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Chicken Vegetable Stir-Fry

♪ ♪ ANNOUNCER: Before you
start cooking, wash hands and surfaces often. Separate raw meats
from other food, cook to the right temperature,
and refrigerate promptly. Hi, I’m Robin LaCroix with
the Healthy Teaching Kitchen at the White River Junction VA. Here we are today to make
a chicken vegetable stir fry. This is a great, quick,
healthy, easy meal that comes together
fairly quickly, and we’re going to start
by making our stir fry sauce. So, we have a fresh lemon
that we’re going to zest. We need about
a teaspoon of zest, and you can use a zester
if you have one of these. If you don’t, one of those four-
sided graters will work well, just find the side
with the smallest grates on it, and you’ll get some
lemon zest quite easily. So, we’ll put
our lemon zest aside, and then we’re going
to use our lemon here. Just going to cut it in half, and we’re going to squeeze
all of the juice out, and I often squeeze this right
over your nicely cleaned hands, so if any seeds come out,
they fall right into your hand and you can just
toss those aside. And I am mixing my sauce here
in a Mason jar. I find it’s a really
easy way to shake it up. So, here we have
our lemon juice. Now, we have a half a cup
of chicken broth, and this is a low sodium
chicken broth. It’s about 30% less salt
than the regular. When you can buy those
low sodium products, it’s worth it to continue
reducing our salt. We all consume
more than we really need. Three tablespoons
of a low sodium soy sauce, one tablespoon of honey, and we have two teaspoons
of corn starch. Now, corn starch is going
to thicken up our sauce. And, we need
a tablespoon of ginger. So, it has this really
thin skin on the outside of it, and you’re just going to take
a small paring knife and peel off some of that skin. And, use a grater, and it can
grate right into your recipe. So again, we’re going
to use our grater here and grate our ginger
that we need. All right, and I’ve got
some pre-grated up here to add to our sauce,
so a tablespoon of fresh ginger. Okay. So again, just an easy way
to shake up your sauce, just make sure
your cover’s on tight. And there’s our stir fry sauce,
so again, really easy to make ahead of time, and that
could be right in your fridge, ready to go. So, now we’re going to move over
and start cooking our chicken. We have one tablespoon
of canola oil. If you have olive oil, that
would work just fine as well, and we’re adding
chicken breast here. You can buy fresh
chicken tenders or chicken thighs as well. All right, so our chicken takes
about five minutes to cook here. You want to make sure it’s
no longer pink in the center, and then you’re just going
to scoop it out of your pan into a dish on the side. This just prevents
the chicken from overcooking as you cook your vegetables. So, we just leave
our pan just like it is, and add our vegetables in. Now, today I am using three cups
of fresh vegetables. I have carrots,
red peppers, and broccoli. I’m going to add these
to our pan and let those cook. It’s going to take, again,
about six to seven minutes here. If you don’t have
fresh vegetables, you can also use
frozen vegetables, so the frozen vegetable section
is a really great resource, and lots of different choices. You want to look
for a stir fry vegetable mix. All right, so our vegetables
are finishing up here. They’ve taken about
six minutes… six to seven, depending on what
you’re working with. So, we’re going to add
our chicken back in and let this cook together. It’s smelling really good! And then, our sauce
is ready to go in. Give it another shake. Just make sure
it’s all well blended, and pour it all right in. And I like to let this cook
for about… I don’t know, four to five minutes, just
to get that sauce simmering. Once it starts to simmer,
it’ll thicken. So, while we’re doing that,
we’ll get our rice ready. We are using a brown rice
today with our stir fry. Brown rice is going
to have more fiber and a bit more nutrition to it. So, there’s a lot
of options now. You can buy it
in the frozen section and just microwave it,
and you can also buy what they call kind of
a 90-second rice, which you just pull
the little tab on the side and put it in the microwave
for 90 seconds, and it’s done. It’s precooked,
and there’s nothing added to it. It’s just plain rice. So, just be cautious of rices
that have added seasonings or sodiums, because those
are again going to increase the salt in your recipe. Dish out a little rice here. I also like those
microwave packets, because it’s two servings
in there, and so it’s easy
to portion control. So, now we have our chicken
and our vegetables and sauce mixed together here. It’s come to a nice simmer
and thickened up. And the last step we have here
is to add back our lemon zest and our tablespoon
of chopped garlic. And again, that’s adding
a nice splash of extra flavor with the lemon and the garlic,
without any extra sodium. So, we’ll just mix those in. All right, and then we’re
going to serve this right over our brown rice. I usually kind of double
the recipe so that I have it for lunch the next day,
because this is really good. So, you have all
of your food groups here. You have your grains
with the brown rice, the protein with your chicken,
and your vegetables, and a nice serving size here,
and it’s really delicious, so I hope you give it a try. ANNOUNCER: The preceding video
was published by the White River Junction
VA Medical Center. Contact [email protected] ♪ ♪

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