Cluck-Off: Nebraska Chicken Festival

Another funny happening is this chicken festival that brings in 15,000 people. We’re a town of only about 5000. So this is a great tourism event. And like I said earlier, we have people from
Arkansas, New Hampshire, all over the United States coming. So it puts Wayne, Nebraska on the map. The Wayne Chicken Show started 18 years ago. They chose chickens because almost everyone in this area has some
knowledge of chickens and they can also be considered humorous. The parade is made up of all different entries, from
local businesses, to politicians, to convertibles, antique cars, kids. No parade would be complete without the Chickendales. The Chicken dales have started performing around 12 years ago. A few of us brave souls came out and
decided that this would be what would represent Wayne. This year’s Chicken Show theme was “Chickens Under
Construction” because of the construction in town. We have various events each year. One of our most famous events is the chicken flying meet. We have tall mailboxes that require a ladder to get up to them. They place a chicken inside of it, shove ’em
out through the rear end with a large plunger. Whoever’s chicken flies the farthest wins. Its chicken cooking time! I took second place, the most beautiful beak contests. I’ve taken flak for my long beak for many years. So this has been a long time coming. Oh, yeah, I’ve trained for years for this. It was one of the most stressful things I have ever done in my entire life. It was tough. It was blood-thirsty. I’m fortunate I’ve escaped with my life. The hard boiled egg eating contest. I entered it on the hard boiled egg eating contest. There is no bucket in front of you, so be careful. You were supposed to eat as many eggs as you can within a two minute span. The audience really gets into the contest. You always hear a lot of jokes, like: Wouldn’t a chicken dinner sound great to wash down those eggs? but the audience really gets into it. Don’t talk with your mouth full. My training was that I ate a very large meal last night to expand my stomach. For that mass volume egg eaters. What I would do is not have lunch like I did. I think I would’ve been able to eat a little bit more. Eggs are most famous events as the national cluck-off. I’m an 8 time winner. I don’t really have to train, I grew up on a
farm raised with brown animals, chickens and cows and all that. And as a little boy, I used to throw out the chickens. I’m a natural. They say people have an ear for music. I’ve got an ear for making animal sounds. I think is fantastic. First time I’ve ever been here and I enjoyed it very much. Hi, I’m Greg Tache. The egg eating champion here at the Wayne Chicken Show. And you are watching Over the Edge. Hi, I’m Joel Barber. The National Cluck-Off Champion. And you are watching Over the Edge. We are the Chickendales, you are watching Over the Edge.

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