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Chef Sends Raw Chicken In Final Challenge In Gordon Ramsay’s Restaurant | Ramsay’s Best Restaurant

Over the last six months my team and I been all over the country Checking out your best restaurant nominations and tonight my search continues with another of the UK’s favorite cuisines, Thai Over the last 10 years Thai food has taken Britain by storm Even the pub’s are doing it now, but really top-notch authentic Thai restaurants are so hard to find actually chance, please Thank you I’ve eaten some great restaurants in Thailand, and I know that secret to authentic Thai food It’s all about getting that balance right between the sweet bitter Hot sour salty flavors tonight’s contenders and have to be at the top of the game to impress me from hundreds of tiny nominations I’ve hand-picked my top two to go head-to-head for a place in the semi-finals From son Andrews Scotland’s Gulf and capital, it’s Nam Jim. I Just love to shirred you know, how good Thai food is I just very proud They’ll be fighting it out with a colossal Thai restaurant from the heart of London Mango-tree, you are one son. Son of a I’m always fired up. I don’t need Gordon sticker walking at me are some day. I’m ready Nom Jim and the mango tree will be battling to prove they have what it takes to be my best Thai restaurant For the first of three grueling challenges, I’ve dispatched 30 fervent foodies who descended each restaurant in turn and order on mass First stop 50 miles north of Edinburgh its bonus and Andrews This town is not only famous for his golf venue But also Nam gym an amazing Thai restaurant is run by a dynamic duo husband and wife sandy and B And they pride themselves on cooking authentic Thai cuisine today. I’m expecting nothing less than a hole in one I’m gonna see anyone’s cottage in the b8. No, sorry. Well husband. Sorry The only Scot in the village The first and only tyrant in st. Andrews nam jim’s charm and authentic cuisine has taken the town by storm It just simple, but perfect Determine – while the locals bees even created and inspired signature dish using Scotland’s national fair haggis Face spicing it doesn’t actually taste like haggis. It’s a buy pork, isn’t it? That’s delicious What I love most about this place is there Jeff Abby. She’s burst with energy. She’s happy in her cooking I’ll stop happy and it shows in the food Amazingly but you had never cooked professionally until she and her husband sandy openam Jim eight years ago successful businesses all in the detail We kind of try and be the best we can be we use the best ingredients from Thailand great service We just won’t do everything as good as a give it away. This is one the restaurants a huge following of celebrity golf fans This is my Hall of Fame, that’s a Tiger Woods’s mother. Mr. Sean Connery here. Mr. Samuel Jackson He just said thank you very much. Your food is wonderful. I was so proud Now being Sandy’s hard-fought reputation is about to be tested to his limits My coach full of hungry diners are just around the corner. All 30 of them will expect a spotless meal in just two hours I’m gonna be over everything not just the diamond but in the kitchen as well and as you know I miss nothing. I’ll be spotting everything Manager sandy is in charge of keeping all my 30 diners happy penes team must explain these unique Thai dishes One of the house specialities is the Thais Scottish haggis We also make that with a vegetarian haggis, which is essentially pulses and nuts Pea the orders are starting to roll now. Yeah Yeah, as well as the haggis B’s menu includes vegetarian jungle curry and tamarind up with Pak Choi As fast as front-of-house send the orders through being her efficient type of guide on knocking out amazing food Thai cuisine It’s quick. It’s not a long-winded style of cooking is done in a very fresh and sort of rapid way Sandy the only bread on the team is the all-important link between the dining room and the kitchen Are you at your weakest in here when they’re speaking fluent? I just kind of ignore what they’re talking about like to see kind of what they’re doing more than anything So long it’s a really weather of machine it’s not a race to me the standards far more important, okay? If the starters are anything to go by the standards don’t seem to be a problem Later on fire but at his hectic pace, it’s vital that every member of the team is on top of every detail This is the vegetarian wool Sandy stop stop stop cocoa cream. There’s no coconut cream on their nose mother Before you take anything, you gotta tell her Self-control here, isn’t it? You’re taking dishes. She doesn’t know is John One lamb cutlets as well guys, and that’s all the start has done for everybody then Sandy things all the starters are out but a quick scan of the dining room reveals. He’s missed a whole table how Sandy are you missing an order? All the tables are taken here as front of house boss sandy should be all over this so that’s that’s all gone No, that’s all gone Yeah Smells nice contest To see threes as opposed to see two And you don’t help Amazon you take food don’t tell her where it’s got it I’m just the fly in the ointment Okay at last the missing table get their food Okay, man cost me at all breathe whilst bees kitchen ramps up for the mains Sandy’s front-of-house team seemed more and more disorientated. We’ve got more waiters in here now than we have chefs Do you know we’re going sandy Sandy looks a little bit. So lost there. Yeah, you know, but he comes in a little bit. Yeah, okay So like this, we just like to like to be out right away So you handle pressure better than he does? Despite his confusion. Sandy’s got nearly all the main courses and desserts out with 45 minutes to spare And it’s soon clear how he’s done it She’s eating her – ser while I’m having my me pork I don’t think we expected that when we ordered it, you know woman you ordered. I thought you start together I’m sure it’s best to serve the starter Yeah cap Main course cap and then dessert but we thought rather than somebody Sit there eating what the partner has nothing for 20 minutes It was less, you know for somebody to be eating at the same time I know that’s personally how I would prefer it. It does make sense No, I agree. I’m seen it so far in the competition Today being a kitchen team really have scored a hole-in-one. I Went for the tie vegetarian highness which was really exquisite. The food was fantastic start to finish. It was delicious renal socks off Worth waiting for with such fantastic food the wheat link here is clearly front-of-house. I Spoken to the diners and not everybody enjoyed having their dessert and the main course at the same time Dessert is a sort of sweet grand finale not to be eaten opposite a duck the saving grace today Is that everyone loved the food? That’s for me the most important tine up get the service as good as a food in 99 percent of the way there My best restaurant hit squad of 30 diners are on their way to the second toy restaurant battling for semi-final place in my nationwide competition Just a stone’s throw from Buckingham Palace is one of the most popular toy westerns in the capital it’s mango-tree To be here Big destruction knock has been front of house manager of this huge 160 seat restaurant since it opened 10 years ago I love manga 3. It’s my baby. This is my life my inspiration Even the kitchen is huge as well. How are you? So nice to see a Englishman heading a Thai Kitchen Way from I’m planning you have Thailand. Thank God for that Hey check marks passion for Asian cuisine led him to work in Vietnamese and Japanese kitchens before coming to the mango tree What we’re trying to create is the essence of the Thai Street food served in an eloquent way Is accomplished take on Thai cuisine attracts 350 diners at night on a busy weekend By star restaurant, I really enjoy coming here is one of those places you can really trust For mark, controlling such a vast operation is made harder by a less than ideal restaurant layout With the kitchen and dining room on different floors, all the food is sent by left These earpieces things like someone from the secret police To coordinate food and service staff use radio headsets and if all else fails, there’s always the phone. Yes coming right now when a customer happy when a staff happy I am very proud what I’m doing With knots battalion of waiters and Mars Revere’s food. This huge restaurant should find my first test at Donald But every ration I’ve tested so far has struggle with my coach load of 30 dinars Arriving in ordering all at once they’ll expect every dish to be cooked to perfection I want my diners to leave tonight, you know on cloud nine. I want their jaws on the floor really push it out Yeah, and good luck We got a new order to me income one chickens are tight We’re just going to do what we do best and that’s the quality and the consistency of the food You don’t want to be complacent if they’re thirsty pad thai there’ll be 30 great pad thai It’s that simple Mark has hand-picked a small selection of his most popular dishes for my guests tonight including shrimp Tom Yum chicken, satay and tiger prawn pad thai He’s taking these Thai classics to a new level of sophistication With truly authentic flavors and exquisite presentation, but upstairs front of house of discoveries made a big mistake I Know approach. I for this time all of the dish in here can be substitute to which carrion is not probably the soul You don’t need to worry about it Knocks professionalism has carved a potential mutiny Meanwhile the fish and meat eaters are loving their starters useful flavors complement each other Amazing. I would definitely recommend But there’s a serious problem with one diners chicken, satay The chicken Kurtis is seems quite fleshy inside and quite pink. It’s absolutely yes. I Waking up fuckers that we drank it will take another 5-10 minutes. I’m sure You don’t expect it from the top restaurant to ask my food to be sent back to the kitchen New order one chicken satay well done Overall your leave them Both the chicken satay starter and the baby chicken main course a half cooked free service and finished off to order by kamyshev Nielsen on This occasion. He’s got it badly wrong heavy part cooks the chicken you want expected to go out? No He’s very annoying when we’re dealing with the people that we are dealing with tonight Mart’s been quick to send up a replacement dish, but I want to see how well this lift system works In my restaurants I can bark orders at my waiters over the pass But here every dish that leaves the kitchen must travel up two flights of stairs by dumbwaiter – Mikey Is his job to send the food to the right table? What was that Although should tell you what table is before they send the fucking thing though. Yeah Don’t know never what is coming in the legs. I can only guess seeing the foot and Perrier to the ticket Ok, not they selling food, but no one’s told me what table in terms of ticket For this one. Yeah, so just set their diet Please Come on yes, there’s always like this. Yeah. Fuck me. That’s 430 kimochi was like was what 300? Everything in the lift send it as service ramps up. The system is falling apart Oh it sees the main it is yes, we wait But most of the mistakes are picked up by the waiting staff before they hit their dining room what’s wrong with that You say nowt wrong. So I need I need this instead. Okay, send it down then. What’s that? Right? It’s not missing Oh, I don’t get a ticket for a Gaia but I go what table is it? Set it down to you This is crazy What a mess lots of great food don’t know where fast So if you send me again table 38 they would take it they got the main cause already That lift is busier than fucking Paris he own his knickers. Yes Dad this list could be a nemesis you’ll be given absolute total pain in the ass He doesn’t know what he’s selling up there. It leaves here immaculate it goes up in the lift. They grab it out It pisses down the side those diners are gonna get pissed off for that to me It’s nothing short of a miracle that all 30 diners eventually received the correct food All loops lovely Beautiful worth waiting for I’m in heaven. I’m in heaven But it seems once again this tables got a problem with that food It’s undercooked After the earlier talk up with the undercooked chicken starter unbelievably it happened again, this is To cook pasta, sorry. I said let me just take it back. I’m always afraid To kill you just Yeah on the bone just fuck Diane come back walk Mark is on the warpath How’s it possible? Huh? You know check any of them. I? Mean look you’re fucking pre-cooking them Is it that hard? Libby wants to eat raw chicken you Huh To my horror the true scale of the chicken scandal is only just unfolding Definitely rule Yeah, just this one that is to tell one more voice. No problems the same again Now what? Two more portion of chicken so they take a make sure it’s well done this time. What’s on that one? It’s The same time same terror yes, there it is. He’s wrong I think yeah the thighs roll. Yeah This is the last thing I expected from this incredible restaurant hf mark looks as shocked as me This is what was talking about quality in the consistency, I’m the one who looks at Fran Something that’s almost renders it. Oh Wait – firing. There’s two two tables, but kind of messed it up Fingers crossed for this one This pieces of carrot, it’s stunning. It’s really really good. It’s it’s a very big difference from the last place I got It’s a credit to knock in the front of house team that the majority of Medina seemed unaffected by the Kaos Service is amazing. So everybody good. They’re really accommodating when I said I didn’t like spicy food and stuff the part. I was really Because there was a problem with the menu in the vegetarian our particular waiter has been absolutely wonderful with us really attentive They take a great interest and to our experience here the military in the end. Most of my diner seemed happy, but P’march has been one of the toughest nights of his career Right west restarts. I Know what you’re capable of You only have to read the comments – why this freshman is in this competition and the support you’ve got from customers is phenomenal Then we’re done is arrived. And unfortunately, they haven’t had that same experience That’s where it hurts for me Come back and come back strong – nice Throw all that away throw it all the way sick of looking at Every time something isn’t right. You know, I didn’t take it very personally. There’s no reflection that our team can’t cook Situations do happen. Sometimes it’s how you rectify them is the most important thing and hopefully they They don’t happen again Nom Jim and the mango tree have survived the coast trip now I want to meet up to review their performances or so they think They have no idea. I’ve been spying on them with the help of undercover diners who’ve been filming secretly Simon Davis is a professional secret diner with an eagle eye for weak spots in restaurant food and service Sarah Durden Roberson is a top food consultant who’s been expertly dissecting menus food and service for years I’ve asked them both to be demanding to see how the restaurants responding This is just a bit too spicy for me. Could I order the chicken? I’d really like to have that But I will get this one First up is knob Jim And the Mamba have to show them a front of house for Yasko that no one is prepared for Unknown to both of you. I sent in a secret diner That’s very cool and this is what he saw good evening, I’ve got a table booked to name Duncan That’s the Thai haggis, thank you very much That hang is it’s a creative idea to farm that invented the spice levels perfectly pitched It’s the sort of thing that could set this restaurant a car from other Thai restaurants in the country Actually loved it. And that kind of wow factor my god, so chai glasses up the whites apply white a Dear I just try a little bit I Know I’ve never had Thai wine before the other one. It’s gonna be like You know, what am I gonna do with the photos Okay, could we bring a bottle What if it’s not very nice wine, I won’t want to drink it wow, that’s not how we offer one service is it something No, that’s a bit of a shock. Sorry. Yeah, okay Okay I Do like that I don’t think I do like that’s actually yeah I know but I told him if I didn’t like it I wouldn’t have it That weight actually looked looked at me no way Would he behave like that if you were there Sunday I Think not what more likely to do would be probably to come and ask What to do about the situation dad it’s not ideal it is appalling I’m just shot through honesty You know, it’s wanted more I told you before over well I’m not paying for it. Oh, yeah, I basically say what anytime Call the police Basically, I think before if they have gone in a minute I ask for a glass of Thai wine Okay, um You know you gonna let me speak and you give me the evil eye and you say to me I’m gonna you have to pay for that wine and then and then It and then you say to me if you don’t pay for that one. I’m gonna go and call the police You call that decent service dude, I’ll pay for it but I mean, that’s just absurd That ranks as about the most aggressive service I’ve ever seen in my life. Oh my god I’ll call the police I’m lost for words Incredible What I would love to is I’ll put out an olive branch to the manager. He takes it we kind of kiss and make up Figuratively speaking me. Excuse me. Hi there What’s happening with the wine I Didn’t you know this visit with the police I thought it was very You shouldn’t have bread to pillow You could see in his face he knew you shouldn’t be Sandy how does it make you feel when you see that style of service been running your business out? Yeah I’m both shocked very embarrassed and More than a little bit hungry, I’ve all that’s been a very energizing experience Many levels I’m enthusiastic and excited about the quality of the food service has been smiling courteous off in the one blip And I’m leaving here Thinking I would definitely come back here and I would tell people about it and they’re the two things that when you were restaurant over You really want your diners to me Some night Wow you will be corrected that will never happen again WHERE’S THE LAMB SAUCE!! WHERE’S THE LAMB SAUCE?!?!!? It’s difficult for me to look beyond that blip Everything you did is perfect I’m upset, and I think it’s a combination of Being very excited and very happy and then one minute and anchoring the complete opposite end of the spectrum You’re next and you know, so I the minute I think I’m just a little bit lost for words. I’m just very For someone to point out updates You know because of the best service and then the thing is not it’s not that not what we want Our customers come first in everything. I Hope we haven’t blown our chances within the competition We’re gonna have to work hard Tonight two amazing restaurants are going head-to-head in a competition to find my best restaurant in Britain You wanna teach some young girl? Now it’s the turn of London’s Thai culinary giant mango tree to get the spy treatment How are you? Are you well? Welcome, we’ve actually been tested twice Because since I’ve left the mango tree I sent in my secret diners And here’s what they saw on The coach trip head chef mark was crestfallen when undercooked chicken was sent back to the kitchen manager NOx supervision kept them on site But how do they do when I’m not watching Plank on my table They’ve got all these plastic wiped clean covers, but they never wipe them clean it’s got food cakes all over it. It’s Nothing more disappointing first touch the menu dirty Nutgrass noodle salad is so spicy So anywhere I could have it but just a bit less spicy Wow Wow fantastic that was really close they’ve brought someone who saw separately in case I want to control my own measurement that’s Exactly what you should do exactly Well handles great when somebody says they want something a certain way. We don’t understand what their less spicy is. Sure So it gives them the opportunity to to do that themselves. Oh, it was handed brilliantly It’s not very relaxing a fact that I don’t know what they do. There’s someone going on the back tables Calling it’s serving mats from under the cutlery. So every table he doesn’t screw ching ching ching every time they do it I feel like I’ve overstayed my up and they’re trying to steer the tables. Would you please get out now? I feel like saying I’m terribly sorry. Am I in your way? What a shame when they feel that awkward and the noise is ridiculous, especially you’re trying to eat dinner food Complain about a couple of things sent them back they conveniently dealt with it But their customer care is pretty shockingly bad It’s neither one thing nor the other they care and they don’t care Food delicious Second to none, but that attention detail of the service worked out for everybody You forget that sometimes when you’re doing such big numbers, so Don’t take your personally take it professionally. Absolutely It was interesting, yeah, he’s a bit of an eye-opener what we saw on the film He’s upsetting if I were customer. I I would I would say the same so I’m very Disappointed I don’t feel let down by the service because we are a team we take the Pat’s on the back together But we take the knocks together as well and we will fix it There is more to the competition and we don’t want this to be the end for us Both restrooms have been left reeling by these revelations, but there’s still everything to play for For their final battle and bringing the chef’s face to face in my flagship restaurant I’ve challenged each chef to create one amazing dish for 20 Yes, but to guarantee a place in the semi-finals will have to be the finest dish of their lives His dream, so he was very very proud if we win, that would be Brilliant, it was our customers that first where we are a speaks volumes that they’re proud of what we’re doing Everything is focused on today and winning Right huge pressure test this one to cook 20 stunning dishes Make them taste absolutely delicious Create that level of perfection sadly one of you believe in competition And one of you we go through to the semi-final make sure it’s you. Good luck Beau freshens will be attempting to impress me with a dish made from chicken the perfect meat to complement the heady aromatic herbs and spices used in Thai cooking both the mango tree unarm Jim have had their ups and downs and I’m hoping that they pull that aside and They focus on those 20 dishes and use that as they come back Outside a dining room full of VIPs all with a passion for Thai food will help me judge both dishes tonight Including Thai cookie writer or a cheap choice ara and one of my all-time favorite Thai chefs patria wear a pen all the front of how teams can do is wait and hope An order two covers away Table three the mango tree two, baby chicken chef For mango tree head chef. Marc is sticking his neck out with a new complex Dish made from the baby chickens that almost brought him on the coast trip He was gutted when undercooked chicken was sent out three times Cooked enough. I just hope he knows what he’s doing today. I’m happy with that Lovely flavor beautiful smell You’re quite fond of baby chicken, aren’t you? I am we’ve changed it Obviously when we’ve done it in the restaurant, we’ve learned from our mistakes of you know, making sure it cooks It’s why I wanted to do it because I’m not gonna run away from anything good Very balls for that baby chicken back on the menu again master suppose don’t eater them him or not. So it’s pure focus Phenom Jim I’m worried that be still shaken by my secret diners bombshell Being in here foreign kitchen, I’ll know it I don’t want this to affect the quality of a dish First of all, I want to clear something really important. That’s gone the wine I want you to set that completely behind you today is about you and your food and then show me that passion. Yeah Tonight be sticking to what she does best authentic food packed with flavor marinated chicken with pan fried oyster mushrooms and a punchy basil puree But to elevate this dish to my restaurants three mission star standards. She needs to be completely on the ball Before rise please be Serviced please. Tell us it’s come on guys the food’s hanging around too long But he’s making simple mistakes. All right now, please now, I’m Jim – chicken Feet you don’t even listen something after that. It’s two more not four more. You’ve got four chicken in there So – I’ll take two chicken out Be after this is only two more you got four in the pan so what do you take two hours These lack of focus is beginning to worry me. I need to see her really step up to the mark. Okay That’s the last year the moment rushing let’s focus on the service B. Yeah, let’s focus on these yeah B she’s had a rocky ride up into this stage I want that to be put behind her and just focus on the 20 plates and come back but come back strong So this place level six is quick a pleasure. Thank you I’m so nervous About me me getting there. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. It’s been a struggle, but she’s got the food out So is pleased much better yeah Well, then be good job. Thank you Joe, please Dish we try will be fun, aren’t you? Enjoy? The chicken it’s very subtle and the sauce is beautiful it lovely aroma but presentation I’m not quite quite confident. I thought this dish was excellent Our please chicken disaster mark is determined every piece will be cooked to perfection today Hon, please mark for portions table 2 in 3 minutes piece final touch is to grill it to turn the skin a delicious golden-brown Mark your dish is it supposed to be crispy the skin when he looks any food? I don’t want it to come across is burn First table table five please Germany happy with that mark. I know What does that fragrance again, Jasmine? Yes, very nice mark has gone the extra mile. Honey’s food looks wonderful face number five Vicki So exciting about it from the mango tree you can see From my face, this is Wow Excel for me. The finishing line is within sight when the unthinkable happens I’m just a bit disappointed cuz actually as you can see this has not really cooked Let me show it to the chef. Okay, I mean it’ll be taken away for you Took Double six feet service. I need you to not have any with this chef. They said their chicken is under cuts Where’s the under our fucking line? There’s their last I can come off the bone there. You see it clear as day. Fuck me Fuck Damn I was so pissed off Pink chicken comes back again. And if there was ever time not to serve it is right now not good enough for more mark Please how long just give me terms. I can tell the time. You’ll agree minute three minutes of Table one, please Tell Rob don’t worry rather leg. Yeah, fuck the leg Pretty pissed off They treat my own words. I’m not happy Marc you checked all them see them underneath as well. Yeah. Yeah, go. Tell one pleasure And I could never have guessed servers would end like this for mango tree It’s been a challenging night for everyone But it’s time to find out what my diner’s thought on both dishes starting with mango tree Let’s talk chicken while ours wasn’t cooked. No. Well, that was a ridiculous mistake. My apologies It just wasn’t even leaving the Bommel day. It was probably still clucking Fortunately not all my diners had the same experience it’s so great when it came Yes, and when we tasted it their hopes go right through it I Preferred the mango tree because I loved the chicken on the bone it kept it really moist very very tasty and the broth with it just Worked lovely all I had to go for 19 because I like this song so much is beautifully marinated subtle And then you’ve got the sauces complement Creation phenom Jim. Yes, and she carries it lovely but the rice is bit too much water. I mean, you know your rice Now I face a very difficult choice which one of these two restaurants should go through to the semi-finals For Gordon Ramsay to say you the best that is meant a lot I Will never forget it neither restaurant has been without fault, but even good restaurants have their bad days I’m obviously hoping at the other 19 dishes Make a bigger impact and impression than the one but can I forgive mark for under cooking chicken again? By two top tie contenders, nom Jim and mango tree have completed a lower biting service in my flagship restaurant Both chefs to produce an incredible dish but both have fallen short of perfection Now I have to choose which restaurant is truly deserving of a place in the semi-final But first I need to make my own judgment on both dishes Now Jim it looks slightly clumsy Chickens delicious It’s got that nice crispy texture of the outside you spare that sauce on top of that chicken The whole thing just comes alive not eye catching but math walking and taste Mango-tree have gone the extra mile and it looks like he’s been done with great finesse flair lovely The broth is almost like a sort of Tom Yum Goong there’s like two dishes in one Rice soft fluffy and concurrently fragrant nice little spray on the end with that. Jasmine really nice chickens delicious I’m just slightly nervous about that soft chewy skin should be crispy – remarkable Thai restaurants, but only one can continue through to the next round Okay Right, I Brought both Russians here to give you an opportunity a unique opportunity to really cook like you’ve never cooked before Now I’m Jim. I saw the dish. It didn’t look the most appetizing Having been to your restaurant and seen the style In which you deliver food? It was a little bit of a surprise to see something. So basic as that, I Tasted the chicken and bang. It was just yeah, it was amazing however at this station the competition This round is not won on a single dish Now Jim secret diners, no experienced food like that. Absolutely loved that food haggis in a Thai restaurant Doesn’t even sound right? But for you to turn into something that goes very few Russians can do that anywhere My good streak The fascinating thing with you Mars. You’re not even you know in from Thailand you seem to have this magic with Thai cuisine that is a Is a gift and with mango trees at its best is untouchable. It’s ending our secret diner Absolutely blown away with that food. I mean really really Blown away with that food to do the boots that began at this stage of the competition. I admire the balls It was sweet, it was delicious and Authentic. How could I criticize that how could I look at that dish and tell you how to do it better? I Didn’t have to the first time this competition. I just came back You’ve left with a very tough decision The restaurant going through to the semi-final is Nom Jim congratulations Well done yes, whoo – Tommy Why don’t you with your touch and the man experience you have with Thai cuisine? I know you’ve got more coming Very disappointed, you know, I’m cycling hard and north and the team and our customers down, but you know That’s the way it goes, you know, which man came all the luck Pissed off at the moment Someone never told me before I’m good and I’m into this competition so It means so much for me. It’s a bit mind-boggling first. We were all very very proud and a little bit shops and stunned I think What an amazing day and two great restaurants I’ll be sorry to say goodbye to mango tree but the same hand we’ve opened the door to something quite magical Vincent Andrews because they are a force to be reckoned with But for Nam gym now the competition really starts because the next stage of this competition. It’s gonna be even tougher

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    Should have the same experience while dinning out. Most ppl like to eat at restaurants so they can spend time together and enjoy the company of the ppl they are with while treating themselves to good food. It’s not about shoveling ur food down as quick as possible and GTFO. Lol

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  • The problem is Gordan's entourage of 30 people and expecting to be served right away. The minute an entree sits longer than 1 minute under a heating lamp freaks out.

  • "I hope we haven't blown our chances of winning the competition…" nope you haven't because your competitors were serving raw chicken lmao

  • It's funny seeing foreigners working in restaurants in Britain defaulting to the service standards of their own countries where customers don't get to waste food and drink on a whim like they can in the west.

  • Why is it always the table with people of darker complexion always missed. This is like 4 or 5 episodes I've seen that it happens

  • i dont even know which show these are from, i always hearin him say 'the semi finals' so im just like ah shiit welp, next one, been like 5-6 semi finals with diff cuisines

  • why is it always the only black people who JUST HAPPEN to be forgotten to be given starters lol. ti've seen this a couple of times on this show. intresting!

  • Screaming 😂😂😂👏🏼👏🏼
    Did GR just reference Paris Hilton’s knickers? 💀💀💀💀 what year is this

  • How are you a chef and you serve YOUR CHICKEN RARE.

    & OVER N OVER? How many ppl have they almost KILLED at The Mango 🥭 Tree? Holy Hell🔥🐓🐓🐓

  • Most of the thai restaurants I've been to in Thailand just deliver food as it's made. They've no real understanding of the starter main desert chronology.

  • Only thing that chef did wrong is to not allow his chicken to become room temp before cooking. It kept its chill in the oven. So sad such a technical problem caused his failure. With salmonella and potentially death at stake, the chef should stick a thermometer into it on the underside and even though the outside looks fantastic, the bone must have gotten hot enough to cook the meat.

  • The guy was told he had to buy the whole bottle or none at all. If they guy didn't want it, he shouldn't of ordered it. They lose money on a whole bottle bc the guy wanted to splurge. That's not right

  • "I think we'd like to talk to the manager and find out why there is no vegetarian option"

    Well because we serve real food here.

    Just joking but seriously… why expect everyone to offer vegetarian food? I do not expect everyone to serve meat, or pork, or Bratwurst, or Sauerkraut, or whatever. If I go to a place, I eat what they are offering. Nothing they offer suits me? Tough luck for me, not their mistake. But mine for having too harsh eating restrictions.

  • Bro, Gordon really said : that life is busier than Paris Hilton’s knickers !!!

    Buahahahaa , fucking savage Gordon! Ily 🤟 🤣❤️❤️

  • I didn't look at the time on the video and expected it to be like 5-10 minutes long. I thought it was going on a bit long until I looked at the length and shit it's 44 minutes.

  • I think the biggest part of that interaction with the wine is the language barrier. The waiter's first language isn't english, people who aren't english say things and react in ways that make us born english people go "Excuse me what the fuck?" When they don't even realize they just slapped you verbally and being extremely aggressive. Pretty sure he was trying to shut down the conversation immediately assuming he wouldn't even think of trying the wine if he has to buy the whole bottle and not having the english capability to thoroughly explain the wine etc.

  • The wine thing was pretty clear. The secret diner is a dumbass this time. Not paying for your dinner is theft. He gave him the policy upfront more than once. The server could've handled it better though.

  • So disappointed to find that Nahm-Jim has closed. I live close enough to St Andrews and its stunning beach I'd have taken a trip there for both.

  • Sorry, I wouldn’t be able to get passed the wine/police thing. I’m easy going and usually not fussy. I probably would have said never mind, I won’t try it. But if I were at the next table and saw the looks of the waiter and heard they would call police, I would never go back. The other dish looked more inviting and tasty, even if I had to send it back to be fully cooked.

  • Customer: "it was probably still clucking."

    Gordon: stares

    Gordon (in his head): "that's my line you piece of shit wanker, who do you think you're talking to…"

  • The lady from the mango tree in pink just shakes her head yes even when no one is taking she looks like a dumb ass doesn't even know what's going on… She should get fired…

  • "Over the last ten years, Thai food has taken Britain by storm." Where have you been? Texas, U.S.A., of all places, has had good Thai food for at least 20 years and, "Thank you!," for it. How is it that U.S.A. (twice as far from Thailand) has had good Thai food at least 10 years longer than Britain? I'm not specifically dorking Gordon for this, but holy crap, at times I'm positive that the media blows things out of proportions, simply because it sounds good at the moment. I have a hard time believing that Texas has a leg up on Britain for any kind of food that's a whole gosh darn ocean further away. Except for Vietnamese food. I learned that there's something about the Gulf of Mexico that has attracted many Vietnamese people over the last 50 years. Also, "Thank you!," for spreading your joy of cooking to us.

    Pink Chicken: My friend found pink chicken twice at the same place. Once on the inside due to rawness. The other on the outside due to pink candy sprinkles. Really? OK. They were both made by students (not cooking students), but REALLY!?!

  • The 'secret diner' man is extremely pretensious. He was told that he wouldn't be able to try it unless he purchased the full bottle, which he kept on arguing that we really wanted to try the wine, although yes the restaurant should have small taster bottles of such. But he was told. The server clearly reacted to a what he would've seen as a typical arse of a customer, although police were overstretched but shouldve said he would get the manager or ask them to leave.

    These secret diners are exactly the definetion of smug, rich and snobby people.

  • In every single episode, that secret dinner lady is an absolute C word. I know, it’s her job to be tough, but she sounds like her horse is so high even she can’t climb on it. Must be great having a successful career being paid to be condescending and puffed up all day, then go home to your 6 cats.

  • That secret diner was making an unreasonable request. The waiter overreacted but was put on the spot where he had to choose between potentially losing the business money or refusing and making a bad impression on the customer. If he'd tried that at all the other restaurants in this program, they would have had a problem with it too. Arrogant, pompous wanker.

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