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Chicken Kushka Biryani easy Mirchi Ka Salan

I’m going to make a chicken Kushka but
I’m going to use the trick about the traditional authentic the way
no chicken Kushka Kushka that gravy add to this making the
island of Kushkawith this nice server gravy the rice and this sure wah I’m
telling you with a small chicken piece this is out of the world Namaste Salaam
walekum welcome back to another session with your vahchef @ I’m going to show you how to make chicken Kushka means you know
from you know border of telangana travel towards karnataka they make
this rice which is similar to that of bagara rice and they call it Kushka
mainly they make the plain Kushka but today we’re gonna make chicken Kushka
which is the rice itself is not like spicy or anything it is mild always a
nice spicy gravy is a complete I’m going to make a chicken cusco but I’m going to
use a trick see forget about the traditional authentic the way they’re
making that no we want to make it that it is so tasty and we can enjoy it our
homes for this first we’re going to add some oil in the pan
even before the oil gets hot we’re going to add the garam masala one is the bay
leaf cinnamon sticks the clubs and the cardamom fry it on a slow flame all we
are trying to do is extract the flavors here in this we’re going to add onion we
don’t need to probe onion but in a slightly light coloring can give a very
good taste whenever we add onions always add a
little bit of salt this saute the onions till they’re slightly colored in this
we’re going to add pieces of chicken saute the chicken little bit after this
we’re going to add ginger-garlic paste you’re going to add a special taste the
mint coriander paste so this one will give a very nice flavor in this we’re
going to add rest of the masalas add chili powder garam masala powder
we’re gonna add some cashew nut paste this is what is going to make this rice
a little bit sticky you know this rice is not like a you know biryani pulao or
like that this is we’re going to use a regular normal small grain rice and
we’re going to make it once it is cooked the rice you will serve it as a nice
upside down on a ball so that little nice all the paste and that stickiness
will give very nice taste also to the dish mix all this masalas we’re going to
add tomatoes in this what I did is I’m going to add two cups of rice but what I
did I have four cups of water and I added this ball of more water because I
am going to make a nice gravy from this chicken stock add along with the water
which is more than what we need for the rice which we are going to take it out
I’m going to take some of the stock and make the gravy so now this chicken is
nicely boiling this is the time to check the taste also add some more salt and
I’m going to check the taste this has to be same like any biryani the water is
tasting your rice is stay stable perfect once this is all ready we’re going to
add rice into this before that I’m going to take some of this water and I’m going
to make a solemn you remember I added extra water in this ball so I’m just
going to take that and all I’m going to do is take the water the stock the extra
water whatever I’m added I am taking off from this okay this is what I’m going to
make my sherbet so this is on the side and now rice whatever I have soaked in
this chicken we are going to add the rice and the water is just right enough
in this they’re going to add some green chilli yogurt mix this after adding rice
also check the taste if this is tasty your rice will be tasty if this water is
not tasty your cuca will not be that tasty
once this comes to a boil and you know most of the water is observed just mix
it once put the lid on let it cook on a slow flame because I’m
going to make the nice sure why here when I made the vegetarian version of
coschka I made again the salon but that is a thicker version but here we’re
going to make it like a nicer one spicy one so for this we’re going to add some
oil in a pan we’re going to fry some coconut powder once this is colored it
is become into a nice gravy silky gravy if this is not colored the coconut
powder will come as little grains in the curry a lot of people must have made
this mistake if you have done that made that mr. say hi the coconut powder has
slightly colored here in this we’re going to add some turmeric we could add
the paste of peanut and till just make little bit pissed you don’t even have to
fry them just make take some raw peanuts and sesame seeds and only one problem is
it’ll start sticking at the bottom you don’t have to worry keep mixing it like
this and in no time this will be cooked in this add the chicken pushka that
gravy so whatever the gravy is then just add
to this we can make many simple easy and tasty ones because of the nice chicken
flavor in it it will get cooked well in this add some extra chilli powder
because I want this to be spicy and even from some banana peppers I cut into
small pieces this will get some more spicy and a little bit of garam masala
you want to cook this on a slow flame now till the entire the raw flavor is
gone once the raw flavor is gone the salon is ready and I just the taste in
the last and now whatever was sticking at the bottom is come off and it’ll
become a very nice salon gravy oren.sharvit gravy make it spicy because
the chicken pushka is a little bit mild this one spicy one add on it and you
will totally enjoy it the gravy we got from that stock in which we add tomato
juice and there is sadness but whenever you make this crevice make it hot and a
little bit of sadness so I’m just squeezing in a little bit of lime juice
in this add some chopped coriander and this is already and here the rice is
also fully absorbed look at this because of the cashew and everything this is
little bit sticky always I have noticed simone they serve it really hot and
smoking and when you touch it your hands and literally burn but you put the gravy
slowly you enjoy it when the food is hot it is naturally very very tasty the
gravy is ready and hot see look at this nice gravy so now in this we’re going to
add some chili oil so this chili oil also will give a very
nice you know flavor for this solemn and since we did
not make this sullen sorry okay I have a very sorry right up you know
great at this raw mango into the yogurt I had a little bit of salt if you want
add a little bit of fine chopped chilies and make this right and saw this mango
you know when in season you need to experiment and now we’re going to serve
the chicken cushko I told you it has to be served very hot
so how their service they usually have a nice steel kind of ball but I’m going to
take this ball and what they do is they add this rice in the ball along with you
know because I added chicken it’s fine you know last time when I made the
vegetarian one I added key also if you want to do do that then take the plate
put it like this and upside down look at it nice fuming hot and have few pieces
of cucumber if you want and now what do we do next this one is super hot you put
your hands there it will burn your fingers anytime you eat food that is
really hot it is going to be very very tasty see the way I want I want these
cuckoo birds out of here because I want the nice you know gravy this solemn
gravy you know on the side so just like this this gravy is also very important
this is nice and hot that nice chili gravy also making so now I am making the
island of pushka with is nice Chirag ready now I’m satisfied
maybe I should have a boiled egg also on top doesn’t matter today no boiled egg
this is super hot so a little bit of the shava along with this nice rice the
Koshka there are many variations each one of these Baba’s the restaurants they
make their own crush cars make it the way you like it with this you know with
the cashew nut and everything this is super tasty mmm Wow the rice and this
sure wah I’m telling you with a small chicken piece this is out of the world
mmm Wow and I want to show you how this mango
raita how many of you have ever made mango rather make it with this cush cop amazing difference make best of the best
for always enjoy great food at home and keep saying Vahrehvah


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