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Chennai Food (Part 1) | Dosa, Ghee Pongal, Chicken 65, Lighthouse & More

Hello! Welcome back to my channel Golgappa Girl. I am Pooja And I am in Chennai Do you know that the list of Top 10 Food Cities by National Geographic also had Chennai as one of the cities Since the time I saw what all delicious food you can try in Chennai, I was always tempted to come over here This is the first episode of Chennai food series. There will be more episodes So if I miss out on something in this video, make sure you look out for other parts We are going to eat a lot of South Indian food today along with some chaat and more good stuff If you’re new to my channel, let me tell you I make videos about food and travel and this is a food vlog. Consider subscribing if you enjoy the video let’s go and have something I am really hungry I have now come to Eating Circles I am going to start my day by having some good dosa So let’s go here and have some dosa Also, I am craving for some filter coffee So we will have that too This is Eating Circles right next to me I am having a Masala Dosa here and it look amazing They have put some white butter on the top Served it on a banana leaf served along with some coconut chutney Sambhar and a garlic tomato chutney The texture is beautiful just by looks of it And the edges are so crispy The stuffing consists of potatoes, masalas chopped onions, coriander, mustard seeds And I can also see some garlic powder WOW The flavours are exceptional The layer of dosa is not thin, it’s thick yet it’s super crispy The best part about this dosa is that there’s some mint chutney in it too This green color that you could see This actually is a mint chutney and omg the flavours it is bringing the chutney and sambhar everything is just so perfect It tastes amazing when you get that kick of mint chutney It has both white butter and ghee The sambhar is spicy loaded with curry leaves love it but the coconut chutney and dosa is amazing I highly recommend this I ordered a filter coffee for myself because I have a little cold But the staff here recommended that I should try a Thatte Idli I am sorry if I am pronouncing it incorrectly I think it’s called Thatte Idli or Thattu Idli. I don’t know how exactly it’s pronounced And it’s my first time trying this So the staff told me that they have put lots of ghee on idli butter, garlic powder, and ghee powder So this is how it looks like. you can also see the ghee dripping out It’s become a little wet too due to the ghee served along with the same chutneys and sambhar Let’s take the first bite This is too fluffy It has a lot of ghee and that’s the first thing you could taste You could feel the vibe of comfort food in the first bite itself Even though the color is radiant, it is not spicy at all This idli is a staple breakfast item in Karnataka Look at all that ghee oozing out Let’s have a filter coffee The froth and fragrance is enough to tell you how nice and strong it is! Super amazing There’s not much sugar generally in filter coffee so it’s bitter in flavour But the coffee literally hits you in the head It’s amazing After that delicious breakfast, it’s now time for lunch I have now come to Saravana Bhavan and I am going to try a thali over here Here, it’s not called a thali but a meal. So, that’s what I am trying This restaurant is really popular So I am really excited to try some food and I am very hungry too This restaurant has a lot of branches. You will find all the details in the description box below So let me take you through their menu once. Here, you will find all the sweets Breakfast options, Dosa, Poori Combos, North Indian options If you don’t wish to try South Indian food, you will also find a lot of North Indian options here. Lunch is finally here. It looks so good This is for Rs. 125 It’s limited meal meaning this is the quantity you will get I am going to put rasam on rice Mix it I am having this after so long I am having this after almost a year. I had it in Munnar last time The rasam has such good flavours of tomato it’s watery as it should be This is a major difference in rasam and sambhar. Rasam is watery and has flavours of tomato has a soup like consistency Whereas the consistency of Sambhar is thick It has vegetables and is made with dal Let’s have some sambhar and rice now I have seen in a video how to eat South Indian Thali properly first step is take some rice :p and then make some space in between. ok? :p then put the sambhar like shown in the video put in good quantity and then mix it, like this and then have it Very nice. but not very spicy Next I am going to spicy curry called kuzhmabu This is very hot and spicy in nature I feel this is the spiciest dish of all the dishes in this meal There’s vegetables and lentils too in this There’s also some peppercorns in it Next is avial. This is made of brinjal I usually eat brinjal at home only. Not a big fan of brinjal outside I don’t know I am not a big fan of brinjal So I’ll give it a pass. But if you like it, you can try. it has good flavours of onion too I also ordered some chapati (bread) that will go good alone with some potatoes But first I will have some vada which is tiny πŸ™‚ I like it. it has some pieces of coconut too Now I will have some chapati with potato vegetable It has good flavours of ghee it is a very simple preparation prepared in onions has some curry leaves, turmeric Time to have some sweet- Payasam It has such good taste of almonds and saffron I will finish this meal and see you later Today’s next place is Buhari Hotel This hotel is very popular for one very major reason This is the hotel where chicken 65 was invented Now you get the dish Chicken 65 everywhere But this was the place which invented it There are many theories behind why this dish was named “Chicken 65” Some people say the marinade took 65 days or it was invented in 1965 Hence it was named chicken 65 I am not sure chicken 65 is finally here. this is what it looks like This looks very different from the usual chicken 65 that I eat This looks an Indian preparation The one that I eat are small biteables perpared in chinese way the secret of the dish lies in its spices it’s super hot this is super tender but I will have to use a fork and knife as it’s very hot umm! okay. It actually is very different the one I eat is usually very garlicky but the spices used in this the spices are so good This is very nicely deep fried. Look at the corners to see how perfectly it’s fried I feel the marination process also used some curd You also get a leg piece The manager told me that even Amitabh Bachchan has eaten at this place and there was a question in KBC once around this place (Buhari) After going to Lighthouse, we were just chilling for a while But we were feeling a little hungry so we have to come to yet another popular joint It’s called A2b. Adyar Ananda Bhavan I am going to eat some ghee pongal here It’s not a very heavy dish. However, I haven’t eaten Ghee Pongal before So it’s going to be my first experience. I am pretty excited I am also going to try some pani puri along with it Oh! it’s here and pongal it’s served on a banana leaf I am going to start with some pongal. it’s made with rice it’s tempered with cumin seeds. it also has some lentils. served along with some chutney and sambhar it’s made after boiling some rice. I can also see some cashews and curry leaves the texture of rice is not too dry but it has a lot of lentils it tastes a lot of like has some asafoetida too this I feel is a very good evening snack. People also eat it for breakfast Loved the sambhar too. it was my first experience trying this but absolutely loved it. gonna eat some pani puri. I can see some potatoes in the puri We will put both the sweet and spicy water The puri is made of rava. the stuffing is of some chana and boiled potatoes red chilli powder is also there but the pudina water is delicious there’s a good punch of coriander too I am so glad that whatever I have treid in Chennai hasn’t really disappointed me We had some pongal and there’s some time left to have dinner hence, i thought I will have some tea Thank you! (In Tamil) I just learned this is how you pronounce thank you in Tamil. I am still learning So it’s dinner time. It is the last meal of the day, OBVIOUSLY! I was actually craving for some Chinese food I have now come to this place called The Noodle Theory You can eat wok here I was actually thinking i will have some noodles and some dumplings I was honestly craving for some Chinese food This place is in T Nagar. Find all details in the description box I have decided the wok I want by selecting the options i need. Apart from that they have starters, dumplings, desserts Some soda too The dinner is finally here. I actually saw him making this live the red chilli that he has put is quite strong it hit my nose noodles are very thin. just like you get in wok served in a wooden plate/bowl umm! i was craving for some Chinese food since so long it’s nicely spiced. just the way I like it. If you’re someone who is not a big fan of spicy food this can be a little spicy for you as my spice level tolerance is a little high so I am really enjoying this this has some soya sauce and chilli sauce too loving the flavours and sweetness coming from the corn that is why I love wok as I can customise it the way I want from vegetables to sauce, everything there is a little sourness. that’s something i am not enjoying Apart from this, absolutely love this I have also ordered some cheese and mushrooms dumplings I don’t know how to use chopsticks, I was just seeing a YouTube video and learning :p Let’s eat this It’s very cheesy with good quantity of mushroom This is a garlic dip. It’s good. Not the best Just good!


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