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CGR Undertow – SUPER BLACK BASS review for Super Nintendo

This is a fishing simulation. Think about that for a second, a fishing,
simulation. I don’t know if any of you have ever been fishing, but what it basically breaks
down to, is watching something float on the water for a few hours and hoping something
else happens. That’s fishing, hoping something else happens. And to simulate that, what’s you’re really
saying is, “Let’s simulate, waiting.” This is a waiting simulator. And waiting, and waiting, it’s Super Black
Bass… And waiting, and waiting… So this is, no joke…one of the most realistic
fishing games, I’ve ever played. Realistic in the sense that, the whole thing is just
a test of the limits of human patience. It’s about seeing how much of your life you’re
willing to watch spiral down the drain, as you try to catch electronic bass, in an electronic
lake. It’s an entire game, about sitting on a pretend lake. Which is ironic, for a game this dry. Go sit on a real lake, you know? That’s
at least fun. Fishing is fun when you’re actually there. But it’s one of those things
where it’s, like…if you try to explain it someone, it never sounds as much fun as
it actually was. “What’d you do today?” “Oh, I skipped work and sat on the boat
all day.” “And…?” “Oh, that’s it. Just…just,
kind of sat there.” Super Black Bass is more like the explanation
than being there. Now, of course, that’s all subjective. I
find this game, ruthlessly boring. You literally sit there for hours in this game and wait
for your rod to move, phrasing. Not my idea of a good time. But hey, maybe it is yours,
whatever floats your boat… Come on, that was good. And that’s the objective
part of Super Black Bass. Regardless of your opinion on fishing games, this is a great
one. It’s ultra realistic, maybe even to a fault…but if you want a fishing game for
your Super Nintendo that’s slow, and challenging, and…slow… Well, you want Super Black Bass. What you don’t want are Bluegills. They’re like the dandelion of fish. So to me, the main thing about Super Black
Bass, the thing that defines it…is that pace we talked about. I mean, actually catching
a fish in this game, the right fish…it takes a lot of time, and even more patience. You
have to find the fish on the lake…and by the way, they’re in different places at
different times of day, and in different weather. So just finding them takes time. Once you do that, you pick a lure, from the
freaking ton of lures that you have…and then you cast. And that’s when things really
get difficult, because each lure has to be moved in a certain way to attract certain
fish. And uh, if this sounds like real fishing, that’s because it basically is. This is
a game that doesn’t just reward patience, it demands patience. Otherwise, you’re up the creek without a
paddle. Alright, maybe I should scale it back. Reel
in it, with the fish talk. I mean, if it’s bothering you, let minnow. So the gameplay is what it is. Objectively
great at what it is, subjectively dependent on your patience. But it really is a great
fishing game, and that carries over to the presentation. All the locations look really
nice, you actually see the lake beds through the water…and I love the changes in weather,
too. Like, as the day goes on, things start to look different. That’s a really nice touch. I guess on the other hand, I wish the fish
animated a little better…and the sound is mostly ambient natural noise, which is about
as good as you’d expect from a 16-bit game. So it’s a mixed bag in terms of presentation,
but the good parts are really good, and the bad parts honestly are kind of nitpicky. This
is a very well-done fishing game. You can tell the development went quite swimmingly. I mean, in some areas, it flounders a bit… Look, I’m sorry, but the game keeps baiting
me. Alright, that one was for the halibut. Thanks
to Rob, from Easley, South Carolina, for sending it to the show. It’s Super Black Bass, for
the Super NES. A great fishing game, if you like fishing. If you don’t, it’s kind of…crappy.

  • Heh, the last time I went fishing (real fishing) was back in 1980, shortly after graduating HS and shortly before moving to Michigan for a job (as it turned out, for a few months). I remember sitting for several hours, eating my lunch and reading comics…sorta like a zen experience (it'd have to be..the fish stayed away :).

    Now if my dad were still alive (died back in 1974), I think he would have liked this game, but would have enjoyed Sega Bass Fishing for the DC (with that controller) a lot more. He loved fishing in the 50s, but as more kids entered the picture he found he had no time for it. 

    Still, I can remember him watching fishing shows on the weekends when he wasn't working…you could tell he still wanted to fish.

  • Easley,SC you say??? No wonder you got a fishing game. That's all they do down here is fish, hunt, and occasionally go mud ridding in a 90's truck that has a lift kit install.

  • Dammit man! I gotta watch your shows after I watch NXT. I'm gonna forget one day, your gonna spoil it for me, then I'm gonna go after you, tie you down and make you miss a taping of NXT.

  • This game still beats most fishing games of today. Too bad most people have no patience like yourself and we get arcade fishing games which please pretty much nobody. In SBB, catching a big fish is actually rewarding and the game is relaxing, as opposed to Sega Bass Fishing and its spawn which are basically auto-fishing–neither rewarding nor relaxing, imo, but sure is loud and flashy but with no substance…you'd probably love it.

  • I usualy just don't like how this guy reviews games but I liked this one, despite all the cring worthy puns lol

  • Why on earth did you have a guy who doesn't like fishing games review a fishing game? This game is very zen, if you are receptive to that sort of thing. You have to like fishing, like fishing games, and jus' wanna chill out. With that mindset catching fish are a battle and landing it is awesome! And if you didn't suck ass at the game you knew how to catch Lunker Black Bass and how to get away from everything else.

    Not only was it the best fishing game for two console generations (minus dreamcast), but it still holds up well today.

  • Goddamn I miss this game so much..Super Black Bass, Tecmo Super Bowl and Double Dragon took up sooo many hours of my childhood..Not to mention the original NES versions..ahhh memories…

  • I had this game during my childhood years. Boy did this game sucked. Still does.

    Finding and reeling in successfully a lunker was such a bitch. Damn Bluegills and Catfish always biting my baits.

    Honestly, no matter how bad this game was, I did put in alot of hours into it. That's because I only had three games….this, Mortal Kombat II and Donkey Kong Country.


  • I actually remember feeling disappointed by this game because I had been such a huge fan of Hot B's Black Bass on the first Nintendo system and couldn't wait to get the one on the new Super NES system having that great game play with the better graphics. It's been many years since then so I can't remember exactly what my gripe was but I think it might have had something to do with it being easier to catch the lunkers in the Super NES version which made it feel less rewarding when you got one and I think the tournament system was a bit watered down compared to the first as well if memory serves.

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