I started this website as I am interested in people's opinions on everything that happens in their lives and surroundings and what they are passionate about.  This site is dynamic, meaning new changes will keep on evolving as I strive to create a better and more interactive sites for members.

This is a free website and is accessible for registered members to enter their blogs with images, chats and videos and as the site grows more items will be added with tiered members which will be paid registered members to defray the cost of hosting and managing the site (this may change as I gain more paid members).

This site currently adheres to all U.S. laws and our terms and conditions will change from time to time. I believe that people's views and opinions are important and a healthy discussions of matters can lead to mutual respect. Freedom of Speech and expression is important to me and I hope that people using this site will also see it that way.

A user/subscriber can post any image and videos as they do on other social media sites but no ads will be posted on any user's page as it is a subscriber based website (this can change as the site gain more ads but always permission will be sought from user to have ads on their page).

I hope you will be able to enjoy sites and fill it up with your memories and interests.


Thank you and enjoy posting