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Canoe Basics – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

– Texas has over 191,000
miles of rivers and streams and one of the ways I’ve found
to enjoy those rivers and streams is in a canoe. And the reason is a canoe is
light and easy to transport. And because canoes are light,
you can carry them right down to the water. You don’t need a big ramp to
put in, you can just carry them down and put them in the
water most anywhere. These are two different types
of canoes as you can tell. This one is made out of a
laminated material and it’s almost indestructible
if you hit something in the water like in a
Texas stream, a rock, you won’t bend it up. Whereas this one is made out of
aluminum and it will mark up pretty easy. This canoe also has a lot
more capacity, you can put more people or gear in it. Whereas this one has other
features, it’s lightweight and that’s one of the reasons I
use it to paddle for fitness. There are several parts of the
canoe that are pretty standard. The bow is the front the
stern is in the back. Of course you have a
bow and a stern seat. You need to have by state law
two life jackets, at least two paddles,
maybe a spare, and a good friend to have
a good time on the water.

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