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Cara membuat probiotik/suplemen untuk ikan lele-how to make catfish probiotics

ok my friend see you again at Shentet Catfish Channel of course a channel that discusses how to maintain good and true catfish this time I will make probiotics / supplements to accelerate the growth of catfish the ingredients are; the first is we need it one grain old coconut water then 1 yeast tape / material for fermentation then 2 bottles yakult milk / lactobacillus bacteria 9 liters of clean water molasses half a liter fine bran one handful of fine bran all of our ingredients are mixed together the first we put 9 liters of clean water we put clean water into jerry cans remember friend. the water is 9 liters after clean water is inserted then we add molasses we input, this is a half-liter dose if there are no drops of sugar can be replaced with boiled brown sugar 1 kg of brown sugar, half a liter of water then we put 2 bottles of yakult / lactobacillus bacteria after we put 2 yakult bottles this is old coconut water one coconut After coconut water, we add fine bran then we stir all the ingredients evenly, so that nothing is left behind Our final input is yeast tape / material for fermentation then we puree 1 grain of yeast only we puree yeast first if everything is mixed our jerry cans can be tightly closed we close the meeting like this so there is no air coming in air-tight then we shake it so that the ingredients are evenly mixed after being mixed evenly then we store it at room temperature the temperature of the room is dark room temperature is dark friend, so fermentation is fast we fermented for 7 days every day we open jerry cans so that jerry cans don’t explode after 1 week the probiotic is ready Come see What are the probiotics that are ready? the color is brown it smells like alcohol if it’s held like a gas, it’s cold and the smell and the aroma is not rotten but.? it smells like tape and for the dosage and for the dosage 4 tablespoons mixed with 1 glass of water ok friend, that’s all and thank you hope this video is useful don’t forget to continue to subscribe to this channel see you later

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