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‘Catfish’ Recap: Rashad Jennings Gives Solid Relationship Advice – Live News 247

 All is fair in love and football! The Wednesday, January 23, episode of MTV’s Catfish showcased the sleuthing talents of former NY Giants running back and Dancing With the Stars winner as he joined host to get to the bottom of a classic catfishing scenario  Before launching into their case, Nev asked his guest cohost about his transition from footballer to dancer Rashad gushed, “Dancing has become so cool it’s a part of my life now.” He admitted he’s been, “lighting candles, dancing around to Frank Sinatra ”  As the duo discussed ’s case, it was clear that there were a slew of red flags , who had been flirting with for three months after meeting on a dating app, admitted that he and his online crush had yet to speak on the phone or FaceTime  After Nev and Rashad met with at his home in Phoenix, it was clear that he was smitten with , who denied calling his flirtation a “relationship” got some sage advice from Rashad who asked, “Do you say goodnight to him?” Rashad added, “Just so you know, whoever you consistently say ‘goodnight’ to, you’re in a relationship with them ” Aw!  Eventually, it was revealed that had discussed starting a family with and had even invited to spend Christmas with him This, of course, made it all the more heartbreaking when Nev and Rashad revealed to that was not the man in his photos The photos belonged to a man named Jarris whose Facebook and Instagram accounts had both been hacked  Eventually, Nev, Rashad and headed to Las Vegas to meet up with the mystery person behind the “” persona was shocked and disappointed to discover that the true identity behind “” was actually an ex friend-with-benefits named   explained that he created the account after ghosted him after sleeping together on and off for years revealed that his master plan was to invite out to Vegas as , adding, “ wouldn’t show up, then he’d probably text me, then I’d show up ” Nev and Rashad seemed impressed by the plan, which actually did work. revealed that had reached out to him the day before arriving in Vegas, asking what he was up to  Unfortunately, things didn’t work out for and when admitted to not being attracted to him in “a relationship type of way ” appeared heartbroken but willing to move on with his life.  Catfish airs on MTV Wednesdays at 9 p m. ET.

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