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#chefmelaikitchen TUNA AVOCADO SALAD

hello guys how are you our ingredients for today are very colorful what you see infront of you is avocado,yes avocado are you having problem what recipe you will make to your avocado well the asnwer already here we will make avocado salad with tuna here’s our nutritioue ingredients tomatoes cherry tomatoes small no need to cut just the big one half red onion cut into small pieces 1 can of plain tuna corn corn i threw the oil from tuna so we will use olive oil,more healthy you can skip this cucumber,but i just want to chew some crunchy,..cut into small pieces fights again the smells of onion mint… but it depends on you what you want half lemon black pepper avocado avocado is very nutritious lets cut avocado my avocado is still small you can plant the seeds if you have garden you will see its black in color but no problem just remove the dark part because your vocado at home just rotten can make like this like milk shake next time i will teach you how to make milk shake guys please dnt forget to share SUBSCRIBE my channel comment comment share share likes likes others they just eating like this if avocado is hard its bitter if you will choose avocado must be shiny,its mature already,small and rough sometimes still young not yet ready its bitter Philippine season for avocado is July,August guys here”s our avocado its just 2 avocados,lets add thee ingredients, first ,tuna threw the oil then onion tomatoes toss lets add cucumber add lemon no need to use all so not too sour no need to add salt because tuna salty already black pepper add olive oil mint even you eat onion mint can prevent too strong smell of onion lets add corn what do you think guys,is it beautiful lets transfer into plate looks yummy yummy yummy here is our avocado salad with tuna h i wish you like it and hope you always healthy as I always wish eat nutritious and heealthy foods see you and eat tuna avocado salad


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