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CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 3 | Ep. 5 “Mamma Mia!”

Rhyme: Previously on Chicken Girls … After everything that’s happened with Robin Robbins and all that, I need to get back into dance. Dance used to bring us all together. Now we’ve got to find other things to bring us together. – Like what?
-“Spa Staycation”. I can’t do tonight. Me and Flash have our three-month anniversary. – I have no clue what I’m gonna do.
– I know exactly what we need. Cash. High school, am I right? Say no more. I would love to tutor you. Quinn: We probably shouldn’t mention this to Rooney? Hamilton: Yeah, definitely not. Things are weird enough with her as it is. Spike: I’ve got an equation for you. Me + you. Tonight. – Whatever happened to your Tim Sharp plan?
– It’s still in the works. Duh. I feel like you guys are mad at me because of the whole B thing, and… – I’m not mad.
– I think we’re just sad because things are changing. Brooke, this is your last chance. Or else it’s back to lame, little freshman Ellie. I can’t believe her. She’ll come around. I kinda have a crush on someone. Oh my God, who? – Drake.
– Ah, he’s such a hottie. I kinda like someone, too, and it’s complicated. He… really likes sandwiches. Hamilton? ( music ) Ellie? You almost ready? Breakfast is on the table. Mom, I told you, it’s Brooke. I am not calling you that ridiculous name. – You’re Ellie. – ( sighs ) – You need to sit up straight.
– Stop. And make sure when you’re here, you brush your teeth. – Hello Brooke.
– Robin Robbins, Robbie. Hi… You look good. – What are you doing here?
– Be nice to our guests, please. Our guests? Um, what’s going on? Actually, I was just leaving. – And I… I’m gonna be staying.
– You’re staying? Mom, I don’t understand. What’s going on? – Your mother owes me a favor.
– From 1987. It’s a long story. She’s repaying me by hosting Robbie while I go on tour. Actually, Robbie is gonna be taking over the guest room for a little bit. But it’s gonna be nice to have a smart young man staying around the house. I mean, don’t you think? Get excited… Roomie. ♪ We fly so high ♪ ♪ We fly together, fly together. ♪ ♪ We are a girl gang ♪ ♪ Like birds of a feather, birds of a feather ♪ ♪ We fly so high ♪ ♪ We fly together, fly together ♪ ♪ We are a girl gang ♪ ♪ Like birds of a feather, birds of a feather ♪ ( music ) Dude, why are we here? It’s so early. You’re still wearing the same outfit. Trust me, dude. I’m exhausted, but we’re here now. We’ve got a huge day ahead of us. What are we gonna do about money? I told Kayla that her anniversary present was in the mail, and now she’s asking for… tracking numbers, and mail notifications. Bro, got it all figured out. – Presenting “Sup?”.
– ‘Sup? Phone: ‘Sup? – Whoa, is that your voice?
– Sure is. All you gotta do is pick a friend, and send ’em a “sup?”. That’s it? Genius, right? Only costs 99 cents a download. And how did you learn how to make an app? Found a template online. Whipped something together, and now we got “Sup?”. Literally anyone can do it. Even you. Wow, the future really is here. Give me your phone. Phone: ‘Sup? Now, all we gotta do, is sell it to everyone we know, and pretty soon, we’ll be rolling in dough. ‘Sup? ‘Sup. Both: ‘Sup! ( music ) Look, I’ve got something really good going for me this year. So, I’d appreciate it If you kept your distance. What, you don’t want people to see you with the hot new boyfriend in town? Eww, no. I get it. You don’t want to be seen in public with me. – It’s all good.
– Good. See you later, roomie. Who’s that piece of man-meat? Just Robbie Robins. – New blood? Fun.
– I call dibs. Trust me. You don’t want to go there, he’s a total player. Kind of a jerk. Then why do you hang out with him? ‘Cause our moms are friends, and he’s sort of living with me for a while. – Lucky!
– Does he ever change with the door open? Okay, I’m going to math early, I’ll catch you guys later. Uh, don’t forget we have plans after school. Good work on the outfit. Major improvement. ( chuckles ) She’s so lucky. She gets to see that hottie Robbie every day. What about you, Beatrice? How is your man? – My man?
– Yeah, your new little project. Ty 2.0. – What was his name, again?
– Tim. Tim Sharp. – And?
– Don’t worry. I’ll be debuting a new boy in time for Halloween. I made this for you. Cut off the crusts, just like you like it. Huh, thanks. Hey, guys. Hey, one crutch? Very cool. Finally got a free hand. ( chuckles ) I cannot believe you’re still dating this loser. Hey, quit it or get lost, Henry. – ( slams hand on surface )
– Let’s go. Well, that was embarrassing. Actually, he does have a point. Why are you still with me? Why wouldn’t I? Who else is gonna sing ukulele songs about me, and cut off the crusts on my sandwiches? Right. I do do all that for you. It’s just… It feels like you’ve been MIA lately. – What do you mean?
– Well, you’ve always got cool plans with Stephanie. Okay. I’m sorry, I’ll try to make more time for you. Starting now. Cool. You wanna study together after school? Uhm, after school…. Not a good time, I have the newspaper. But, uh… Another time? ( music ) ( music continues ) – Birdie?
– Yes, Mr. Lavigne? Looks like there’s been a family emergency. You should go to the principal’s office. ( dramatic music ) Psst. In a hurry? Uh, kind of. Principal’s office? Family emergency? Yeah, but how did you know that? I’m your family emergency. ( dramatic music ) Wait, what? Are you ready for Spike and Birdie’s day off? Don’t tell anybody, we got to go. I’m a wanted man. ( music continues ) – Girl: ‘Sup?
– Ace and Flash: ‘Sup? Dude, this is crazy. I’ve so many unopened “Sup?”s. How many people downloaded this? 83! That’s 83 dollars, dude! – Bro. That’s like… More than I had before.
– ( Ace chuckles ) Gentlemen. Both: …’Sup? Hey, you. Hey, sorry, I was focusing on something. Really busy. I’m working on a story about the school’s decaying infrastructure. These lockers have cracks all over them. – Well, I’ve got an anonymous tip.
– About the infrastructure? It’s my number. Here’s the tip. Text me. That wasn’t very anonymous. But, okay. Rodeo, Rodeo, wherefore art this Rodeo? What is in a name, that which we call a horse by any other name would still smell like manure? ( Angie coughs repeatedly )
– Teacher: Angie? – Angie, are you okay?
– ( Angie keeps coughing ) Just a tickle. Let’s continue. Angie: Rodeo, doff thy name. So… What do you think? Rhyme: Angie? Angie’s great. You don’t sound so sure. Come on, you can be honest with me. I am. Wisely and slow, cowboy. They that stumble run fast. Yeehaw. Okay. I know. What if… When she said “cowboy”, she should curtsy, and maybe tip her hat a little. – See? Amazing.
– What? You have a knack for this. You should tell Mr. Stanson. Oh no, I do not wanna overstep my boundaries. Okay, I’ll tell him. Just a minute! – Stanson.
– Yeah. Here’s a thought. What if, when she says “cowboy”, she does curtsy and tilts her head, like this. I love it. Angie, do as the wunderkind says. – Drake, you’re so inspired.
– Actually, it was Rhyme’s suggestion. Rhyme! Wow, very good! I see you study very well. Angie, watch out. She’s gonna be as good as you in no time. Yeehaw. ( sighs ) – ‘Sup?
– ‘Sup? Hey, Ellie. ‘Sup? – ‘Sup?
– God, nothing is up. – Why does everybody keep asking me that?
– Woah, woah, woah. Chill out. Robbie: Yeah, and there’s this coffee shop in Venice, and they make the best flat white. – Oh.
– You should try it. – Sounds amaze. I love L.A. Robbie, wanna come to the arcade with us? Yeah, I wanna hear more about Los Angeles. – Brooke, you’re coming too, right?
– Oh, yeah, off course. – So, that coffee shop…
– Yeah ( all laugh ) – Hey.
– Oh, hi. ♪ My mind’s on you ♪ – How are you?
– ♪ And I can’t deny it ♪ It feels like we haven’t hung out in forever. Yeah, it’s been so crazy. ♪ I’m tryna take you from lost to found ♪ So, do you wanna hang out? Are you free? – I’ve actually got a, uh…
– ♪ I’m bringing things up ♪ ♪ But you keep on slidin’ ♪ Robbie’s back? – Yeah, it’s a long story.
– ♪ From the left to the right ♪ ♪ Tryna block me out ♪ – I’ve got time.
– ♪ It’s a shame on you ♪ – Let me guess, you don’t.
– ♪ If your door won’t open ♪ – Really sorry. I have to hang with the…
– ♪ Oh, and if you can’t see truth ♪ Queen Bs. And Robbie Robbins. – Rhyme.
– ♪ Then you can’t see me. ♪ – It’s cool. I get it.
– ♪ What the hell’d I do ♪ …Brooke. ♪ My trust was stolen ♪ ♪ It’s a shame on you ♪ ♪ Oooh…. ♪ – ‘Sup?
– ‘Sup? – New fan?
– Oh, yeah, it’s amazing. No! Your little app is ruining my day. Everywhere I go I hear choruses of “‘ ‘Sup?, ‘Sup?, ‘Sup?” Well, that’s actually my voice, like on the recording. Thankfully I’ll never have to hear it again. Are you gonna murder Ace? What? No! What I mean is… Look, your app is banned. From the school, and school run premises. – What? For how long?
– From now on, to… Forever. And that’s… What’s up. ( somber music ) Well, it was cool while it lasted. A whole 117 downloads. I still don’t know how you did it. I promised everyone 50 cents back on each download. They used their parents’ credit cards, so it wasn’t even our money, and now we are $59 richer, my friend. – ( uplifting music )
– You really are a genius. That would be $29 for you. $30 for me. I’m the majority owner, obviously. Dope, this is enough for a movie ticket. I made plans with Kayla tonight. Are you sure people can’t find us here? It’s like magic. Nobody can see us. Today was surprisingly fun. Even though we almost got caught at the coffee shop by my mom. What can I say? I know how to have fun. Yet we’re back at school. Yeah, but at the stadium. That doesn’t even count. But you know what they say goes on around here. What do they say? ( music ) So that’s what they say? ( music continues )


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