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CATFISH par ma cousine | JUICY STORY

it was back in 2010 2010-11 , i dont know but i was 14 she’s not my blood related cousin but our families were very close so she was like my cousin. So she’d come to my house, i’d go to hers blabla we were together very often and we talked a lot together. someday she told me “there’s a friend of mine he saw your pictures on fcbk and and he founds you really cute he wanna talk to you” we were texting and that time there we no snapchat, no whatsapp nothing i said ‘really? ok’ so she talks to me about the guy ‘he’s light skinned, he comes from the states’ at that time it was so trendy i was a teen ok dont judge me light skinned guy from usa was so trendy light skinned guy from usa was so trendy it was like wow all the girls would be like we’re gonna call the guy john , he doesn’t exist anyway! everytime she’d be with him, she would pass him the phone so i could talk with him, and i asked why he didn’t have a phone she said no he has no units (for texting) or he lost his phone, i don’t recall what she said but at that time it sounded ok because , like i had a subscription cause my mom was paying for it but i knew a lot of friends who didn’t have money to charge their phones and there were no snapchat or whats app or IG, all the free apps that we have now didn’t exist so it was comprehensible so i would talk to him with her phone we started getting closer and we started “dating” not real dating cause we had never seen each other but like flirting. so we would send a lot of texts to each other We talked just briefly about our lives, briefly about what we spent our days on she talked to me a lot about him too. ‘ he loves you so much she made me really believe that he loved me for real but every time i wanted to go see him cause we were not living in the same city overtime i wanted to go see him, he would say ‘oh sorry (what was the excuse ?) so i asked him ‘did everything go well?’ he sais ‘yes it did we buried my grand father’ and blabla we kept on talking and it was always on her phone at some point it was annoying me i said ‘ thats weird you don’t have a phone?’ he said no i don’t and i thought that weird but we were like 14 i was like it is possible if he lost his phone that he doesn’t buy directly a new one it’s not like nowadays we can’t sat away from phones. Before there were no apps , no snapchats and all that stuff so we could live without a phone so i planned another date with him but everytime it was ‘no i have this and that i remember one time i was at my cousin’s , she’d left a note on her fridge from him like i love wifey or some like that signed john she even told me that her mother already saw him, i was really thinking ‘that must be true’ so i was like ‘cant you send me his pictures?’ and she was likz’yeah but he’s not on fcbk’ i told her ‘send me a pic of him when you can, so she sent me a pic of him and once again at that time i was not on tumblr i couldn’t go ahead and check if the picture if the picture already existed somewhere else like nowadays, i couldn’t take the picture and drag it to the internet and see where it came from it’s ok he kinda matches the description. i was soin love with him i talked all the time about him to my friends, showed my messages it was too cute after a while like after 1 or 2 months, i started noticing (cause i was suspicious) that’s weird, they have the same way of talking my cousin and john i started noticing that there were sentences they said the same way some expressions they said the same way but i was ike ‘but they are always together they’re friends that’s normal’ ok. i ignored it. if she wasn’t my cousin i would’ve known that it was a catfish i was like ‘nobody could trap’ i could be stalking you to be sure so she kept talking to me about him and stuff And at the end , it was summer holidays I was like ‘ we’ll be finally be able to see each other its been a long time’ so i asked him ‘when do you want me to come?’ he was like ‘oooh i didn’t tell you?! my father absolutely wants me to pass the vacation there, im leaving tomorrow we have 2 months to see each other and you tell me I discovered that she was the one who did that i mean i didn’t discover in fact i stalked I searched on google , i didn’t find the picture but i remember that a friend mine told me he had already seen the guy and he thought that he was part of an american dance crew so i searched that crew After hours of searching the same picture he told me the name of the dance crew i looked up for their pictures until i find a picture that matched that one and i found it (i was 14) and the picture had been cropped which means that we couldn’t see the rest of the crew , we could only see the guy and that’s the picture i had so i laughed , i was like ‘mmh thats how it is?’ and afterwards i went to fcbk i searched all her friends who could (cause i was like he probably doesn’t look like the description she gave me) so i was like you need to searched all her friends to see who could be the real john in question so i searched , searched finally i didn’t find anything so i was like ok, he doesn’t exist point blink. i told myself ‘she made that up’ im not someone who holds things, im not .. (how do we call that) im not a vindictive person and i don’t know why she did it because i never confronted her with that and even till this day. So that was my little story time don’t forget to subscribe don’t forget to like the video


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