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catfish people using Korean makeup brands with minimal effort

*SlUrP* Oh sis Okay, I need those transformations skills. Like… For the past like half a year I’ve been I’ve been down like a spiral of watching those like videos, of them taking off their make up. It’s really cool Except for like the blatant black face, which is extremely Offensive That is not cool…Please stop that. And people… In the comments were like…”Oh that’s not offensive at all,” like.. “Oh their just trying to show how high coverage the make up is” And I’m like ‘No you’re not, you don’t need to show how.. high coverage you’re make up is by covering you’re face in black paint or…’ *QueuE MIi RecOrdEr* *flawless* *Im OkaY* HI ๐Ÿ™‚ So I’m doing a highly requested video And I have no script for this so I have to move quick, okay? So Firstly First of all I used…omg “Why did I do this?” ~ First of all I used Eyelid tape But I don’t need to use any right now because, when I use it For like a while, it kinda just merges my eyelids Into double lids so…Yup So I’m just demonstrating how I put it on…(Faking it) Okay so this is a Holy Grail, It’s Sunscreen Biore It’s like a Japanese sunscreen..OMG it’s amazing *THIngs FALL* It’s SPF50+ and PA+++ So It’s pretty good I used a Cle De Peau Brightening and Enhancer base, but I didn’t use it in this video so…I don’t even know why I’m showing it *ShAkE ShaKe* I used a serum foundation by Moonshot. In the lighter shade *TaPtApTaPtAp* And this real technique sponge, and the lighter shade is still too dark for me, slightly… So yeah that’s really good I’m basically as good as colour matching as James Charles is Also I put it on my hand, then on the sponge and I know I waste product but… I don’t care, It just works for me. And keep blending until you get arthritis
*BlEnDs IntEnSivEly* It’s the only way that you can ensure that it doesn’t look bad And I’m adding a bit more in areas that needed more. (Relised I just repeated myself) Yes *ClIcK cLicK* Then moving onto the Maybelline instant age rewind concealer. This is really good And it’s…WeT Basically I mean it doesn’t go crusty, which is really.. A plus I just put it under my eyes and on spots in certain areas that need it. My mirror was above my camera so that was the only way that I could see what I was doing. So…here’s an up close shot. I also put it on the side of my nose cause I saw Beauty Gurus doing that I don’t know if it helps, but yeah. And blend that Bi*ch Use any like white or kinda skin coloured powder for your under eyes in a eye shadow pallet I think it just works better and makes it look less cakey For the rest of my face I use: Innisfree, No Sebum blur powder *Plz SpOnsEr* Except for my cheeks *CoUgH* Put more on the places where you feel like oil will come out through out the day Then blend it out with a sponge cause that little light thing will not blend it out I have like 5000 brushes but I only use like 2 (Why?) Next contour your nose in order to look
“SISTER SNATCHED” Start from below your brow and then drag it to your nose *TaP tAp* Just follow what I do I have to do this cause my nose is so big, “Hey Beauty Korea Hit me up ๐Ÿ˜‰ Sponsor me for free plastic surgery” “Please” And also make sure you repeat it on the other side, otherwise you’ll have a really Lopsided nose This product is really sheer though, I’m still like deciding whether it actually does anything I kinda mix all the colours But then go to the bottom of your nose and the sides In order to make it smaller Then get a bigger brush and just mix it all up And then go following your natural jaw line.
(If you have one) This just makes you look a bit more chiseled. *TaP tAp* “ArgHhhgh” *TaP tAp TaP*
(Extra Be gone!) Then I use this 3CE blush on the base of my eye Just kinda mush it about all over the surface This product is also very sheer so I still Have to decide whether this one even works It gives like a small amount of colour that is very natural Then I decide to use this pinky eyeshadow *BreAthe* This either goes really good or really bad. Focus it more into the corners, the end of your eyes and also the bottom… Lid thing… And also the inner corner of your eye. Then I use a flatter brush to saturate the colours more closer to the edge of my eye *TaP TAp* Use any brown colour with like a small brush And then go on the outside of your eye to make them look longer~ Also repeat this shadow on the top lid and join them up. *WiGGe TaP?* Use a brown eye pencil for the inner corners of your eye to make them look longer~ This is really easy but when doing it to Alana she basically hated it.
“How’s your pink eye Bi*ch?” Alana: “Okay”
Johnny: “Honestly I’m not going to hurt you” Also use it on your lash line. *TaPtaPtApTap* I had to thoughly(?) close my eyes when using this product cause every time in gets in there It feels like there’s a little crystal scraping them I have a feeling that’s not safe. My mom just said “No” so it means it’s not safe… Also I don’t know why I edited this part like this. Now eyebrows, I used like the Etude House Pencil thing, and it’s really good and really cheap In the colour black. Because I have really dark hair. I kind of just followed my brow and just fill it in Next just use your finger and just pat the glitter on the top part of your lid. Ignoring the bottom part. That you already put the pink on. And then use a brush to blend it out~ I use this Jeffree Star Skin Frost In order to highlight my Aegyo Sal (Eyebags~) *TaptApTap* It’s quite dark in the shade of Dark Horse but I think it works pretty well This is really blinding though so DO NOT use too much of it *TAPS INTENSIFY* Blinding I can’t Going back to contouring, using a small brush in order to contour out my aegyo sal (Eyebags~) I follow my natural one And just go under it a bit. And this shows a difference. Use any white-ish highlighter in order to highlight the important parts Also do not forget under the brow *SqUiShY SoUnDs* The reason I did not put powder on my cheeks Is in order to put this which is a lip tint on my cheeks cause I think it looks more natural This is by Pony Effect, and I think it’s in the colour sheer. Then put it on your lips, closest to your mouth to create a gradient effect And also blend it out This is also one of my favourite things it is Soap and Glory, I think it is just like a white lip gloss But used as a highlight, it looks a lot nicer than dry highlights You’re gonna want to blend this with a sponge in order for it to look blended~ *SqUiSh* And set the lips with some clear gloss So you’re not crusty throughout the day. That was it, wasn’t that hard.
Thanks for watching!!~ Yep, that’s all I have to say~ Bye~


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