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Chicken Pho – Phở Gà – Vietnamese Cuisine

I’m gonna show you how to make chicken
pho. It’s one of the most simple form of pho that you can cook. It takes about an
hour and 45 minutes, that’s including the prepping times. I love chicken pho
because it’s basically almost a one pot soup, so you can get the broth out from
the chicken and the meat from the chicken as well so you don’t have to
cook multiple things. So first thing first, you have to brine the chicken for
30 minutes so just fill a bowl with water and make
sure it covers your chicken I’m gonna put about 3 tbsp of salt okay and just lest your chicken rest
for 30 minutes so the chicken pho’s flavor come from a lots of ingredients, and one of them is onion, so you want to have a nice sweet onion or red
onion and cut it in halves this way and 2 shallots, and so cut it in halves It’s like I didn’t know how to make this, but once I figured out how to do it, it’s
really hard for me to eat that at restaurant anymore because it’s good but it’s just not quiet there So we have here onion, shallots, ginger, orange peel, this is Saigon cinnamon if you cannot find
Saigon cinnamon you can also just use regular cinnamon, and about four star
anise, and three black cardamom. Make sure you get the black one and not the green
one Spray your skillet to make sure that
the stuff you’re toasting not going to burn and destroy your pan,
and we’re gonna toast onion and shallots, and ginger. You can also do this in the
oven, just put everything in the baking tray and put it on 400 for about 10
minutes, and make sure that you flip them so that they are browned evenl. But I like doing it on a skillet, because I think it tastes better when I do it on the
skillet . So you want to toast the onion and the shallots until i’s nicely browned
and it’s like oozing with the juice inside. And that’s when you know that
it’s good. And I’m just gonna take them now and put them aside
take them out and I’ll put orange peel in, also
cinnamon, cardamom and star anise. The cinnamon, star anise and cardamom, they don’t need a lot so it’s just like a few second and you can take them out. The orange peel okay so here’s what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna remove the chicken skin and we’re gonna deep fry it later and put it on top of
the pho, and believe me it tastes so good. The best way to do it is with a
sharp chicken chicken kitchen scissors I had that too words messed up since like I
learned English when I was a child, and it’s still doing that. And that’s not
even language skill to say, the two words are similar and you can keep
doing it . So pho is traditionally a breakfast food food because we like big hearty
breakfast in Vietnam. So when i moved over here and I had pho for lunch
for the first time, I felt like that’s was like the weirdest experience I ever
had it felt it felt wrong it felt like I was
out time because I only had this for like either breakfast or very late night it’s gonna look a little gross after I
removed the skin. The chicken’s gonna look very very naked. So my challenge is to
take the whole skin out in one piece and we’ll see if I can do it you know I think this it the butt, this
has yellow stuff it in. well I can only assume what it is,
I’m gonna cut it out we don’t need this My grandma actually like seating the butt. I don’t know. I only remember like we always saved it for her cause she likes it.
So I like the neck, and so they always saved the neck for me. My grandma would be like nobody eat that, that’s for me you know I’ll get that skin. So after I cut the chicken
skin into smaller pieces I’ll add a teaspoon of olive oil and all the dry
ingredients and then I mix it all together. So we are waiting for this to boil,
which should be in a minute now. And we put everything in. Okay I’m gonna add onion orange peel, the shallots, and ginger I’ll add everything in here and then chicken so we added all the ingredients in here,
the ones that we toasted, and the chicken make sure there’s enough water to cover
the chicken. And then I’m going to add 1/3 cup of fish sauce and 2 tablespoons
of salt in it, and also rock sugar, let me get rock sugar. And now add 2 or 3 pieces
of rock sugar you can adjust it after it’s cooked too,
so less is more. Now that the chicken is cooked. I’m gonna get it out and put it directly into an ice bath the reason why we are
doing this is it’s gonna keep the chicken from overcooking so that meat
inside is juicy and tender for you turn the temperature down get this baby out there we go and we will cover this and
cook it for another 30 minutes while we are waiting for the broth to cook some more
I’m gonna start frying the chicken skin so pho is actually a breakfast food
and people don’t cook it they actually just go to the restaurant and get it
so people who actually cook them are the ones who own the restaurants and they have
to get up really early or even have to prepare the night before, but it’s not
something that you would commonly cook at home sometimes people can do it at
weekends but I didn’t know how to cook pho until I came here and everybody when
they first met me and said oh you’re Vietnamese so you know how to cook this and I’m
like no nobody does that but now I do and I’m showing it to you if you want to
test if your oil is hot enough you can put your chopstick in the oil and if
it’s bubbling around the chopstick it means it’s hot enough take it out now once you get the chicken out from the
ice bath you can either shred it or cut it and
from my experience shredded meat tastes better the texture is quite important to
me but if you don’t want to shred it you can cut it as well if your chicken cooks right the bone
should just fall apart and it’s really easy to get the meat out I also like to separate the dark meat from the white meat because some people prefer one over the
other so in Vietnam people actually prefer
dark meat more and I know that in America most people prefer white meat, but
for me chicken pho is good with both now we will assemble the herbs and vegetables
for garnishing and these are called culantro not to be confused with cilantro
and it’s the herb that actually reminds me of pho the most, actually these a little
bit too long so I’m gonna cut next I have Thai basil okay and then I have some bean sprouts some bird’s eye chilis, i’m going to cut my lime here oops okay so here is my garnishing plate that
you usually see at restaurants so before we assemble the pho I’m going to show you
how to make the sauce so we’re gonna put half hoisin sauce and half sriracha and squeeze some lime and mix it up
together so after you get it to cook for an additional 30 minutes you can go
ahead and get everything out the best way to do it is using a slotted spoon so lots of people when they think of
pho they think of the soup actually pho refers to the noodle and not the
soup and since we have so many varieties of rice noodles we use the name of the
noodle to tell them apart okay so I’m gonna show you I blanch the fresh pho
noodle so with the fresh one you don’t really need it for a long time six
seconds is all you need so you’re gonna need a noodle strainer and you’re gonna
put it directly into boiling water and just count six seconds okay there you go
if you cooked rice noodles after you’ve done you can blanch it in the broth like
I just did too, put it into this bowl here I’m gonna show you how to assemble this
so we have our noodle here I’m going to put some chicken in I love both dark
meats and white meats I’m gonna have both in here okay so we got the chickens onto
the bowls and next I’m going to add some sweet onions and green onions I like to add the onions before I add
the soup so that it gets cooked a little bit more than the garnish that we have right
here if you like bean sprouts now it’s the time to add it to
I don’t like bean sprouts I’m not going to add any and I’m gonna get ready for
the soup now that looks really good okay and here we
have our soup then I’ll put culantro on top and some Thai basil and now the fun part I’m gonna add my
crispy fried chicken skin on top it’s gonna be so good so now the pho is done
and my husband zane is here to try it with me guys you ready okay so I’m gonna
show you how to eat it in the vietnamese way okay but first of all I’m gonna eat
a piece of this really crispy chicken you wanna try it? How is that is it crispy?
it’s good? and
I’m going to try this too before it gets all mushy in the broth mmm that’s so
good that’s so good, so use your chopsticks and put a little bit of noodle into your soup spoon like this and then you can get
your chicken so some people put hoisin sauce and sriracha into the
bowl, I don’t usually do that I just have it in the separate sauce bowl like
this and dip it in there and then put it on top of my rice noodles and I’m gonna
have my little piece of crispy chicken too because why not
okay and then this is the cool name okay so you get everything here and you can
dip it back into the bowl to get all the broth before you eat it, yeah let me try I gotta do this like 20 times before I
get it right first time mm-hmm still can’t do it you need a bigger
spoon yeah you want more noodles? want a crispy part? yeah so this is how we make chicken pho but our special way and it’s really easy you can
make it for a weekend for your family if you want to know where to get the dry
ingredients you can go to my website and also in the description I have all the
links for all the dry ingredients you can get and don’t forget to subscribe to
our channel thank you for watching

  • Love this pho recipe!! Can you please tell me how much water to use in the recipe? Just enough to cover chicken in the pot or a couple inches higher? How big is the pot you use in the video? Thanks!!

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