constant
reminder each and every day when I look in my locker,
that I was gifted last year, yeah, it was wine, and
they sent a broom, too. – [Will] Jordan responded,
questioning how anyone could be disrespected by such a nice gift, but failed to mention the broom. Newton would also make it
very clear just how they felt about each other. – You know, at the end of
the day, we respectively dislike each other. – [Will] Jordan was
clearly on Newton’s mind, as the QB’s cleats even
commemorated the feud, ahead of a game that
was once again pivotal for the Panthers’ season. The Saints had already
clinched the division, and the Panthers were in need of some help to get a Wildcard spot, but once the game began, neither offense was able to find a rhythm. While it wasn’t pretty, the
Panthers still had a chance with less than two remaining. With Carolina facing 4th and 5, Jordan dropped into
coverage, and helped force a final incompletion, ending
the Panthers’ playoff hopes on what would wind up being Newton’s final snap of the season. Afterwards, Jordan knew
just how he’d celebrate. – I’m gonna enjoy this
24 hours, I’m gonna drink some red wine, maybe
my last name’s variety. – [Will] But, he also took
time to praise his opponent. – [Cam Jordan] He’s a hell of an athlete, he’s a hell of a quarterback,
he’s a hell of a competitor, it takes a full game plan to go after him. – [Will] While the pair
didn’t share the field in the Week 17 rematch,
the friendly rivalry is likely far from over. It comes with the territory. One dude is paid big
bucks to lead the offense, and the other is handsomely compensated to prevent that from happening. So as long as they have to keep going up against each other, we’ll
keep enjoying the beef. My gift to you for finishing
is this recommendation, Odell Beckham Jr. versus Josh Norman. I think there’s something in
the water of the Carolinas. Or, check out the playlist for
something more up your alley. Subscribe to SB Nation,
thanks for watching, and we’ll see ya soon.


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