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Catfish Noodling! A Record Breaking Tournament You Must See!

  • Litchfield Catfish Acres is located at 10671 Cook Rd in Litchfield Michigan. All of the fish in our videos are safely released into our main fishing lake. The noodling area is very realistic of a natural setting. You cannot see underwater in the video but our noodling area is full of underwater hiding places for the cats such as hollow logs, barrels, caves,and areas under the banks. We have created safe family fun for those who have always wanted to try noodling without some of the hazards.

  • Noodling takes fish off there beds so they don't spawn even if released there still a year they don't spawn. Noodlers to me are the most worthless pos of inbreds on the plant

  • A lotta people Takin a lotta shit that have never tried it and probably never will. Its harder than it looks when you are in a river stickin your hand in a hole wonder in if your gonna come up mission a finger from a turtle or nutria or grab a 50 lb. Blue cat and get your fingers broke because they can bite a lot harder than a shovel or yellow cat. Y'all need ta go and sit on the bank with your fish in rods or better yet you smart phones watch in this on YouTube. And I don't noodle during spawn. but it is a lot more of a thrill than catch in them from the safety of the bank or a boat. At least try it before you sit around talkin shit about it. Just say in!

  • I'm a hand fisherman and this makes me sick. Videos like this give noodling a bad name and these posers are not even hand fishing. No skill to this looks like just a bunch of drunk idiots that are to scared to put their purses down and hand fish the real way! smh

  • I'm shocked and saddened how unhealthy all them poor fish are. None have fought like a real hand fish fish fights. I feel sorry that those awesome catfish had to have your pitiful excuse for a noodler hands on them. They deserve so much more respect you are all douche bags and you are teaching the kids out there the exact opposite of what an angle or outdoorsman really is. I would spit in all of your faces!

  • This might as well be done in a bath tub. Must watch in description in click and bait because this was some stupid shit.

  • WTF ????? Let's see. Fill hole with water knee deep. Put large catfish in. Then call in retards to pick them up and call it a tournament.

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