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Cheese Fish Cake Bar & Pepper Fish Cake Bar │ Namdaemun Market, Seoul Korea │ Street Food in Korea

Domi Hotbar(Fishcake) Domi Hotbar Different types of fishcake bars. Cutting string cheese in half. String Cheese Hotbar Batter A piece of perilla leaf. It’s almost done. Phone Ringing 🙂 Adding Cheongyang Chili Pepper w/
intensity of 10,000 Scoville heat units. It’s dangerously hot. Mixing the ingredients. Where do I throw this away? Just leave it there, please. Thank you so much. It was excellent. Good bye 🙂 It’s done now. mustard / hot sauce / ketchup Adding hot sauce on the pepper fish cake bar. I think I added too much sauce on it 🙁 ketchup mustard Pepper fish cake bar / Cheese fish cake bar The pepper one. The cheese one. Thanks for watching 🙂


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