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Chicken Dum Biryani | चिकन दम बिरयानी | Chef Ranveer Brar

Rolling & Action! There is one more scary thing which people order in only and on which India’s whole delivery economy is dependent. And then scariest dish is “Biryani” In India, the most ordered dish is “Biryani” And you know why is it ordered in? Because people think “who would make it..right!” It will be very difficult.. “We’ll need 60- 70 ingredients for this and will spent 3-4 hours also. whose going to make it.. let’s order in.” So these Biryani’s are ordered, just because people think that making Biryani is very difficult. It’s not at all difficult. Now look at this.. These rice are soaked for 10 minutes. And after soaking it for 10 minutes… In the water add salt and ghee, then add in the rice. Is it difficult? No.. right! Whenever you boil rice for the Biryani, so first bring it to roaring boil. What happens with this is.. the grain cooks well. Then after that lower the flame. If you keep roaring it while boiling, the grain will break. And.. Don’t cook it more than 80% whatever happens. Now the second part of the process is more simple. Mix everything together. If you want make Chicken Biryani so add Chicken and if you want to make Mutton Biryani so add Mutton. Okay! Mixed everything together? Done! And if you’re making Chicken Biryani so add little brista also. Because in the mutton, onions will get time to cook, whereas it won’t get time in Chicken. Chicken will cook faster. So that’s why brista will give that colour. Very little saffron. No much! It’s expensive! No! No! Anyways don’t add much! Mint, Coriander powder, Degi Red Chilli powder, Very little.. Green Chilli paste, Ginger Garlic paste, Green Chillies. Nothing else is left Ranveer Brar! You forgot Salt! See Ranveer! Salt. Many people went to Iran in the search of Biryani. Someone told them that, Biryani has come from Persia. There they got a meat patty. Which they call “Biryani” there. And there was no rice in it. So.. The confusion was that what is Biryani? The fact is, Biryani comes from the word “Bringhe” Bringhe means Rice. Even today, it is called “Sheer Bringhe” in the old houses. “Sheer Bringhe” That Bringhe is.. “Bri-inghe” It is a corrupted term for Rice. And Biryani comes from the word Bringhe. Originally in Iran there is no Biryani made that has rice in it. Ya! It’s only an Indian innovation to the Bringhe, which is.. which is the Persian term for rice. And the fun fact is.. there are times when people bet for Biryani that.. some fight happened and people came from Persia. They fought and left Biryani in India. Which is not true! Now this.. this is the most important part whether it’s Mutton or Chicken. If it’s Mutton, so without even thinking just add equal quantity of Mutton and Onions. If it’s Chicken so add half Onions and half Brista because in Mutton, onions get time to cook. Whereas in Chicken, onions don’t get that time to cook. That’s why add brista (fried onions) with onions. For roasting chicken… Ghee. Don’t add too much ghee. Biryani is the dish in which you should not add much ghee. Because excess ghee will coat over the rice. As the Biryani will get cold, ghee will coat the rice and you won’t get that taste. Stir with a wooden spoon so that the rice don’t break. Every grain has it’s value. Now just roast the Chicken. Perfect! Rice is also cooked. I’ll just drain the water and let it be in it so that the water can drain out completely. I am just roasting the Chicken in this pot. later will shift it in another pot. And always roast on low flames and use heavy bottom pan. When rice are stacked together, they get spoiled, so I’ll just spread them. So normally people say that in Biryani we should use Basmati Rice and that is biggest misconception. Umm.. In most places for Biryani Sella Rice is used. In south, Dindigul, they use Jeera Samba Rice in Biryani. And that’s an amazing Biryani. In Mapla Biryani, Pearl Rice is used. The rice in east’s Biryani… that is known as “Chota Basmati” (small basmati) They use that. The main thing is.. If you use strong smelling rice for Biryani then there’s no point of using all the
masala’s. If you’re using the masala’s so you want the kind of rice which soaks up the aroma of the masala’s and not just leaves it’s aroma in it. You want rice that absorbs and soaks flavours and doesn’t have too much a flavour of it’s own to intrude. That’s why most Biryani rice is never the most perfumed rice. Done! Chicken is cooked. Now what do we have to do… Take a big pot and in this add rice in the bottom. The reason I add rice at the bottom is because it gets crispy. It forms like that layer at the bottom. Now chicken pieces. What I do is, I layer the chicken. Ahh.. It’s smelling so good! This is the problem.. You cannot smell the aroma of it through the camera. So here goes the masala. Okay! This is the base. Now rice. Rice goes on top of the chicken. I’ll make a liquid spice mix. Very little water just to strain it. Milk, saffron water, now add ghee, Mint, brista, salt, very little coriander. Now Biryani is ready for Dum. On low flame. Add liquid spice mix and saffron water After this.. very little Kewra water very little rose water and I’ll add kewra water in saffron water. Wow! Something interesting is going to be made. Close the lid and forget it now. Because now it will get the dum. Nice! It’s ready! The aroma has given the idea of flavours. Masala and chicken! You see that! Well cooked rice! See how the chicken is just coming off the bone. Wow! And Done! You know what you have to do.. right! Do make the recipe but also subscribe! Subscribe and press the bell icon. It’s good! If our subscribers increase so we can also say we have subscribers. Done!


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