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Chad Dilts – AnglingBuzzTV Fishing Report – Mid-July

We’re in the middle of July and we’ve had
some really warm temperatures and it has really increased the temperatures of our inland lakes
and Lake Michigan. On Lake Michigan, for the guys looking for
salmon and lake trout, it has really forced that thermocline down to that 60-90 foot range,
but it has also made for really excellent fishing. Guys wanting to vertical jig are doing well,
guys wanting to troll are doing the same. On our inland lakes, we’re just coming off
of a pretty heavy Mayfly hatch which, in turn, has forced most of our walleye and our smallmouth
over the breaks and into that deeper water zone – kind of the secondary July zone. We’re really starting to see our summer patterns
established. Anglers wanting to target walleye are doing
really well an hour before dark and an hour after dark leading into the evening. Anglers trolling crankbaits and body-baits
with inline planer boards are doing really well in that 15-20 foot zone. Anglers wanting to do something more light
tackle with slip-bobbers, jig heads, and leaches – they’re also doing good and having good

  • I'm coming back the beginning of September! Hope the smallmouth cooperate! Thanks for the update. Tight lines from R & J Bass Fishing

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