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Cobra in a Chicken Coop | Snake City

Grab and go. Hello? Yeah, snake people, yeah. A call comes in and a guy
says he’s got a very large grey snake in his chicken coop. First thing that goes through my
mind, definitely a black mamba. All right. There’s two here. OK. Then the guy says
to us, it’s not one, it’s actually two black mambas. Obviously, very, very
dangerous situation. Right. He says he saw one of them
go on the left hand side and another one go on
the right hand side. So we start to look around. Let’s have a little look. Just watch your
legs on the left. It’s not gone
under this already? Nah, I had quick glance
under there when I came in. OK, nothing in there. Where’d it go? Not in there? No. Make sure it’s not
above your head. No, we’ve looked. Black mambas are
terrestrial and arboreal, which means they are
as good on the ground as they are in the trees. They like climbing,
they’re good climbers. The snake could actually be
above us, not just on the floor or hiding under something. Where’s it gone? Not many gaps in
here for it to get out. The other one? Is it? Oh no, we’re going to
check them all, don’t worry. But if you’re saying
it was in here first, we’ll check here first. Yeah, it’s not in there now.
So where did it go? Oh, jeepers. How could it get out? It’s not very easy. You’ve actually
secured this really well. Where is it? There is one small hole here. Yeah, just watch
where you tread. OK, there’s nothing
above our heads. And you’ve looked
completely in these? Yeah, there’s
nothing in there. Your chickens would
sort of freak out a bit, would go a bit crazy. Yeah, and they’re not now,
so this is making me think. Let’s go see the other one. He has a lot of chickens
and a lot of baby chickens running around. It is a perfect environment
for any type of snake that feeds on warm blooded prey. The snake picks up the scent of
those chickens from far away, and he just cruises
in there, squeezes through the mesh,
into the chicken coop, and helps himself. Underneath that? That cover? Where is it now? Let me have a look under there. There are supposed
to be two snakes, and we can’t even find one. This makes me very nervous. There’s no sign of any snake. Yeah, there’s nothing in
here, I can’t see anything. Unless it’s up there. Hold on, what’s that? Hold on, OK. I see something. Right, he knows something
is going– that’s a spitter. Get me some goggles, quick.
– Yeah. I think that’s a spitter. I just seen a glimpse
of it, but I’m not going to put my head back
under there without any goggles on. If this is a Mozambique
spitting cobra, we’re going to have
to be extra careful. This snake can spray
its deadly venom accurately from 12 feet away. If it gets into our eyes, it’s
like boiling hot acid and sand. If you don’t wash it
out, you could go blind. Losing our sight
in this situation is extremely dangerous. A bite from this
snake could cost us a hand, an arm, or even a leg.


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