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Chicken Curry-Kerala Nadan Kozhi Curry-With English Subtitles:Recipe no 45

Hello!!Namaskar!!What’s up??Hope you all are doing good Today I’m here with the recipe of “naadan” chicken curry Its a spicy recipe I’ve got some requests for this recipe from some bachelor people Let’s start making the naadan chcken curry and have it with pathiri,chapathi,paratha or whatever you like So let’s begin now Take a thick bottomed kadai Pour 2-3 tbsp of coconut oil into it Let it heat well When the oil is heated up,add plenty of curry leaves into it Saute it well Add the paste made of 5 cloves of garlic ,a big piece of ginger, 1 1/2 tbsp of black pepper and 1/2 tsp of fennel seeds You can even crush them all or you can grind them in a mixie Here,I’ve grinded them in the mixie Because my kids won’t like to feel the fiber of the ginger in the mouth while having the food Saute them well till the raw smell goes It has got a very good smell.My mom used to make this recipe all the time I got this recipe from my mom only The raw smell has gone.Now add the onion slices into it I’ve sliced 4 big onions here Add enough salt Add 4 chopped green chillies Add 10 shallots which enhance the taste of every dish specially non veg dishes Its not necessary to add shallots.You can avoid it if you want I know,there are many people out there,who doesn’t like to clean the shallots. So you can avoid it if you want.But if you add 10-15 shallots into this,the taste would be so good Saute it till it has a brown shade Stir them occasionally even if you are using a non stick pan The brown shade is seen now.Its not clear,because we have already added the pepper mix into this Turn the flame into LOW and add all the powders into it Add 1/2 tsp of turmeric powder,1 tbsp normal chilli powder,3/4 tbsp of Kashmiri chilli powder and 1 1/2 tsp of coriander powder into it Finally 1/2 tsp of garam masala Saute them well till the raw smell of the powder goes It takes some time to get it done As I always says,the raw smell should not be there If the raw smell is there,you may feel the raw smell of the powder when you have the food Thus you won’t get the actual taste of the food That’s why I’m repeating it again and again Recently I reduced the amount of coriander powder in the chicken curry Earlier I used to add coriander powder a lot in these dishes Nowadays I don’t like the smell of this coriander powder that much.So I’ve reduced the amount of coriander powder in the foods Always try to adjust the amount of chilli powder you use according to the level of spice they have I’ve added them according to their level of spice If you add them exactly like this,the spice level may increase/decrease.So always remember this point Also be careful while adding the salt.Always add less amount of salt in the beginning.You can add more later if required You cannot do anything if the amount of salt becomes more in the dish It took almost 10 minutes to remove the raw smell of the powders. I’ve been sauteing it in the medium flame Be patient while you do this sauteing Add 2 small tomatoes chopped into it There may also be changes based on the sourness of the tomato Mix them all well Cook the tomatoes by closing the lid,till it becomes mashed up with the onion masala When the oil starts to separate from the masala,we can add chicken pieces into it That is,each step has some importance in the cooking procedure The process won’t be complete if you add chicken pieces as soon as you add tomatoes. Cook the tomatoes by closing tha kadai The tomatoes are mashed up well in the onion masala.I’ve mixed them well The raw smell of the tomato also gone The oil has started to separate from the masala I’ve already washed the chicken pieces in the water diluted with salt,turmeric powder and vinegar and kept them aside to get drain well Add the small chicken pieces into the masala Always wash the chicken properly before cooking In some restaurants,they used to serve the chicken which has the transparent layer on the pieces We won’t feel like eating such chicken dishes when we see them Also wash your hands after cleaning the non veg items You can crush some curry leaves with your hands to remove the foul smell from your hands After that wipe your hands with some coconut oil for 5 minutes Then wash your hands with soap/handwash.There won’t be any foul smell in your hands after that Or you can wipe your hands with some lemon juice to remove the foul smell out of your hands Try to handle other glasses and vessels after that only Otherwise the vessels and glasses you touch will get that foul smell from your hand I should not tell this.But I’m forced to say this now When you drink water from some houses,you may feel disgusting to drink it because of the foul smell of the glass in which they gave water Sometimes we won’t feel that smell.But if your guest is a vegetarian,they might feel it very disgusting I rarely have non vegetarian foods from outside So it would be nice if you can think about the feelings of others and be careful with these kind of small tips. There may be a lot of you who must be thinking who am I to say all these things But I always feel like talking to my sisters and brothers when I say something in the video Close the kadai and let it cook in medium flame There would be enough water in the chicken itself.So there is no need to add extra water into it It would taste more if the chicken cooks in the water comes out of it I’m living in Dubai.And the chicken available here are really tender I heard that the chicken available in Kerala are not so good In that case,you can cook the chicken in a cooker for 2-3 whistles after all these procedures. Here,I don’t want to cook this in a cooker because they are very tender Close the kadai and let the chicken to cook in its water itself.Stir occasinally Even if you are using a non stick kadai,stir the curry occasionally. The water has started to come out of the chicken pieces.Close it again and cook well You can wash your kitchen sink with vinegar and lemon juice to remove the foul smell inside it Stirring it occasionally.It has more gravy now But we need to add some boiled water into it.Do not add cold water which may change the real taste of the dish If you feel like the gravy is less in the dish,always add HOT water into it If you want more gravy,add some hot water into it Let it boil well.Thus the chicken pieces would blend well with the masala Keep the dish for some time before serving it.It gets the real taste when you keep it for long Let me check the taste now If you want more gravy add more hot water into it according to your preferences Its perfect for me Now add 1/2 tsp of garam masala I’ve added cinnamon,cloves,cardamom and fennel seeds in this garam masala Its a homemade garam masala I could feel a very good smell of this gravy The oil begins to separates after 5 minutes of boiling The oil on the top of the gravy indicates that the dish is ready Now you can see the oil on the top of this gravy If you want a gravy dish,this would be enough If you don’t want gravy,roast the chicken without adding water into it Or you can use it in that way also ( medium consistency) Add some chopped green chillies into it Add one small tomato after removing the seeds Its a special taste to have a bite on the half boiled tomatoes Add plenty of curry leaves So the naadan chicken curry is ready here I could feel a nice smell of the curry leaves,green chilly and tomato You can season it with some shallots but its not necessary I used to skip the seasoning procedure nowadays because I’ve already added shallots in the dish itself Seasoning is optional only.So I skip that step Switch off the flame and let it cool for some time.You can serve it hot but the real flavor could be felt only when it gets cold Hope you all liked it Let me switch it off and keep it closed As a combination,here I’ve made nice pathiri dipped in coconut milk Its really a yummy combination Don’t forget to give a try So see you all after the vacation See you all with a new recipe.Till then Thank You


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