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Chicken 65 | चिकन 65 | Chef Ranveer

There is a Buhari hotel in Chennai. And in 1965 Buhari hotel made fried chicken, which is now famous world wide. And that chicken is called “Chicken 65” The most interesting thing is that, it has a lot of stories. Some people say, that spices were brought from 65 different villages, that’s why it is chicken 65. Or some people even say that, it has 65 different spices, that’s why it is chicken 65. See the moral of the story is, whatever story is correct, the dish is great. And there are so many versions of “Chicken 65” that I have seen So I just thought The “Chicken 65” which I feel is right, I should make once for sure! So I went to Buhari, which alleged inventor of “Chicken 65” Learned a bit myself and a bit from them, and saw what exactly they do. I’ll try and recreate the recipe. So first, let’s marinade the chicken And this is the most important part. Nice! Now, ginger garlic paste, chopped curry leaves, black pepper, cumin powder, salt, and then, red chilli powder. this is colored red chilli powder And this red chilli is extreme colour red chilli, Bedgi red chilli, which gives a lots of colour. So, here we go. Now, this is the basic marination of chicken 65, which always stays with chicken. So, wherever chicken 65 is sold, this marination is done. It is very important to leave it at this stage, because the chicken needs to get tender, the marination needs to seep in. And when the marination seeps in, we are ready to fry. Now for the next step, take rice flour and then, mix it with chicken, but first let the chicken marinade. And then, you’ll get something like this. Add curd without hasitating, because later it will combine well with the rice flour. Now it is marinated properly. I’ve seen people marinating the chicken and tossing it in the rice flour and the frying, but if you visit Chennai, there will be around 50 people in one stall. So if he does this, he cannot run his business. This is how they do it. Marinade the chicken and then it just keeps going in the fryer. Done! Not so difficult, yeah! Now, it’s like even every small shop, has their own different spice mix for “Chicken 65” Everyone uses a different mix while marinating Chicken 65 And that’s the beauty of it. That’s why in Chennai, one chicken 65 will never taste like the second chicken 65. But the commonality in all of them will be that it will be very tasty at any place you eat it from. Okay, so there are many recipes of chicken 65 that imply it should have sauce. Some people also toss the chicken in ketchup after frying. But, classically a chicken 65 is dry tossed chicken. Dry tossed! Which means Crisp fried chicken and quickly dry tossed. Authentically chicken 65 is is not made in sauce. Authentically they use, green chillies, garlic, curry leaves, and make a tempering and then most important ingredient, black pepper powder. Don’t be shy! Don’t be shy to use black pepper in south. Beautiful! See, chef’s give their own twist to all the famous recipes, so recipes get complicated. And when a recipe gets complicated, different versions are made. For me, this is what a chicken 65 should be. Dry tossed, crisp, fried spicy chicken!


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