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Colorado senator castigates Ted Cruz’s ‘crocodile tears’

– Senator from Colorado. Madam president, I seldom,
as you know, rise on this floor to contradict somebody
on the other side. I have worked very hard
over the years to work in a bipartisan way
with the presiding officer, with my Republican colleagues
but these crocodile tears that the senator from Texas
is crying for first responders are too hard for me to take. They’re too hard
for me to take. Because when you …
When the Senator from Texas shut this government down
in 2013, my state was flooded. It was under water. People were killed. People’s houses were destroyed. Their small businesses
were ruined forever. And because of
the Senator from Texas, this government was shut down
for politics. Then he surfed to a second
placed finish in the Iowa caucuses but were of no help
to the first responders, to the teachers, to the students
whose schools were closed with the federal government
that was shut down because of the junior Senator
from Texas. Now, it’s his business,
not my business, why he supports a president
who wants to erect a medieval barrier
on the border of Texas, who wants to use eminent
domain to build that wall, who wants to declare
an unconstitutional emergency to build that wall. That’s the business
of the Senator from Texas. I can assure you that in Colorado,
if a president said he was going to use
eminent domain to erect a barrier across
the state of Colorado, across the Rocky Mountains
of Colorado, he was going to steal the property
of our farmers and ranchers to build his medieval wall,
there wouldn’t be an elected leader from our state that would
support that idea, which goes to my final point. How ludicrous it is
that this government is shut down over a promise the president
of the United States couldn’t keep and that America is not interested
in having him keep. This idea that he was going to
build a medieval wall across the southern border
of Texas, take it from the farmers and ranchers
that were there and have the Mexicans
pay for it, isn’t true! That’s why we’re here.


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