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Cara Angler ini mengobati luka bikin teman tertawa bahagia

Fishing again? Where are you going fishing today? This happened … The day after you lay on the beach of Baruna Well that … the place is in front of you This is a video recorded when you were sprawled Yes … battered The next day you are fishing again, with a specific purpose and purpose I see … fishing does not invite (me) Small I’m not asking I think you are busy I’m always busy I just maintain the fishing consistency sir What’s important is there is material? The important thing is fishing The lines are consistent Actually my intention in fishing is to soak the wound Let it recover quickly Yesterday I fished here ambyar sir Fall down How come? Kepleset Kepleset, my shoes like this I’m still so bastard It turned out I was on a rock, sloping long stone sloping How terrible But usually I don’t treat it Like yesterday, when exposed, I did not immediately pull over I soaked in sea water and I let it go Until the pain disappears, I tremble, I leave it Until my trembles disappear just pull over Therefore, today must go again, soaking wounds Now fishing With the aim of healing wounds yes Heal wounds with salt water It hurts bro Poignant Don’t take the fishing for too long, don’t let your peck hurt the shark


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