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ChickenGuard – Set Up Guide 2019

hi welcome to the chicken girl family and let’s get you started with setting up your automatic door opener here’s the chicken guards units along with a silicon seal pack some screws to mount the your unit onto the outside of your coop battery pack and also the battery holder in addition you have your warranty card and your instruction manual now you’ll see down here there’s a little groove the silicon seal needs to be put into that groove without it sadly you’re gonna have water ingress problems so let’s just squeeze that in all the way around there you will find that you’re going to have a little bit of an excess so just snip it off with a pair of scissors very very straightforward okay stage two very straightforward batteries in to battery pack but here’s one I made earlier just connect it straight on to the end like that one thing to bear in mind please don’t put 9-volt batteries on it’s not designed for 9-volt so just stick with the full double-a batteries okay now when it comes to connecting the front panel you’ll see from the motor you have a red wire and a black wire on the front panel where the motion is connected just here it says motor black and red you have to make sure that the orientation matches the color of the lead here if you connect those the wrong way around what will happen is the door will go down when you press up and it will go up when you press down once you’ve got everything connected up the batteries sits nice and snuggly front panel over the front and you’ll see you got one two three four with the screws in they go try not to use power drivers because there’s there is a danger that it’s going to crack the plastic now you’ll notice on here that we have the chicken guard self locking door the principle is the same for both the self locking door and also standard up and down type doors now you’ll notice once the batteries have been plugged in it goes to sleep after about 10-15 seconds so to liven it up middle button to go into the menu the first thing you will see is the setup wizard so press the middle button a second time first requirements set the time so let’s set it for say 10 o’clock in the morning 8 9 10 I less said it for say 10 15 and menu to confirm the minutes and you’ll see it says saved doll calibration really important first things first is you need to set its fully open position now we don’t have an awful lot of room on this demo unit so I will just move it up just a little bit but you can’t move it in both directions but remember you are setting the fully open position so press the middle button to confirm that press down to move the door to the fully closed position so off you go down it goes and again you can’t take your finger off now in the case of the locking door kits you have to continue holding the button down and till those wings come out middle button to confirm your closed position and the door will then open fully automatically ok next stage so open settings we have sensor this will be using the lights as its method to close we could also set it on the timer obviously you could set say 6:30 in the morning so let’s do that middle button to confirm you want to use the timer and you see the hours are flashing it’s on 6 already so let’s change it for 7:15 here we go middle button again saved and the last parts close settings so here we’ve got sensor timer and also Lux plus the lux plus is a combination of both the light sensor and also the time you see here it’s set for 8 o’clock let’s just change that 2150 so 10:00 to 10:00 at night what this means is that it will be using the light sensor as its primary method to close but if it’s not dark by 10:00 to 10:00 at night it will then close using the timer great feature for the summer and that’s really it the chicken guard is now set up and is ready to go if you’re not sure you press the down button ball goes down thank you very much and welcome to the chicken girl family if there’s anything that we can do to help you set up either on the phone or email just let us know and we’re here to help thank you

  • I thought you could use a like and a comment. This appears to be a great product, especially for people just getting into keeping chickens while still working a regular job. After I look into availability, I'll gladly share, as well.

    If it isn't currently available, I'll gladly take on a distributor role over here. This is the first I've seen or heard of this product.

  • Great product, quality equipment. Wish I could afford the extreme model or the new locking door. Pushing and pulling the 1kg limit on my door. Definately better than inferior closers out there on the market, Definately recommend.

  • My old type Chicken Guard without Sensor has been working for years without problem, then the Friday night I noticed it were flashing ERROR, Then, Re-setup Timer. I did this but never understood why it happened in the first place. To be safe I thought I would add new batteries & reset it all up again. Sunday morning. Same thing happened & it was strangely Quiet. The timer Showed the error again and this time several Foxes wiped out all 7 of my Indian runner Ducks. Why was I getting this Error? twice now which has 2nd time around wiped out my ducks. am not happy and losing trust with the chicken Guard which I thought were a good product. your help centre says nothing of this error.?

  • The 2 pin connector that connects to the system before screwing back the front cover is to say the least, CRAP it gets loose over time & causes issues such as keeps popping off when replacing the front cover & gets looser over time. needs looking at.

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