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Como Preparar Empanadas de Atún Fritas/ How To Make Tuna Empanadas

Recipes Easy, Intermediate And Advanced Meats, Salads,Soups And Desserts Tuna Empanadas 2 Cups Of Flour 1/2 Tablespoon Of Royal 1 Tablespoon Of Salt 1 Egg 250 Grams Of Cream Of Natural Milk Mix Until Get A Soft Dough Let Rest The Dough ½ Hour Cut The Dough In Circles 3 Tablespoon Of Olive Oil 1/8 Of Chopped Onion 2 Chopped Tomatoes 2 Can Tuna Jalapeno Pickled Chile 1/2 Cup Of Olives Fry For 3- 4 Minutes A Pinch Of Salt 1/4 Tablespoon of Black Pepper Spread Egg Clear Fill Join The Ends Of The Dough 1/2 Lt Of Edible Oil Fry For Both Sides Until Is Fried Bon Appetite

  • Muy buena receta, solo te flto decir que el relleno hay que dejarlo enfriar antes de rellenar las tapas, que tengas un buen dia

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