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Circle hooks vs standard hooks for catfish

Fishermen have different opinions on what kind of hook you
should use I actually prefer the circle hook.
If you notice, this one here is a standard J-hook and the point come straight out. The circle hook on the other hand you see
the point actually comes down toward the shank of the hook. The idea of that is that
it is supposed to help the fish hook itself. Actually if you are using circle hooks you’ll find
that if you try to set the hook on a fish it doesn’t work very well. The reason I like circle hooks is because
a lot of times with catfishing you’ll have several rods in the water – here in
Maryland you are able to use three rods. In pennsylvania’s it is just two ..
it is different from state to state but if you have a lot of fishing poles in the water and you start to get some bites it is
nice not to have to be right there and ready to set the hook.
You can let the fish kind of take it and and once you have rod that is really
bent over you can just reel it in and you have your fish.

  • I'm was introduced to circle hooks on a charter trip to Florida, and I'm starting to switch over to them for most of my fishing. They really do increase the hook-up percentage in most situations. The catch is remembering not to yank back on the rod, and just start reeling in your fish.

  • No, I didn't catch it. In fact, I didn't even realize that I had gotten a bite until I processed the video. It must have taken a bite of chicken liver and then decided not to finish the meal. I did get a fish a few minutes later on cut bait (see my other video).

  • Yeah… I didn't even realize it until later. That's what I get for messing with the camera instead of fishing. 🙂

  • Yeah… and then after you finally train yourself to not yank on it, then you have to convince anybody you introduce to catfishing that they need to lay off the hook set as well.

  • In my experience, circle hooks definitely make it easier to get a fish hooked, especially if you are managing multiple rods. However, my biggest challenge with catfish has always been locating the spots where the fish are. I still don't think catching a catfish, especially a large one, is an easy thing. You have a valid point, but I think the same would apply even more to something like a fish finder, which probably takes away far more of the challenge that using a circle hook.

  • To each his own I guess. You have a valid point – circle hooks make it easier, but to me it was a more of minor tweak than a major improvement. Yes, it helps, but I still loose plenty of fish. With circle hooks, its just that I can now blame the fish for not biting hard enough as opposed to blaming myself for not setting the hook at the correct time. 🙂

  • In the locations where I fish, a series of small nibbles usually means a small bullhead or a sucker is nibbling on it. A channel catfish can also nibble, but will usually just take the bait and run. I usually just hold on to the rod when I see some nibbles, and don't reel until it really bends over to indicate a heavy fish is on

  • well if theyre nibbling. use a j hook. i only use circle hooks for big cats that pick it up and run with it and hook themselves

  • Yeah.. well, this shows that circle hooks don't ALWAYS set themselves correctly, just like fisherman doesn't always set the hook successfully with a J-hook. When I pulled in the line I had no fish and not bait.

  • Dude, fish. FISH!!!!!! (Me screaming at the monitor) If it would've been me, my pole would have been gone. That's my luck tho. Thanks for sharing.

  • Yeah well,most of the time that would have been my luck, too. The circle hook didn't work so well this time and the fish didn't get himself hooked. It would have made for a funny video if the rod would have went over the edge.

  • Thanks for the tip! Nice video. I've been trying to tell my son that he's using the wrong hooks for years but he's at an age when he thinks "Mom doesn't know anything!". Can't wait to forward this video to him!

  • some tims its best to let the fish nibble a lil bit just have to pay attention if using j hooks catch em in the middle of a nibble though you run the risk of foul hooking , who's looking lol. if circle let em take it you fell it if you have the pole in hand

  • Glad I could help! Give him a few years and he'll be coming back to you for advice on just about everything. 🙂

  • Yeah, yeah.. you guys have to keep reminding me. I guess it is now clear to everyone that despite the many virtues of circle hooks, they don't work 100%!

  • It depends. When I'm fishing for larger channel and flathead catfish, I always use circles because I've had the best luck catching fish with them. Circle hooks also allow me to fish with two or three rods and not have to worry as much about missing a bite. However, when fishing in areas where there are smaller fish like bullhead catfish, I find I have better luck if I'm able to set the hook, so I use J-hooks in those situations.

  • That water is pretty loud coming over the dam – maybe that's way I didn't hear you. 😉 The circle hooks I use have an offset already from the factory. I have a few hooks around that do not have an offset, but the vast majority do. I haven't done enough side-by-side comparison to see which one hooks the most.

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