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Cooking, But Not Really: FRIED CHICKEN CAKE!

R: Did you start? P: Yeah, you heard the beep R: You sound different today Sean R: Welcome back to another episode of R: Cooking… R: …but not really R: This time R: Sean’s not here R: I don’t know what character that is P: I don’t know what that was R: Alright so R: This is a special surprise edition R: of Cooking, but not really R: Paco’s playing Sean today P: What’s up P: I’m sean P: …but not really R: That’s not a good Sean impression R: You gotta do the eye thing P: That’s so hard R: You gotta go outwards P: I-I don’t know how he does that R: That’s why Sean, nobody can replace Sean R: Alright so, today is Sean’s birthday and R: We had, I had this idea R: Literally like one hour ago R: It’s 3 o’clock R: He’s coming over R: And everybody’s coming over here at 7 R: So we have four hours to get this done R: What I wanna do R: I don’t even know R: If it’s possible R: But we have to get him a – a R: I wanna make him a cake R: But not a – a dessert cake R: Like a food cake R: For those of you that don’t know R: Sean loves KFC Famous Bowls R: Ever since like in High School, when it came out R: For us, that’s like his favourite food R: So what I wanna do R: Is make him a *giggles* R: Famous cake? I don’t know R: This sounds, this sounds so stupid R: Now that I say it back R: It was good in my head R: Alright, so we’re gonna make a Famous Bowl cake R: We have no time R: We have four hours to get everything, get it done R: We also have to get a regular cake R: So we probably should go R: And rather than just explaining this P: Yeah we probably should’ve just did it in the car R: Yeah, let’s go, we should- R: Alright, so we’re on the way R: Does KFC offer extra like- just corn? R: and just- P: Oh yeah, they have sides of corn R: And just cheese? P: And I’m sure we can just order sides of cheese P: If not, I mean, we’re at Smith’s- R: Oh actually you know what? I have cheese at home R: It might be old P: I’d eat it R: No, we’re using the old cheese P: Okay, old cheese it is R: Yep P: i think if cheese gets old P: It just grows another letter R: Ha! Mold, get it? P: *laughs* You got it! R: We don’t know what kind of cake to get Sean R: I’ve known him for 20 years R: And I don’t know what kind of cake he likes R: Same burger cake that Derrick got? R: We got for his birthday? R: “Dang, a burger cake? R: That’s wassup” R: It might work R: Get it again and we’re like, R: “Dang, another burger cake? R: That’s double wassup” R: Alright, we’re doing it P: Okay *laughs* R: Alright, what else do we need? R: So, P: Gravy P: Mashed potatoes R: And one extra corn R: We have cheese R: Hi can I get um, R: Ten Famous Bowls R: Four… mashed potatoes R: One corn R: Four gravy R: Two…popcorn chicken nuggets R: Probably trippin’ out right now R: Alright, so we spent 40 minutes R: Getting supplies, we still have R: Do the math P: Three hours and twenty minutes! R: What time is he coming? Seven! R: Three hours and twenty minutes, R: That’s a lot of time R: This is easy P: Yeah we’re pretty much done R: I know, ’cause we didn’t have to actually make it R: Alright so this is not a REAL Cooking, but not really R: ‘Cause we’re not even kind of cooking R: This is like- R: Shaping, but not really *laughs* P: It’s a new segment R: We got- no well, you know what? R: You know what? This is- R: This is still cooking P: But not really R: Not really P: Rollin’ P: Rollin’ R: We’re wasting time R: First thing you need to do R: In order to make cake, R: You need the cake R: …tray R: Aw, this is perfect. Look at that R: Perfect- aw… it’s gonna fit P: Yeah, it’ll fit. Pretty sure it’ll fit R: Alright so we’re gonna do this R: This is the idea R: Okay, so what we’re doing is R: We’re gonna empty these, like R: I don’t wanna show you, ’cause I’m don’t wanna mess- R: Ey, I’m doing it R: We’re gonna empty it out like this R: Two, three, four R: Squish it together a little bit better R: Put another four R: And then with that, R: We’re gonna use the extra mashed potatoes we have R: I’m not, I don’t know where it is R: Fill in the gap, the crevices R: And just sculpt R: I don’t know~ P: Waaait P: Wa-wa wait, do you want to do this instead? P: Do you wanna layer the bottom a little bit? P: With some mashed potatoes? R: Alright let’s do that. I like that idea R: So first layer? P: Go for it, dude R: I don’t know, I usually have Sean here to tell me like, R: That’ll work, or that won’t work P: That does work, because it creates a foundation R: Alright, now you’re being a little more Sean R: ‘Cause I tell him bad ideas R: And he tells me if it’s gonna work or not P: Alright well, this one will work R: Scrap that idea, putting this back R: Aw man, I made a mess R: I just… R: UH OH P: Push it out, yeah push it out R: Eyy! Not bad! P: One down, seven more to go R: Dude, it’s kinda fallin’ R: Look at this technique, dude P: Damn, dude P: After one you get it perfected R: I call this the uh… R: When we were younger and we didn’t get R: Uh, arrested for doing this to your children R: Technique P: You have to be a little bit more stern with your child R: BAD BOY! P: Borderline going to jail R: UH OH R: It’s not coming out R: At this point we’re basically reshaping it R: OH YOU oh my God R: Fix it! Hurry! P: Ugh! It’s kinda hot! R: Okay don’t- don’t fix it then P: There you go, there you go R:That looks awful! R: Let’s just think about this real quick R: This is risky P: Ooh! I do like risky R: If we get all- put all four R: Or all eight R: Or let’s just do four for now R: Mix it all up so it’s evenly dispersed R: And then reshape it R: Here we go R: This looks disgusting now R: I mean, it works R: Oh! I got it all over the pot handle R: See? No Sean, no clean P: This means it’s a lot to HANDLE P: Right? P: Dude, right there, look! R: This is a cake P: This is a cake! R: This is… not holding anymore R: This does not look like a cake, dude R: At ALL R: Basically, now that I think about it R: I have to redo this all R: Like, I shouldn’t have done this yet P: Why? R: ‘Cause when you pour this on R: I’m gonna have to reshape it anyway R: I know this looks disgusting R: But I really want to eat it R: Well does this look like a cake now? R: Strategy #4: we’re keeping it in the deep dish R: Oh that feels nasty P: Wait, why are you picking it up like that? R: Why not? P: ‘Cause you just pour it in R: No, this is more fun! R: Look at that! P: MMM! R: See, this is a real- R: How you actually cook R: You just use your hands R: You don’t need tools R: Oh you know what we could do R: Now I think about it R: Since we have it like this, R: We can still make the top of the cake R: Look like a cake P: Yeah, that’s what I was saying R: I don’t recall you saying that! FLASHBACK! P: OH MY GOD! P: Yeah dude, it fits perfectly P: Look at that P: This is like, this is meant to be R: Yeah, this is what we intended all along R: Strategy now: R: Is to spread this to make it all white R: And look like a cake R: This looks like it could be something sweet P: You would never even know R: Hey, this is looking good! R: This is starting to look like a cake R: See the technique? R: See? R: BAM! P: The head jerk, that’s important R: So, we have two options: R: We wait a little bit R: Flip it out somewhere so we can finish it up R: Or we keep it like this and design it like this P: Design it like this! P: This looks good! P: This is covering up our flaws P: This is the makeup of our cake R: Cheese first R: So just put this throughout R: These are taking place of the sprinkles R: I think it looked more like a cake without the cheese R: Well, you know what? R: We’ll just tell Sean we made him a Famous Bowl R: A gigantic Famous Bowl R: So we got the cheese R: Now it’s time to layer it with the chicken R: I really, really hope we have enough chicken R: If not, we gotta space these bad boys apart P: Ay, there we go, there we go look R: I don’t know, we’re running pretty low R: Life hacks. P: Oh dude, rip ’em- ohh! R: Life hacks, boys R: Man, we good R: TADAA!~ R: That’s something, dude R: Look at that P: Damn. That looks- that looks pretty good actually R: Oh, this is pretty liquid-y P: Dude, I told you R: Wait, was I supposed to cut the bag first? P: No no no no you don’t R: Oh. P: ‘Cause then it would’ve just started leaking now R: This is… pretty liquid-y R: I don’t know if this is gonna work P: I don’t think so, dude P: This idea isn’t SOLID P: Eyy, that’s a good one, right there P: Come on! Come on! R: Wait, can’t we add like corn starch or something to it? P: Ooh! That’s true! R: I learned this from Sean R: When you add corn starch to stuff, R: It makes it thicker R: What should we write on it? R: Dang, a Famous Bowl cake? R: Hella words R: So, it’s a little thicker R: Than what we thought R: But it’s thick, I mean… P: That’s super good R: This- we can definitely use this to write P: Yep. R: Just write like, R:HUOHH! P: OH! R: It’s still good, it’s still good R: I’m nervous. Once we start this, dude P: You’re- it’s done P: Ohh P: Damn. That’s super thi- ohh R: Ohh R: Oh wait! R: Dude, I’m not gonna be able to- hahahaha R: Why did I write it so big!? R: I can’t even fit “happy” on here! R: No, I can fit “happy” R: But there’s no birthday! R: Dude, I can’t do- I can’t fit it R: I- *exhale* P: Do we have to choose a different word now? P: That starts with an “H”? R: HI! P: Exclamation point! R: I mean, “hi” wouldn’t fit either R: How ’bout we do “HEY” P: Ehehe “HEY” works! P: “Hey” works! P: That’s good too- R: “H”, “E”, yeah P: That’s perfect R: Alright, that’s exactly what we tried to write R: He’s gonna be like “why’d you write hey?” R: Hey… R: Alright R: Hey Sean! R: That’s a good cake! R&P: Hey! R: This looks so dumb P: Nah, dude. This looks… P: HEY-MAZING R: Alright R: Greg’s here, Derrick’s here D: Yo! R: Will and Monica- G: He’s here, Sean’s here! R: Sean’s here R: So, we’re about to get him coming through the door R: Ready? R: Let’s sing a song that’s not Happy Birthday G: Okay, uh All: HAKUNA MATATA~ All: What a wonderful- I don’t know the words I don’t know! I don’t know the lines S: *laughs* All: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! S: I- I don’t know that song All: Hakuna Matata~~ R: Look at Sean! All: *continues singing* R: Hakuna Ma- R: TADAA!~ D: Hey, Happy Birthday Sean! R: Birth-mas! S: Thanks guys G: How old are you? 18? *everyone talking* P: Ey, happy birthday dude S: Thanks, dude P: He’s shake- everybody look P: He’s shaking your hand, guys. He’s shaking your hand S: I’m sick, though *coughs* G: I remember when I was a little- wee little kid G: 25, G: Man. R: Well, we have a- something for you R: Are you hungry? S: Kinda. R: We did a Cooking, but not really R: But it was Paco R: And every- and all throughout the day I said, R: I was like, R: “Oh, what do I do? What do I do?” R: He’s like, “I don’t know” R: Alright, you ready? S: I’m hyped! *drum roll* R: This is your dinner for tonight! R: Your very own… S: What is that? R: GIGANTIC FAMOUS BOWL! S: HEEY!! S: *laughing* R: So, I was gonna write “happy birthday” R: But I made the “H” too big S: So it turned into “hey” R: ‘Cause I wasn’t thinking R: I was just like “H- ohh” D: Happy birthday Sean, you’re one *singing happy birthday* R: You do it S: YAY! R: Okay, make a wish! All: Hey! S: Alright, let’s eat S: Let’s eat S: This is the first bite of the day! R: The B-Boy way S: This is the FIRST bite of the day! R: There you go R: No falsetto R: Does it taste like a Famous Bowl? S: I need more gravy *laughing* DA: That’s delicious! W: I rate this… W: Five Paco crocs out of five! R: So thank you guys again R: For tuning in to another episode of R: Cooking… R: …But not really G: I love that- G: Your face morphs R: You didn’t let me finish! R: This is Cooking, but not really R: But not really R: ‘Cause you know, Sean wasn’t in it P: And I was! P: HAHAHA P: HAHAHA P: HAHAHA R: *laughs* Aw, damnit R: I was trying so hard not to laugh


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