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Chingri Bhapa | steamed shrimp | steamed prawn in Coconut milk-Famous Traditional Bengali recipe

Hello, Friends- welcome to Shweta’s Home Kitchen if u like my video then please like and share my recipes to get regular updates subsribe my channel press the bell button let’s get started Today, I show you how to make authentic bengali Shrimp Bhapa with mustard sauce and coconut milk at first, peel off the shrimp and clean it very well add 1/2 tsp salt and 1/2 tsp turmeric to marinate the shrimp for 15 minutes to make this preparation, take 1cup coconut milk to make coconut milk, I take coconut powder which is available in market 3teaspoons coconut powder mix with 1 cup of warm water . your coconut milk is ready to make mustard sauce I take sunrise mustard powder available in market or you can use mustard paste 2tsp soak 2tsp mustard powder in normal water fo atleast 10 minutes take 5-6 slited green chilies salt as per taste turmeric powder 1tsp Sugar 1tsp or you can avoid it keep in mind to take salt that you already marinated shrimps with salt. so be careful about it. I take mustard oil which tastes better for this recipe at first , take a small tiffin box pour mustard paste or sauce in it then pour the coconut milk and mix it well add green chilies you can use red chili powder to make it more spicy add salt , sugar and turmeric and give a nice mix add 3-4 tablespoons mustard oil in it mustard oil makes this recipe more tasty mix mustard oil very well this process is done by steam method to get nice flavour you can rub added chilies by hand now add marinated shrimp and mix it well close the lid take a kadai add 3-4 cups water water level should remain half of the box set the box into the kadai if water level is above the lid then water can enter through the lid set a heavy object on the lid bring the water to boil for 15mins on medium flame close the kadai with a lid or plate wait for 15 minutes , then open the lid above kadai and switch off the flame wait to cool for atleast 15minutes take out the box you can see delicious Shrimp Bhapa is ready to serve wow!!! what a nice smell garnish with 1tsp chopped coriander leaves you can close the lid and open it at the time of lunch or dinner. serve it with hot steamed rice thank you for watching, don’t forget to share your experience


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