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Chicken feet (Dakbal) Mukbang [Star’s Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant/2019.11.04]

Let’s eat the pork cartilage first. Let’s eat and then talk. Don’t be nervous. (Spicy chicken feet and pork cartilage are here) Let’s mix it up. That steamed egg. I should get down to it. – One time, we had to throw away… / – The sauce… 8 tons of chicken feet. While making the sauce? It didn’t have the right taste. To make the right taste? We handed it out to lots of people. Almost endlessly. That’s how you’ve come this far. (Meanwhile, she’s putting a chicken foot on rice) (Popping it in her mouth) I need to go to that restaurant today. This fiery taste is great. (Taste of fire spreading in her mouth) That’s the key. You know us. (Ah) The pork cartilage. (Putting a fistful of pork cartilage in the rice) You’re going to dump them all in? (Going all in) Some people like to savor it and eat it slowly. In my opinion, other people buying jewelry is like me buying food ingredients. (LOL) – I don’t have things like designer bags. / – Yeah. It’s all gone. You do this with the pork cartilage. This looks good. It has to snow outside for it to taste better. Let’s say it’s snowing. Making this on a snowy day. Don’t tempt me like that with seaweed. Come on. Stick it in. Other people like to eat it like this. I put another one on top. Make another. I live luxuriously. You put it on top like this. (So luxurious) That’s it. – Another level of luxury. / – While looking at snow. Putting in so much chicken feet. What kind of show is this? It’s a show that tortures us. (It’s electrifying and always new!) I’ll be sweating soon. Oh, it’s spicy. (Wow) (I want to eat that… / Licking his lips) You’re licking your lips. It looks appetizing. It looks really good. I think Lee Seungchul’s appetite has returned. (Regained his appetite) I’d forgotten about that place. Oh, it’s spicy. (A fiery taste) I feel like I’ve met a bad guy. It’s a harsh love. (Emotional from the pork cartilage and chicken feet) I guess I have to help you. Let’s talk after we eat. (LOL) She doesn’t need any help. She needs to eat. That’s an important point. Aren’t you tired of it? I’m not tired of it. I’m not tired of it. And you know how I’m from the countryside. We say, “Fight fire with fire.” This taste is more fierce than fierce city life. (LOL) So… Thank you. Because of this… (Thinking) In moments when things don’t go well, I eat this and cry… And just pass out. I pass out and sleep. Then live life again. It’s like a health supplement. Of course. When things don’t go well, thinking too much leads to giving up. That’s when you just have to push forward. That’s how it was for me. If I had thought more, I would’ve gone back to the countryside or given up. I might not have become a celebrity. I tried out 8 times and failed all 8 times. When my friends beside me were all doing well, I felt miserable. But in that harsh life, this food… (Overcame tough times with spicy chicken feet) Distracted me from everything. I was thankful for it. (Finally on to the main subject!) With these spicy chicken feet, I’d like to make a product that has rice. I want to learn this spicy recipe. (Surprised) Just to tell you… We were going so well, then my mind went blank. He even threw away 8 tons while making that recipe. Come here for a second. He’s in a tough position. (He brings his son over) Listen to Yeongja for a second. I’m confused right now. Look… Don’t be nervous. I asked to marry you. (Heart jumped) I’d rather give you my son. Your son instead? I’d rather give him to you. (Look at his son’s face) If you give me some strategies… The recipe? Just a little bit. You can leave out some ingredients. If you take things out, it won’t taste good. Yeah. Then you’ll have to make it perfect. Because I’m nervous. All proceeds go to undernourished kids. (Contemplating it) From what she’s saying, it seems like a good cause, so maybe it’s worth considering. (Good job) (What will the owner’s choice be?) It sounds good. I’ll give it to you readily. (Really?) He’ll give it to her readily? (That’s not easy…) I can give you everything, – but let’s make it properly. / – Properly? Let’s stick together and make a good product. One more thing. I can assure you of one thing about the profits. Don’t even think about giving it to us. I never even dreamed of doing that. (She’s a riot) (LOL) A single tear.


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