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CHICKEN GIRLS 2 | Annie & Hayden in “Gone West” | Ep. 2

( music playing )( music playing )– What? Look at that.
– So cool. – Whoa.
– Right there! – Ooh!
– ( laughter )♪ We fly so high ♪♪ We fly together
( fly together ) ♪
♪ We are a girl gang ♪♪ Like birds of a feather
( birds of a feather ) ♪
♪ We fly so high ♪♪ We fly together
( fly together ) ♪
♪ We are girl gang ♪♪ Like birds of a feather
( birds of a feather ) ♪
What? Dude, this place
must cost like a million bucks. My dad’s just
crashing here till he gets
his own place. Can I crash here until
I get my own place? Doesn’t look like
anybody’s home. Or home ever. You sure this is
the right place? Yeah, 9232 Sunset Lane. Oh, sorry, kids,
no Girl Scout cookies today. Oh, hey, uh, yeah,
this is our house. Well, his house. Well, technically
his dad’s friend’s house. – You’re Edward’s son?
– Yup. Huh, you don’t look
much alike. Are you his girlfriend? No, Edward’s old enough
to be my father. I’m his personal assistant,
Babs. Come on in. This place is amazing. Come on, guys,
there’s gotta be a way
to save the arcade. It’s gotta be really important
if you’re asking for our help. It’s my grandma’s dying wish. It’s my family’s legacy
and if the arcade’s gone, where are we gonna hang out? Solid point. – What about a car wash?
– Oh. – Hm.
– The debate team just
had one. – A bake sale?
– We’re terrible at cooking. A yard sale? Look, even if we add up
all the junk in this town, I still think we wouldn’t
be able to… how much is it? $10,000. That’s how much my family
owes the bank. Okay, Mom! I told you,
I will be home in 15. Geez. As much as we’d love
to stay and chat. I’ve gotta help my mom
clear out the garage so we can practice
there this week. Typical Birdie. Always looking out
for herself. Not like you care.
You’re probably just
trying to keep us from practicing
so PowerSurge can have a win. Come on, Rooney,
I could use an extra
pair of hands. Yeah, um, it’s okay,
Monica, we’ll figure something out.( music playing )Yeah, so it was ’77, ’78,
I produced my first solo album for Razzie Michaels,
and then from there I started
to work with Pete and the Soul Searchers which would have taken me
to ’84, ’85, where I formed Triple R,
Robin Robbins’s Records, and the rest is history. And to think that here I was,
a little girl from Attaway just like you. Which by the way,
which one of you is Eloise? That’s me, but it’s Ellie,
actually. Oh, no, Eloise is much
snazzier. So these must be
your back-up singers. Excuse me? When I was your age, man,
I worked with The Superbs. Those girls could sing. We’re just Ellie’s friends. You said that if I didn’t
bring my parents I could bring two friends. Oh, okay, all right,
Ellie’s friends. Well, why don’t you two
go explore the beach and young Eloise and I
are gonna get to work. – Good luck, Eloise.
– It’s Ellie. Chop-chop. Mom, can Kayla stay
for dinner tonight? Your mom’s at the supermarket,
but Kayla can stay and hang out if she helps
with your chores. Let’s see, the car needs
to be washed, there’s all these
mismatched socks, and can one of you help me
set up my iPad? But, Mr. Forrester,
we wanted to watch “Riverdale”
before dinner. Why would you want to
watch TV, when there’s all these socks
you could be pairing.( phone ringing )– Hey, Dad.
Yeah, well have her
read it again, okay?
Just have her read
it to me again.
Get Tommy Lamancha
on the phone.
– Dad?
Hey, kid, get me
a bourbon, will you?
Neat. Thank you.All right, no, she’s reading
it all wrong.
All right, resetting,
– Dad, I’m here.
Hey, kid, what’s up?– I’m here.
What? Where?I texted you, like, ten times.I thought that was
for summer break.
No, ski week. I’m here at your friend’s house.Bad timing, buddy.
Production’s way behind,
and the studio’s on my back
about getting this done
in time for awards season.Well, hopefully I see you.Yeah, okay, go ahead–
yeah, have your people
call my people.
Hey, cuz, what you doing? Oh, nothing,
just waiting for Rhyme. We’re supposed to go
to the arcade after dinner. – Oh.
– What is it? She didn’t tell you? Her and Ellie went to
California for the week. ( scoffs )
Very funny. California, like the state? Yeah, it was kind of
last minute. Something to do
with Ellie’s singing career. I don’t know. Every time I take one step
forward with Rhyme, she takes two steps
backwards. Hey, if you want me to,
I’ll go to the arcade with you. ( sighs )
Yeah, whatever. Anybody home? Excuse me? We came by to help,
but it doesn’t look like you’re doing much
in the way of business. Well, business has been
pretty slow since the old lady
kicked the bucket. That old lady
was my grandma. Oh, I am so sorry. Well, without her,
we had to open late, and it’s usually just me
after school. Who are you anyway? I’m Dru. I just work here part-time to save up for college. Well, if you want to
keep your job you better help us
keep this arcade open. Hey, Monica,
sorry to hear
about your grandma. How are you holding up? I’m okay.
I’m just trying to figure
out a way how I can save this place
and keep my grandmother’s
dream alive. Well, in case you
haven’t noticed, business has been
pretty slow. So why don’t you ask
your friends to spend some quarters
and win some prizes. Everyone’s stuck at home
doing chores. I just finished installing
75 new apps in Rooney’s dad’s iPad. So that’s how we’ll save
the arcade. What do you mean? Huddle up,
I’ll explain. Babs:
Help me, oh, help me.
The sea monster…
it’s terrifying,
as ferocious as a shark with beady, yellow,
terrible eyes. It ate my sister
and now it’s coming
for me too. Sea monster?
Who are you talking to? Uh, you little jerk. I was totally nailing
that take. Take what? I’m auditioning
for “Loch Ness 7,” and you just ruined it. Don’t people usually
audition in front of people? It’s called a self-tape,
twerp. ( sighs ) Can’t you go
play with your little friend
or something? They’re just playing
video games, so boring. Can’t we go see
the Hollywood sign? Go see sights? I’m not your babysitter.
Ask Edward.( phone ringing )Speaking of. Scram, dude,
I gotta take this. Sorry, Edward.
What’s up? Harmony:Do you think Ellie
will become famous?
Well, she already acts like it
most of the time so… But what about if she moves
out of Attaway? We’ll never get to
see her again. I wouldn’t worry
too much. We’re the Chicken Girls. We fly together. What’s a Chicken Girl? Excuse me? Oh, uh, didn’t mean
to eavesdrop, just, you’re blocking
my view of the sunset. Sorry to get in your way,
we’re leaving right now. No, no, no, it’s cool,
it’s just, uh, you should stay. The sun’ll set any minute. Thank you,
but we better get going. I’m Robby, by the way. – All right, Robby.
– I’m– Don’t talk to strangers. We’re not in Attaway anymore. But when someone introduces
themselves to me, I introduce them back. Sorry, I just got
a little flustered. He’s kind of… Super hot? I was gonna say handsome, but that works too. ♪ Maybe you’ll just look
right through me ♪ ♪ Look at me like
I’m a ghost ♪ ♪ You may pull away
right when I’ll be ♪ ♪ Thinking we were getting
close ♪ ♪ Maybe it’ll break
to pieces ♪ ♪ With all of the promises
that you made ♪♪ Maybe it’ll clog
the bleeding ♪
♪ But all of the scars
you left me won’t fade ♪
♪ Lately I’ve been
going crazy ♪
♪ Drowning in a lot
of maybes ♪
♪ Looking for someone
to save me ♪
♪ Save me, save me ♪ ♪ But I’ll never know
till I try ♪ ♪ Never know till I try ♪ ♪ To take a chance
and let you in ♪ ♪ All the lies,
don’t mess with my mind ♪ ♪ Courageously I will
take the chance ♪ ♪ For you and me ♪ ♪ Won’t be ♪ You were flat
the entire time. And what was with
that raspy thing? You know, you’ve got something
really interesting in your voice and you’re not letting
me hear it. Go to bed,
get some sleep, and maybe you can do better
tomorrow. Oh, my God,
she’s such a jerk! I mean, she keeps– ( no audible dialogue ) I feel like I’m really
doing them right, and then– ( no audible dialogue ) ’cause apparently I can’t– ( no audible dialogue ) Love you, too.( music playing )


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