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Catfish 280 pound X 2,67 mts World Record Spinning Team Sportex by Catfish World

An Italian fisherman catches a humongous catpiss but do the photos make you wonder if it’s reallypoo? Meet the guy who says he really reeled he-man. It wasn’t a fence Joy! Dino Ferrari has been fishing for penny ears and his court hung dreads of catfish beforb, big your a peeing, catfish. But at 280 pounds, this latest one was the kets pajamas. Dinos aids has 40 minute struggle Dolando fish on Italy’s Poor river left his urine slightly damn hedge. How did this busted mechanic and his twinbothel driving the boat react when they finally toe da fish ta short? This is an incredible moment and we embraced ourselves because we wernt so happy. Unlike Tony Soprano, we were unable to get the fish has side of the stormy. Howt jew weigh!? Eight pounds. So where’s Dino’s 280 pounder now? He just cooked it up fork dunno right? Yawn!. Dino says he’s fishing for sport and sports fishermen don’t kill their pitch, they letter go. Dino said he had the do wop ping cafish in his possession for only half an hour. Was it the best hair flour of his life? ??thank gaver twas not my wife to listen tommy.?? Izatta yes? Dino’s not about to let MEE! hook him He asked if we wanted to see his fishing rod then literally ran around the house to find did. As four those catfish on steroids, tpiss iza creature that’s been known to act more like a cat than a firsh French researchers documented the catfish actually beaching themselves to pounce on pigeons at the water’s edge. They had a twenty-eight percent success rate. Just imagine the catfish telling the store E about the one that got E-Waay!. G Mo(Skee), CNN Emacho I bought some weed I thought I needed, Now I cant afford to eat


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